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To the Contemporary Church[Confessions of Hell]A literal text of the revelations made by the demons Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida, and Verobaduring a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978 A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book 'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’ by Jean Marty. The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland. Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J IH INS.


E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, say what you have to say about the Sacrament of Orders!

B: What we must still say about this Sacrament will have to be included in the book.

E: Then, come on, speak, in the name of the Most Blessed Trinity!

B: For that to happen, you will need to say a complete “Rosary of Tears”, and three times: “Holy Michael, Archangel...”, and one “Hail Mary” in honor of Saints Peter and Paul and each of the twelve Apostles. Only after that, will we be obliged to speak about this Sacrament...; and so that it may be the truth, She says you will be required to pray, to say all the prayers She asks for.

(The prayers requested are recited in unison)

E: In the name of the Immaculate Conception, tell the truth!


B: The Great Lady does not very much like the priestly ordination as it is now practiced. They (in Heaven) do not like this new rite. This new ordination is done more with the people in mind than with God and His Majesty in mind. The rite of the past must be used, and the accent put on the fact that the priest is a priest of the Most High according to the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the eternal and unique High Priest.

Instead of that, it is more from the people's point of view now, both in the consecration and the rite. Arising from that, there are far fewer graces. That is why these priests, later on, will have much less understanding of good and of evil. If the priestly ordination were administered as it used to be, there would be a much greater understanding of the Holy Spirit, the understanding of what is right and what is not. That commences at the very moment of ordination. It is the same kind of thing that happens at Confirmation.

E: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in the name...!

B: The priestly ordination is no longer administered exactly as it should be... so much so that there is no longer the plenitude of graces... it is no longer the complete ordination. It is the priest's mission to teach, to celebrate the Holy Mass in a proper way, to administer the Sacraments in a proper way; to bless and to consecrate.

E: In the name of the Blessed Virgin, tell the truth!


B: The priestly ordination is a very great, very exalted, universal Sacrament, before which the rest of us down below (demons) must capitulate. This Sacrament also imprints on the soul an ineffaceable mark. When the priest has fulfilled his duties badly, has lived a bad life, and comes to join us in Hell, we are able to torment him much more.

This applies to three Sacraments: Holy Baptism, Holy Confirmation, and the Holy consecration of a priest. These three Sacraments imprint an indelible mark on the soul, which will never be able to be removed, not even in Hell. That is why these men, these Catholics - such as Judas - suffer much greater torments in Hell than those who have never received these Sacraments.

These are incomparably great Sacraments, which bring to those who receive them much more elevated graces than men can appreciate. When he does not correspond to these graces, this priest or this bishop is then tormented much more, in a much more persistent way, than if he had never received them. That is why he who wishes to become a priest must examine his conscience, must make himself examine it carefully and seriously, to see if he is called to it.

There are many of them who believe that they are called to the priesthood, but in fact, their call would be to another state... as lay people (Here Lucifer interrupts and violently torments the possessed woman)

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, the Son of God made man, Who died for us on the Cross, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, of the Immaculate Heart and of all the Angels and Saints, in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - whose Feast we celebrate today - tell us now the truth and nothing but the truth, say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes to say to us about the priestly, ordination and what relates to it!


B: Ah!... That cursed Ecône... it will conquer! We are scheming madly and doing everything that we can against it. But it has the only true Priesthood. We have to acknowledge that. It will conquer in spite of all the opposition and all the attacks. It will conquer! There would be no need to attack it if it were not true and authentic. Whatever they do at Ecône should make no difference to the others who are always talking about solidarity and dialogue. (he sighs and breathes heavily). Why don't they leave him alone (Mgr. Lefebvre)? Why do they torment him like that? It comes about only because we want it, because we do not want the truth and because we fear that the Church may come to life again. We do not want the Church to prevail and to come to life again in order to become once more what it ought to be, and what They up there (he points upward) want it to be. We do not want that. That is why we have, in addition to our fury against Pope Paul VI, a mad fury against Archbishop Lefebvre. The second of our hatred is directed against him. But, in the end, those two will conquer.

E: What does the Most Blessed Virgin still wish to tell us about priestly ordination? Tell the truth and nothing but the truth, in the name...!


B: The priests must teach. Do they still do it properly? Do they still preach properly? Do they still instruct the children properly? Most of the time they don't anymore. They distort many things and no longer teach the truth in the way they should teach it. They no longer instruct the children; they no longer preach on the virtues and vices, nor on the art of practicing the virtues. What the majority teach and preach today... are anecdotes. They derive many of their arguments from their “mini-synods” because they mutually support each other in their modernism and would like to impose it on the people.

The people don't want the truth anymore... they want to take the line of least resistance. So they have a very easy time of it. Today, they don't like hearing talk about the virtues nor about the imitation of Christ. Suffering, much suffering, carrying the cross... the man of today does not like to hear talk about those things. He would prefer not to follow the Cross of Christ as Those up there (he points upward) would want him to. He would prefer to please himself how he lives.

Not all the priests still say the Holy Mass every day. Many now say it only once or twice a week... and the people are barely aware of it, as hardly any go to Mass anymore. Just look in the Churches. The more they are becoming entrenched in Modernism, the fewer people they have in the church. It is in this way that Christian life is disappearing.

E: Speak, in the name...!


B: There are now some priests who do not even believe anymore that it is necessary to genuflect at the Consecration. But when, for example, the bishop comes to administer Confirmation, or for some other occasion, then, all of a sudden, they bend their knees, because they believe it would create a bad impression in front of the bishop, if they were to remain standing upright like a military man. This would have a much worse effect if the bishop himself were making more than just a simple genuflection.

So, we (demons) whisper in their ear: “Make some gesture of reverence, kneel down, otherwise you are going to be hauled over the coals by the bishop!” That is what we whisper in their ears, so successfully that the bishop does not become at all aware that they are not doing things correctly in their everyday life.

But when only the people are there, and there is no bishop nor other superior, then they do not consider themselves small enough in the sight of Him up there, to have to bow down before Him. They have more of the feeling that before Him (He points upward) they can just as well remain standing... that it is of no importance. In the same way, it no longer matters anymore when the people remain seated in the church and pay hardly any attention to the Consecration and remain standing like sentries during the Blessing. It is of no importance; it is only Him up there! (He points upward)

We must also say - we have had to say it before: this “aggiornamento” represents a terrible, deadly loss for the people and for the priests. Many people are aware of this, but for a good number, it is fine this way, because it is easier, when one can remain seated during almost the entire Mass, and when things are made easier on all sides. If the people were still obliged to kneel at Mass... as formerly... - in many places, they do kneel - but if everywhere, throughout the whole world, they were still obliged to kneel and to show Him up there the respect which is His due, there would be so many more graces and enlightenment. If they were to get back on their knees and pray very devoutly, they would become aware that the life they are leading is much too easy and too even, for the bishops.

E: In the name... tell the truth!

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