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Faith Under Fire - BBC Africa Eye documentary

(TW: Description of graphic violence) For hundreds of millions of Africans, Christianity is the cornerstone of their existence. But an explosion of rogue pastors exploiting the trust and belief of their followers for profit and power has led to a fight for the soul of Christianity in Africa. Africa Eye reporter Peter Macjob travels to Uganda to meet the new religious movements rejecting Christian conventions, the traditional pastors working hard to maintain their flocks, the families who have suffered tragic losses at the hands of rogue pastors, and those who have abandoned religion altogether. With charlatans and conmen preying on the faith of millions, what is the future for believers in Uganda and across Africa? *** Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever. You can check out all #BBCAfricaEye investigations here: Credits: Reporter – Peter Macjob Filmed, Produced and Directed by Chris Alcock Archive – AP, NEXT MEDIA, IrabTV Composer - Yasmin Latkowski Film Editor – David Preston Online Editor - Chris Stott Dubbing Mixer - Jez Spencer Colour Grader - Boyd Nagle Reversioning Producer- Izzy Fleming Digital Producer – Ameer Ahmed Impact Producer - Courtney Bembridge Social Media Producer - Anusha Kumar Production Coordinator - Sarah Clarke, Charlotte Fraser Production Manager - Simon Frost Africa Eye Editor - Tom Watson

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