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DATE: 7TH JULY, 1997

TIME: 9:00 PM


In our novena prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross on a mountain, Precious Blood flowed from all His Wounds. Our Lord wept bitterly. At the same time, an Angel appeared and knelt in front of the Crucifix. He sang an adoration song to the Most Precious Blood: “Adoration! Adoration!!, Adoration!!! To Thee O! Powerful Weapon. Adoration! Adoration!! Adoration!!! To Thee O! Precious Blood.

Later, he prayed again, Merciful Agonizing Jesus Christ, pour Your Precious Blood on our souls, satisfy our thirst and defeat our enemies. Amen.

Powerful Blood of Salvation, fight the enemy. (Three times)

After this prayer the Angel said:

“Son of man, say these prayers always. Pray them for protection. Our Lord will save through His Precious Blood. Adore the Precious Blood and let others join you. Pray, and never give up. I love you.”

Immediately he left, Blood flowed from the Wounds to me. Then cloud came down and covered the mountain. The Holy Face appeared and said: “My children, listen and understand these words. Children, the spiritual battle is increasing. There is a great war in the spirit now. The enemy has captured many nations and is ruling them. Your country is among the nations. My children, there are many agents of the evil spirit that exist now in the world. They came out from the ocean a few years ago. Many of them have built factories and produced many goods. Many opened churches, and many live among men in schools and in great cities. They deceive My people. Children, now that the hour is at hand, they are not asleep, because they know that their hour is very short. Pray harder now, that the evil man has not started his work. The Antichrist is in the Church. He will rule My Church. Pray that you will not be deceived.

My children, know this now, that when the wicked man bans the Holy Mass, know that the hour is the last fight. This hour is the most horrible period. This hour precedes the Three Days’ Darkness. On the second night of the Three Days Darkness My Angels will defeat the enemy through the power of My Precious Blood.

Let all men call on the Precious Blood and be saved. Make constant reparation for all the sins men commit against Me. Be careful, children, war in the spirit increases. Join in the battle and win. Love Me and save your souls. I bless you all”. Immediately the vision passed, I saw the Red Dragon in the pit, which opened in front of the Crucifix. Blood from the Sacred Head dropped and tormented the Dragon.

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