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Unveiling the Revelations: The Messages of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ to Barnabas Nwoye from Enugu, Nigeria

Barnabas Nwoye hails from Olo, in Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria.

He gave a short description of how his call started, as recorded by

Lawrence Maria Ezeuko of the Order of the Holy Wounds of Jesus

(OHWJ). Br. Lawrence published a 2 volume account of the initial

Messages of our Lord to Banabas, with some of the prayers.

Unfortunately, the 2nd volume which I have has no date of publication.

Nevertheless, it has an account of the initial encounter of the boy

Banrnabas with the Agonising Jesus Christ (page 2). In words of


“In my early life, I felt the Agonising life of Jesus Christ. Whenever my

elder sisters and brothers taught us during our Block Rosary about the

Crucified Jesus Christ; about His tortures and death, because of the

love I have for Him, I felt great pain in my heart. This stimulated a deep

love of Christ in my life”.

The Block Rosary to which he refers to, is a popular devotion in Nigeria

which started after the civil war of 1967 to 1970, whereby little children

are gathered together in front of a house within a Block of buildings in

the city. An adult organiser would pray the Rosary with them and

thereafter teach them the Catechism. The devotion was called the

Block Rosary Crusade derived from its formation in the city from

where it started. But in the rural areas, the gathering is in a designated

family. Each Rosary group is called a Block Rosary Center. This is

important to understand why our Lord addressed some of the

messages, either to Barnabas, calling him, My son; or to My children, as

a group.

According to Barnabas, “I carried out the work in my Block Rosary

Center, and in 1994, I tried to see if I could revive the fallen centres in

my town. I was made the leader of the Block Rosary Crusade in my

parish, St. Joseph, Olo”. This will help anyone reading the messages

understand why most of the initial messages were received at St

Joseph’s parish Chapel, Olo.

It was not until July 1995 did the call of the Devotion commenced. In his

words: “I was preparing for my class examination when I heard a voice

calling me: Banabas, Barnabas. I turned to see who was calling me, but

could not find anyone. I looked at my watch, it was a minute after 3.00

pm. As I was puzzling over the call, I started hearing a song: "Blood of

Jesus”, the Chaplet of the Precious Blood was also said. At the end of

the prayer, the song was repeated. After the song, I heard the second

call, ‘Barnabas, Console Me, Adore my Precious Blood. I am the

Agonising Jesus Christ’. Immediately the whole episode passed and I

recovered myself and wondered what this might be. This incident

repeated several times with the same statement. I cannot say the

appropriate dates because I did not understand what this meant at first.

Later I informed my sister, Irene Magbo during our prayer gathering.

She advised me to write down whatever I heard. I agreed and did as she

told me. Immediately the first encounter stopped … until July 1996.

This short introduction is meant to help the reader of the Messages

given to the teenage boy Barnabas, from July 5, 1995 to July 22, 21, 2000

(Vol. 1); and from July 22, 2003 (Vol. 2), which we have the privilege to


According to the two volumes of the Messages which we are

presenting, Barnabas had a total of 475 visions in which he received

Messages given to him, by our Lord Himself and His Most Blessed

Mother. At other times St. Michael the Archangel or a Saint would be

sent by our Lord to give some messages on Spirituality. They would

appear to him and introduce themselves to him, and then give their

message or lessons. In context and content, the visions can only be

compared to the Visions of St. Mary Margaret Alacoque of France,

through whom the Lord the world devotion to His Most Sacred Heart;

St. Faustina Kowalska of Poland, through He gave the Devotion to His

Divine Mercy.

In several apparitions, Barnabas was shown live incidents of the

Passions of our Lord. Many of the messages came with the prayers and

devotions which were compiled into the Prayer Book of the Precious

Blood which is in use by devotees, with an Imprimatur by His

Excellency, Bishop Ayo Maria Ayotebi, Emeritus Bishop of Ilorin,

Nigeria. However, the messages that came with the prayers; which

explains their purposes, were left out.

In many of His Apparitions, the Agonising Lord repeatedly requested;

and sometimes commanded Barnabas, to edit His messages and make

them known to the world. This is the primary duty of the Spiritual

director assigned to him. We shall mention just a few.

On the Apparition of March 9, 1997, by 3.00 pm, our Lord asked

Barnabas, “My son, why are you delaying my yourself and My

messages? The devotion will continue prolonging until you and your

people obey all My Messages, those Commands I gave you”.

On July 31st, 1999, by 10.00 am, our Lord addressed a message to the

parish priest of Barnabas saying:

My priest, the bearer of My Agony, fear not to carry out this

devotion…. Go and make My will known to all men”. He told him to

spread the prayers fast but added, “You should not send this devotion

to your Bishop again, until you edit and compile all the Messages I

gave you”. This clearly shows that the prayers should go hand in hand

with the Messages.

On July 30th, 1999, by 10.00 pm, at their Novena Center, Olo, our Lord

addressed Barnabas and prayer group:

“Children, gather all the messages I gave to you, from 1st January,

1997 to the last day of this Novena. Edit the messages and prayers as

well. Then make My will known to the whole world. I promise I will

let you know the remaining of the Reparation Prayers. Furthermore

our Lord, He continued on the same message: “Children, if you obey

Me by compiling Me Messages, I assure you, the Church will hear you.

Whatever you then ask of Me, that will be done. Be at peace always.

Never contradict the will of Heaven in your lives even if it does not

please you”.

The following day, on July 31st 1999, by 10.00 pm, at the same venue,

the Lord addressed the priest who is the Spiritual director of Barnabas:

“My priest, edit and compile all the Messages and prayers I have for

this devotion as soon as possible. The evil one is about to attack.

During that time, you will not be balanced to do this work”.

In a very passionate way, He asked them:

“Today, I have given you everything I planned for this devotion.

Children, do you love Me? Make My Will known to the whole world”.

Then to Barnabas, He said: “Barnabas, do you love Me?” He replied,

“Lord, Lord I love You and I promise to console You by adoring Your

Precious Blood”. He did not respond to the plea to Make His will

known to all men.

On Jan. 8th, 1998, by 11.00 pm, Barnabas asked Him a question about

apparitions that are regarded as false. Our Lord responded and said:

“Many Spiritual directors of My Visionaries do not know the need of

editing My Messages. The Divine Message is pure but the heart of

man is full of iniquity. I say, edit all My Messages. Many apparitions

suffer and will be closed due to lack of proper collation of My


The above few references, show the numerous occasions where our

Lord persistently requested Barnabas, his parish priest; whom He

referred to as the bearer of His Agony, to edit the messages with the

prayers, of the devotion to His Precious Blood. Thus he is by

designation the Spiritual Director of Barnabas.

In the history of Apparitions of the Lord or the Blessed Mother, It has

not happened that the Lord or His Blessed Mother, would be appealing

to the visionary; or his spiritual director, to make His messages public,

as in the case of Barnabas. The reason for the persistent appeal is

because of the importance of the Messages, and their urgency. In a way

of brief summary we shall give a breakdown of the main themes

covered by the Messages as follows:

1. Initial call of Barnabas:

2. Messages from July, 5th 1995 to July 7th, 1995

3. Gift of the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, its importance and

promises: Messages from July 5th, 1996 to January 17th, 1997.

4. About the kingdom of the beast:

Messages from January 18th, 1997 to February 3rd, 1997

5. Mandate to present the Devotion to the Bishop and spread it.

Messages from February 4th, 1997 to May 22nd, 1997

6. Greatness of the Month of July and the Novenas: Messages from

June 25th 1997, to July 27th, 1997.

7. About Gethsemane Hour Devotion: July 28th toJuly 3rd, 1998.

8. Mystery of the Precious Blood of Christ and His Mystical

Prayers during His Passion: Messages from July 4th 1998 to July

20th, 1998.

9. The Third Friday Reparation: Messages from July 21st, 1998 to July

1998 to July 31st 1998.

10. About the Seal, Gethsemane and the soul as God’s Tabernacle:

Messages from November 12 1998 to November 8th, 1999

11. The Anguish Appeals of our Lord Jesus Christ: Messages from

November 22nd 1999 to January 3rd, 2000.

12. About Obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Church:

Messages from January 5th, 2000 to July 21st. 2000.


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