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DATE: 21ST JULY 1998

TIME: 9:00 PM


During our novena with adoration prayer, I saw in a vision the sacred

heart of Jesus Christ tied with thorns. The sacred heart moved round in

the cloud and finally passed. Then there appeared the Agonizing Jesus

Christ in agony. At that time, He had no crown of thorns on his head, but

on the sacred heart, which radiated a dazzling light.

Our Lord calmly raised His Face up to us and said:

“My children, this heart suffered great pains for you. This heart is still

suffering much for you. Please, children, console me. Teach sinners the

Mystical love of My sacred heart, which led to the shedding of My Blood.

My children, Heaven has chosen the Third Friday of every month for

adoration of My Precious Blood. Make the day great. Teach men the

value of My Precious Blood, the Price of their redemption. Minister with

the power of My Precious Blood on that day; I say, you will see My

power. On that day, the sacred wounds on My body bled Precious Blood

for the love I have for My children. Anyone who can adore the Precious

Blood faithfully on that day will multiply in My love. The ocean of mercy is

open to all, who during their lifetime consoled and adored the Agonizing

Jesus Christ. They shall be free from the purification fire after death on

that day. Anyone who dies on that day, and who had devotedly adored

My Precious Blood, will be saved.

The land, which I bless, is holy; the place which I chose is My home.

Come to me on My holy mountain. Come and worship me. Let all men

worship me on My Sacred Hill; there the ocean of My Precious Blood

abounds to heal and save all. Respect what Heaven honours.

With reverence and awe you shall worship your God on this mountain.

Anyone who breaks the New Covenant made with the Blood of the

Spotless Lamb will bitterly pass into eternity and regretfully suffer

eternally. But children, think of how happy it will be for all who keep the

covenant they made with the Spotless Lamb. Run for your lives in order to

inherit the glorious joy. Never let anyone hinder you from possessing the

Land of Promise. The joy of your first step in that Promised Land is

greater than whatever you can enjoy in this earthly world. I say follow the

narrow gate. I bless you all. Come with zeal. I will teach you great things

tomorrow. I leave you”.

Immediately the vision passed.

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