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On the final day of our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of the risen power of Jesus Christ. A great light flashed on the tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The tomb broke open. Then Our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and moved up towards Heaven with great power. As He was about to reach the cloud, there was a great noise. The cloud shook and the Holy Face appeared in the cloud and said:

“My children, as you see, the risen power will shine upon you on the glorious day of your Lord. On that day, you will win the battle by fighting to the end. On that day, you shall receive the glorious crown awaiting you there above. That is why I am telling you, my loving children, to follow this Calvary way with faith. I have overcome the world. My loving children, imitate me and conquer the world.

The 3-day novena will start on the 13th and end on the 15th day of the same month. My Holy Mother will visit you on the 1st and 3rd days of the 3-day novena with her Divine message to the world. On the 2nd day, I will send the Archangel Michael who will speak to you with love as an Apostle of the Most Precious Blood. The last 12-day novena will be great. I will teach the world great things about the Most Precious Blood. The novena will be from the 20th to the 31st of that month. The last day will be the most important day of the month. Spiritually, great things will happen and physically there will be great joy on earth. On that day, I will commission you and give you the Earnest of My Spirit. My final Seal will be marked on your heart.

My children, now you are not free but after the Pilgrimage month, if you win, you will be free. After the month, there is no power that will overcome this great devotion. The Church will welcome it when the right time comes for it. No power will stop it again; with obedience, you can preach the devotion to My people.

Listen, my children, prepare for this month and make it great. All of you will be ready to resist the attack of the enemy in those days. I will stop anyone who sleeps in my presence and does not join the adoration. Anyone who fails any of the novenas will not rejoin it until it is over. Anyone who comes late will not join the adoration. Welcome people who are willing to join you. Because my Church has not approved it, the devotion will be held in this Chapel. Come in time and be prepared. How happy they will be, all who participate fully in the novenas. Start the novenas with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Invite the Holy Spirit with a song and console me with the Consolation Prayers. Adore me with the Adoration Prayers. Say the Reparation Prayer with songs. Pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of my Precious Blood as before. My children, pray with zeal. Then offer the Holy Mass. Many will sleep during the Mass. If they do I will not allow them to join the novena. After the Consecration, read and share my holy message. After Mass, praise the Most Precious Blood of your salvation with songs.

My children, this month is great starting from the time of the death of your Master, make it great. Edit the prayers well and plan the devotion so as to please your Father. You will rejoice if you do. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the cloud shook and Heaven opened. I saw Our Lord entering Heaven, amidst great songs of praise. They praised Him and crowned Him and welcomed Him as king. They waved palm fronds at Him as He sat on His Throne.

Then the vision passed.

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