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Sojourn from the road that leads to perdition.

Growing up New Mass, Like most of us did, was a pretty easy spiritual life, so I thought! I heard the term cafeteria Catholic but never thought it was me! I went to Mass on Easter and Christmas and even on the occasional Sunday. Hey I think I even fasted on A Good Friday once. I didn't know any other Holy days of obligation and I was told that I heard the whole Bible every 4 years. I said I believed in the True Presence of the Lord in the Host. I even new all the Prayers of the Rosery, even though I never said it. You know, looking back on all the car accidents, Prison Time, Jails', And forgotten years I even thought it was cool because I had been to so many Jails in So many States. Alister Crowley would have been proud. I used to talk to my Friends about God All the time and even stuck up for Our Queen. Boy I was A fool, I thank God and Mary they never Gave upon me. I would have. All I cared about was playing Guitar better than anybody I knew. Cuz I was cool. When I would Go home to Canada My Grandmother would make me go to church every Sunday, And I hated dressing up. The Saints I heard of were Super human and knew that I never had to be that good cuz no matter how many times I would confess A sin no advice on changing must mean it wasn't that bad. Even when I killed My Baby in my Girlfriends belly because I had better things to do. I did not merit even a look from that Loving God, His Perfect Mother, or even the Patron Saint I don't remember. But Some how God's Patients with me paid off. I heard that there was A Latin Mass But I can hardly speak proper English, so how could anyone sit through that. Even though A multitude of languages was a punishment for trying to kill the MOST HIGH. I understand why when someone acts foolish the are called a Nimrod. Not to be Judgmental but that was a stupid idea. Yet every time we Hold that Loving God in Our Filthy Hands I Understand why he was nailed through his hands, or when we trample the perfect piece that may fall under foot, why he was nailed through them. Now that I'm actually reflecting on my New Mass Catholicism I Can hardly believe that The Father didn't Say "ENOUGH" after Vatican Two. Thank You Of course God and Mary but also Mother Mariana Fransica De Jesus Torres. May She Be Raised to the Honor Of Sainthood soon With Pope Leo. I realize that my parents were Kids when they Changed the Church and probable liked that they could understand what was being said. But for some one who should be Dead and who has A hard time not Crying at the Tridentine Mass, I Just don't get how they pulled the hole thing off on the People. And for those who were Fortunate enough to grow up Trad good for you, But all are in some error in one way or another. Don't really have time to say all the error of the New Mass, But It seems that even when A Great Shepard tells the congregation that Us New Mas is Valid. Well I guess that is bad Cafeteria food as well hu? You know, and I Know the way I see things is incorrect, Flawed, even can be Nimrodic, I was Pretty sure the devil used to praise God so it would seem to me that he also would know how to hurt his heart. Keeping him in A tabernacle off to the side, instead of getting Rid of him Completely, If that were even Possible, Seems a little more Diabolical to me. But when you spent years of you life living with Evil. It is A little easer to spot, unless it is in me. Which is why I love This Apostolatet. I always thought it was A lie that Kids want correction. But I know that this 46 year old still does. I also new that I would meet Future Saints. I just never would have guessed that in a Million years, some of them would even call me friend. Holiness is attractive period. and I don't ever Blame the Saints who I'm still waiting to tackle me and say "A hey kid What are you doing hear" But I don't think it is going to happen. Without a little admonishment first. One more thing before I go. I have Never seen A bad example of A Tridentine Priest, I'm guessing there may be. But I would Like to Say to all our Good Shepard's. "I Really Love YOU ALL" Thank you for being Sacred Ministers and for showing this stupid man what the TRUE PRESENCE is. And All the New Mass Priests. God is in that Tabernacle boxy thing, might be off to the side But Jesus never turned his back on me so please don't turn you're back on him. You are not like other men, Your a cut above and worthy to handle his SACRED BODY. The only other place on earth that he was, was in the Womb of The Fullness Of Time, OUR MOTHER OUR QUEEN. Please stop putting him in our filthy hands. He, GOD belongs in yours.

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