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TIME: 3:00 AM


In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“Peace be with you and all my children. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you. Children, it is time to work

harder for the salvation of souls. Work harder because there is little time left. See, the events of

this time has marked the arrival of a new era when grace is the hope of survival. Prayers and good work will obtain this grace for you.

Children, imitate your Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, whom I have called to the home of peace in his tireless effort and work of saving souls. This is what the time needs now. I say prayer and sacrifice will help the world in this time of great need.

Through the prayers of my people and the agony and suffering which my servant, the Pope, has suffered, the events of time have been mitigated and the cause and happenings of the time have been shifted for the salvation of many. Though the world will surely experience the difficult time which will bring about the new era of peace, yet, your prayers can still reduce the intensity of the difficult time and help many souls.

For this reason, I will spread the devotion of my Precious Blood all over the world soonest, through you. I will do this to prepare my children to meet the hour so as to save many souls. Through this holy devotion, I will build their faith, I mean the faith of my children on love and save them from the man of their selves. So I appeal to you to make my will known to all man.

Children, do not allow fear to overturn your life. Learn from my teachings. May your faith grow in me! May this faith set you free from the bondage of fear! Do not fear the end-time or the days of the beast. Let what worries you be your soul and the souls of others in your care. I gave you the message of the days of darkness to awake you from slumber, so that you can save your soul and other souls. Indeed the days of darkness will come. How happy are those whom the hour will meet when they are busy doing the work of the Father who created them. Children, I will be happy to see you in your field of work when the hour comes.

Do not run to anywhere for safety. Do not desert your working places. All who run aimlessly like faithless beings will find it difficult to survive the time. Stay where you are and continue to do what you are doing, I will save you from there. The holy land I gave you and the holy places are for spiritual protection and not for carnal needs and the protection of dust. Dust will return to the dust.

Children, all who remain in my love need not fear for death; even if they died physically during the hard time, they will have endless time to rejoice with me in heaven. And you should know that the joy of the coming era of peace is a shadow of the joy of my Kingdom of Heaven.

So, Barnabas, pray much for the election of the new pope so that the world will be saved again. If my people pray much, I will save them for time and give them a pope that will suffer with them before the final battle arrives. I will come again to instruct you. When the new pope has been announced, I will give you more messages concerning the time. On 7th May, my Mother will give you the date of the anniversary and share the important work for you.

I am near always. So I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!



DATE: 12TH APRIL, 2005

TIME: 1:00 AM


In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision, the Agonizing Jesus Christ who gently said.

“Peace be with you my son, and peace to all my children! I say to you all, let there be light in your midst and in your souls. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I come to give you peace.

Children, there are two groups of people that will suffer and even perish in sin, error and confusion.

The first group comprises those who are not aware of this time. They continue in their own evil way of life and have no time for prayers and grace. Such people have no idea or concern for my messages and warnings of this time. Pleasure and enjoyment in sin are the gods they worship. Indeed, they will suffer greatly when the man of darkness manifests. Confusion and terror will weigh them down. Then, sin will ruin their lives. And many of them will perish.

The second group consists of those faithless friends of mine, who think only of carnal needs and bodily protection. I mean those who work only for the salvation of the flesh but pay less attention to the soul. You know them by the spirit of fear in them. I say that their life is bounded by fear. Their faith in me and in my words is so little that they will hardly see the light of true love. Barnabas, this group looks faithful and devoted, but they have no faith in them; so they do not understand my messages of this time. They are led astray by fear, not by love. You can see them leaving their homes and running for the safety of the flesh thus making sure that their souls will be damned. You can see them storing food for the needs of the flesh, while the soul is dying of starvation; many of them leave the church and the sacrament and go for exterior consolation and delight. All these things will constitute their error and confusion. It will reveal their blindness and show how they will perish in error and sin.

Do not be part of any of those groups. Rather remain in my love and be little. Learn my way in the mysteries of my love which I revealed to you in the lesson of the City Of God’s Love. Work hard to save your soul first, other things will follow later. Pray much at this hour and engage in many sacrifices for the need of the world. Make good use of every hour you have. Convert all time and every moment to a time and a moment of evangelization. Target and win all souls for me. I need the souls of men. I have paid their price with my Blood. Bring them to me through this devotion and by every holy means. I need them now. So I bless you all who have come in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 7TH MAY, 2005

TIME: 3:00 AM


In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision Our Lady who was accompanied by three little Angels. She came down and gently said;

“Peace from Heaven be with you and all my children! I am happy to see the growth of this devotion to the Precious Blood of my Son and my God Jesus Christ. Through you, the devotion has spread all over the world. You have stood by me and my Son to fight and conquer the man of iniquity that challenged you and this holy devotion. Indeed, they fought you and this holy devotion, and you defeated them. I am happy to see the victory of the Precious Blood of Christ in the world. Do not be afraid; your Mother is with you, your God is with you and Heaven is with you.

Children, I am your mother, your Queen, Mary the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Rejoice, for you have been saved again through your prayers and the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. My Jesus has obtained a favour for you from the Father. He has given you an extra precious time for the salvation of many. And the most loving act is that He has given you a Pope who will suffer with you to achieve the goal before the time expires. Thanks to the Most Precious Blood of Christ who has obtained this favour for the world.

And I know that my children will be happy to hear this. Children, are you happy? I answered; “Mother, we are happy”. Our Lady continued; “If you are happy, work hard for the salvation of souls. Make good use of this time and save many souls. And as for me and my son, we will spread this holy devotion all over the world as soon as possible; we shall bring back your people who have been wounded in the battle. We shall nurse them and heal their wounds. None of those whom we called to spread this devotion will be lost except those who remain in their error and spiritual pride and fail to humble themselves with my teachings. Such people will remain in their error, even after much light has been shown to them. Truly, they will know that they are in error, but will rather prefer to continue and finish with error, thereby perishing in sin and confusion. Barnabas, pray much for such souls. Be ready to instruct and correct their mistakes. Conquer them with love. I will do my best to make their ways know to them. I will be happy if my children will humble themselves and listen to me. The enemy will not allow them to do this. And this is my sorrow. I am weeping for them hoping that my tears will do them some good.

Children, be humble and return to the true path of this holy call which I have protected from the devil. I have obtained for my son Barnabas a special grace from Jesus to withstand hard times and trials. My care will help him to grow in love and wisdom. Through him, this holy devotion will grow in love and in holiness. Come out of darkness all you who are going astray because evil will never beget good and lie will never become truth. I love all my children. May they love me!

Children, with all the happiness in my heart; I announced to you the date of the anniversary which I chose to be on December 8th this year. You will take December 8th, 9th, 10th and even more for this feast. I am prepared for you. Heaven is ready. Prepare and be ready for the world. This anniversary will be done in the land or anywhere in the diocese. Or else you leave it. I will help you if you pray much and work hard for it. On the fifth of July, let there be vigil in all the parishes and in every group of this holy devotion, to make this day of December 8th of great importance, you will celebrate with the whole world. Invite all men to come and spread the devotion all the more.

I will come again this day by 11.00 pm to share some important work to my children. And you will know Barnabas that this day will take you to another higher level of teachings for the perfection of souls. Come nearer and test the sweetness of God’s love

I am the daughter of God’s love. So I leave you.


Immediately, the vision passed

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