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The Angel took me up to the space and showed me a great number of Angels coming down from heaven with a great force. The Angel said, “These are God’s Archangel who will come and dedeat the Red Dragon and throw him into the abyss”. As they come down they march and sing a war song. After that the Angel led me to the underground world and showed me a large number of weapons and said, “Your scientists with the aid of the evil forces are planning to wedge the plan of the Eternal Father and make this world an everlasting home, see how heaven laughs at them, pray and make penance in honour of the Precious Blood so that Our Father will save many lives through His Mercy.”

He again showed me another weapon and said, “Our Lord has promised to quench the evil weapons of humanity will honour and adore the Most Precious Blood.

“Son, these weapons are so great and can destroy many nations in an hour and cause diseases and death to humanity. Pray much for the world.”

I then returned to the mountain immediately. I saw the Sacred Head with the blood gushing out, the agonizing Jesus said, “My son listen, no matter. What your scientists do, I will send My justice to the world, I will change the axes of the earth. The earth will change from its course, there will be darkness in the heart of people and in the nations of the world for three days.

I had warned many people several times about this great day of destruction. Woe to those who blaspheme Me and do all kinds of abomination against My Precious Blood, they will taste My wrath forever.”

“Happy are you who know and consecrate to My Precious Blood, and all you who consecrate themselves to My humble Mother, the Precious Blood will save them, the flames of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will give them light in the days of darkness and protect them, for those who consecrate themselves to Her.

“The Eternal Father has marked His own people, so also the Evil One the Antichrist, the Red Dragon will mark his own people under the title 666. My son the war in spirit increases, pray that you might save yourself and your people.

I make this novena to be a Revelation Hour; the second Novena will be Warning and Admonition while the third will be Pilgrimage Hour. My people shall gather together for them, honour Me through My Holy Chaplet.

I bless you all, remain in My peace.”

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