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DATE: 21ST APRIL, 1997


On the second day of our novena, being the feast of St. Anselm, as we were praying, I saw in a vision the great number of people who were moving out from their nation to another country as exiles. They were carrying their belongings and their children. After some time, there was a great cry in the city. I saw fire coming down from heaven to the city. It burnt all men and all creatures; even walls of buildings fell. As I was looking I saw an Angel of the Lord standing in front of me. He asked me:

“Son of man did you understand what you saw”?

I answered, “No sir! Can you explain it to me?”

He said, “Son of man, warn the world to hear the warning from Heaven. So fearful and great the day of God’s anger will be. Who will survive?”

You saw the number of people who heard the warnings and ran for their lives. I say to you, only those who heed the warning of the Chief Shepherd will be saved. The hour is very short. Humanity, change your evil ways and turn to your God. Pray much, son of man so that Father will permit me to reveal much to you about the coming Purification. I leave you”.


Immediately, I saw the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in the cloud and He said to me;

“My children, your faith will make you to be glad. If you have faith, rejoice. I have done what you did not expect. I will do great things through your faith.

My children, doubt not but have faith in what you believe. Fear not to promote and give out what you have. My Precious Blood heals all sickness, believe and never lose hope.

My children, why do you fear to drink the cup you received from Me? This way of life is not easy, offer yourselves, as living sacrifices to Me. Submit to the Divine Will. I will not leave you alone. I am with you always. I do not change.

I bless you all.”

Immediately, I saw the vision, where all of us, gathered on the mountain, knelt in front of the Crucifix, where the Precious Blood from the Sacred Head was sprinkled on us. Then I woke up.



DATE: 22ND APRIL, 1997


During our novena prayer, I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ in the cloud, holding a chalice. In the chalice, there was a tongue of fire burning with a dazzling light.

After some time, the vision passed, and then I saw the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He said:

“My children, offer Me a worthy worship. Make a real worship whenever you come for Mass. Respect My Presence and honour My Precious Blood, the Everlasting Sacrifice on the altar.

My children, know it now that your enemy is not asleep. He plans for your downfall and makes all effort to hinder the plan of Heaven. Watch, be at alert, your enemy is coming. He is near, Pray, pray, pray harder.

My children, speak on what you know and let your life prove what you teach.

Learn these words, when the hour comes you will understand why I have said this.

I am with you

I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then, the holy chalice appeared again and I woke up and came back to myself.



DATE: 23RD APRIL, 1997


In our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of the Sacred Host in the cloud. In the Sacred Host there was a dazzling light. The rays of the light spread all over the whole place. Half of the Sacred Host was human flesh while half was bread. As I was looking, I saw Blood dropping down from the middle of the Host. This remained till the cloud covered the whole place. Then the Holy Face appeared and Our Lord said:

“My children, because of the love I have for mankind; because of the love My Father has for the world, the love which drew Me from Heaven into this world, with the same love I look for My flock. That love led Me to give up My life for My flock. That love keeps Me constantly in the holy tabernacle now and till the end of the age. But My flock neglects Me and leaves Me alone. Only few show compassion to Me. Only few adore My Presence. I wait for them every day. They run away and follow their own ways. My people, I am here in the holy tabernacle, I am waiting for you. Come and console Me.

My children, all that you suffer for My sake is not in vain. The road of salvation is a desert way. My saving power is there. I protect all who trust in Me and follow My way with love and faith.

My children, a time is coming when you will not have the strength and heart to pray. Your hearts will be full of pains and worries. You will look for consolation and find sadness. Your friends will run away from you and your children will not obey you. But after, I will bring joy back and let your friends come back. Pray now that there is time. I am with you.

I bless you.”



DATE: 24TH APRIL, 1997


During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of Our Lord being scourged at the pillar. He kept silent as they were beating Him. He never said a word! After they had beaten Him, His whole body was full of wounds, while Blood was continuously oozing out. After sometime, the vision passed, then the Holy Face appeared. Our Lord Jesus Christ said:

“My children, learn from My sufferings. The road of salvation is full of suffering. I came to save My people who are under the bondage of slavery. When they saw Me, they planned evil against Me. When I came to them, as My own people they caught Me and treated Me like a thief. To save their lives I gave My life and brought them back with the power of My Precious Blood.

My children, if you suffer, know that your Father has gone through it and won. With prayers and humility you will win. My children, all you will suffer will not reach the level of shedding of blood now. Your suffering honours My Death and My Precious Blood. Follow this desert way with joy and humility. Accept all problems as a cross. Follow the right way without fear. I am with you to help you. Don’t lose hope.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 25TH APRIL, 1997


During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of the pierced Side of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Blood and water dropped and stopped immediately.

After some time, the Holy Face appeared and said:

“My children, pray this Chaplet always and ask the Father to reveal the power in My Most Precious Blood to you. Pray with faith; ask for anything, your prayer will be answered according to the Divine Will.

My children, honour the Wounds, Blood and Water that come out from My Sacred Side, in your daily prayers. Through this prayer I will teach My children, you will see what you didn’t expect. Be wise to follow the true way. Be at peace and hold firm to your faith.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 26TH APRIL, 1997


During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of Our Lord Jesus hanging on the Cross; Blood was oozing out from His Wounds. After some time, He raised up His Bloody Face and calmly said to us:

“My children, know the way you are going through. Have faith in the Leader who cannot lead you astray, meditate and listen to His advice, follow the Divine Truth of My Church. Wait with patience for the Divine Will, the hour of the fulfillment of My words.

My children, be ready to accept any kind of mockery for My sake. Men will call you demons and their agents. Have faith in what you know, work out your salvation through your endurance. My children, a time will come when I will keep silent for a long time. Edit all My messages and adore Me as much as you can, with love and faith. I am with you.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 27TH APRIL, 1997



During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ praying in Gethsemane. As He knelt down in deep prayer, sweat of blood bathed His whole Body, including His clothes. As He was praying, He fell on the ground three times before the vision passed.

Immediately, cloud covered the whole place; the Holy face with the Crown of Thorns (on His Head) appeared, and said:

“My children, this hour is the hour of sorrow. My Heart is in sorrow because of the great number of humanity who will be lost forever. The hour is at hand. My children, I am feeling the same agony of Gethsemane as when I was in the world. My Heart is sorrowful and fearful. Pray much now; pray much now. Pray every minute of the day. Console Me; make reparation for all the sins which men commit against Me. Tomorrow I will allow you to say a prayer which you had been taught and then teach more to you at any time.

My children, even now you have not understood this call. The hour is passing, and time is coming soon for the Chastisement. Then My Kingdom will come and My Heart will reign. At that time, all men will know the value of the Most Precious Blood of their salvation. All will know this prayer. All men will console Me and adore My Precious Blood forever. But who will have faith in Me and endure all the coming trials till the hour comes? Who will be prayerful till the glorious time comes. Read My messages; your faith will grow.

My children, anyone who lives in Me and holds firm his faith in Me, will conquer the world. Sickness or illness has no power over him. Be careful, Satan is roaring around and looking for a chance to strike you down. Gather all the gifts from Heaven and work out your salvation.

Be careful not to speak quickly in this hour of trial; be slow to speak. Think and wait for Divine direction. I am with you.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 28TH APRIL, 1997


During this hour in my reparation prayers, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross, bleeding. Above the Cross were the Angels and Saints adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

Then, I heard a voice which commanded me, thus: Barnabas, pick up your pen and write down whatever you hear”.

I obeyed, and the Consolation Prayers and Adoration Prayers below were dictated to me with songs for fifty minuets (50 mins)


Eternal Father, when you were about to send your only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, into the world with the aim of saving us and bringing a New Paradise into the world through the Most Precious Blood, out of love You said, “Whom shall I send, who will go to redeem My people? The Heavenly Court was silent until Your Son answered. “Here I am, send Me Father”.

Honour and adoration be unto You, O Divine Love. Praise and worship be unto Your Name O loving Jesus Christ, Take consolation, O Agonizing Jesus Christ. The reward You got from Your people for Your benevolence was sin. They sinned and blasphemed day and night against Your Holy Name. They fought against You and disobeyed Your commandments, etc.”(see Prayer Book)

Immediately after the prayer, Precious Blood from the Sacred Head dropped on my head twelve times, I came back and recorded.

Though I cannot remember the tune of the songs, at a later date; we were instructed to use the inspired songs composed by our Spiritual Director to fill the gaps. Our Lord said “I am the One Who inspired those songs in him.”

(Note: For further details on the Consolation and Adoration Prayers, please see the Prayer Manual of this devotion.)



DATE: 28TH APRIL, 1997


During our novena prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision Our Lord hanging on the Cross. Heat from the sun was severe. Sweat of Blood was continuously coming out of Our Lord’s Face.

Our Lord wept bitterly, until the vision passed. Immediately, cloud covered the whole place, then appeared the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on His Head and He said:

“My children, remember My agony always, remember all My tortures, remember all My sufferings always. Let My agony be in your heart always. My children, let not your love in Me grow weak. Today I will bless you in a great way, and let you worship Me with all your heart.

My children, I will keep silent for a long time, I will not give you any message from now. But I will speak to you in times of need. I will advise you in times of confusion. Before the month of July, I will tell you what to do and the way you will do it.

My children, go back and study all My messages, I have spoken all I have to you. Live according to My advice; show constant love to Me. I will not leave you alone. I am with you. I will speak to the world in the month of July. Prepare for it.

My children, I allowed My heavenly Angels to teach you these prayers. The Reparation Prayer to My Precious Blood was taught to My Priest as a privilege to you and the whole world. Today, I sent the Angels to you in order to reveal the Consolation and Adoration Prayers to you. My children, these prayers are so dear to Me, I love the adoration much, console Me with it, and make it known to the world.

My children, remember all My orders. Pray with these prayers. Console Me at the hour of 12 noon. I suffered greatly during this hour. I suffered the pains of nails, mockery of men, anguish and grief. Adore My Precious Blood immediately after consolation. At 3.00 pm, pray this Chaplet, do consecration to My Precious Blood and offer reparation prayer for the sins of the world.

In your Gethsemane Hour, pray these prayers; pray always: say; “Precious Blood and Water from the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ; we adore Thee, save us and cleanse us. Amen.”

Whenever you pray this, I will comfort you and spare your lives from the enemy. Pray, pray, pray always. Never lose hope. I am with you. Let My blessing be with you.

Peace be with you, grow in love.

I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then, I saw a multitude of stars in the cloud. After that I came back to myself.





In our adoration prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision Heaven opened. Our Lord Jesus Christ was holding a Cross on His Right Hand and Crown of Thorns in His Left Hand. He came down to me and said:

“Peace be with you, My loving children. Today My Church is remembering My Ascension into Heaven. Rejoice with Heaven and adore the Trinity. Blessed are those who worship the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They shall dwell in His House after the great struggle of this life.

Blessed are all who adore the Son who offered His Body as a living sacrifice. They will eat with Him at last in His Kingdom.

Blessed are all who adore the Most Precious Blood of man’s salvation; they shall be protected by the Most Precious Blood. My children, pray all the prayers I taught you. Pray and make solemn adoration always.

My children, separate yourselves fully from worldly life. Keep your minds towards the journey to Heaven. Follow the desert way. I am coming to welcome you into My Glorious Paradise. Fear not, have faith.

I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed, stars appeared. Then I woke up.



DATE: 22ND MAY, 1997


During our devotional prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision the great number of people who were chained to pillar. They were all lying down on the ground.

As I was looking, Heaven opened, I saw the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on His Head. Our Lord said:

“My children, the month of July is coming soon. What preparation have you made? How eagerly are you waiting for the month?

Listen, My children, you should not allow problems to lead your life. Learn from My advice to you, to follow the desert way according to the Divine Will. Do not give a chance to your enemy now you have little disturbance of life. The hour is coming when a great disturbance will not allow you even to call My name. I am repeating these words to you that they will regret the minutes, hours and days those who misused or failed in this holy worship. They will pray in sorrow to get back this opportunity but the time will be over. My children, who will stop you from the blessings you received free from your God? He, who loves his salvation and the salvation of the world, will come with joy to this holy worship. They will not suffer greatly, all who follow this call till the day of its universal evangelization. My Precious Blood will save them.

Swim across the ocean of temptation; never let the waves turn you over. With all your strength overcome the devil. I have told you before, that you are stepping into the hour of darkness. Now, you are in the dark world. The Chastisement at last will come. Nothing in the world will make you happy, except My Presence in the Holy Eucharist. When My children suffer the attack of the wicked man, there will be no Eucharist in many tabernacles of the world. At that hour, you will understand My words. Many of you will still feel weak because the hour is not the hour of receiving but the hour of giving out.

My children, don’t give up, overcome all your daily trials. Adore Me always with the prayers I taught you.

I bless you all.

Peace be with you”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 22ND JUNE, 1997


On the second day of our preparatory prayer with Mass, for the month of July, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ, hanging on the Cross. As Blood bathed Him, He wept bitterly in a low voice until He cried out in a loud voice. Immediately, cloud covered the whole place. The Holy Face with Crown of Thorns appeared and said:

My children the month of July is fast approaching. Heaven is ready. What preparation are you making? Are you ready? Today I am reminding you again to grow up to maturity. Grow so as to understand the words of wisdom; grow and overcome the power of the flesh.

Tomorrow, I will reveal everything about the month of July. Come in time with your preparatory prayer. I will speak to you with love; make Heaven happy with your obedience and zeal toward the Divine messages.

I love you all, My children. Love Me and show Me love.

I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. The Sacred Heart appeared, from which three drops of the Precious Blood fell into the world.

Then, the vision passed, I came back.



DATE: 25TH JUNE, 1997


On the final day of our novena prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of the risen power of Jesus Christ. A great light flashed on the tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The tomb broke open. Then Our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and moved up towards Heaven with great power. As He was about to reach the cloud, there was a great noise. The cloud shook and the Holy Face appeared in the cloud and said:

“My children, as you see, the risen power will shine upon you on the glorious day of your Lord. On that day, you will win the battle by fighting to the end. On that day, you shall receive the glorious crown awaiting you there above. That is why I am telling you, My loving children, to follow this Calvary way with faith. I have overcome the world. My loving children, imitate Me and conquer the world.

The great month is coming soon, the month dedicated to My Precious Blood. In the years to come, My people will adore My Precious Blood in this month. This month is the month of salvation, the month of great sacrifice. Generations to come will offer a great sacrifice of adoration to the Spotless Lamb. I will open the gate of Heaven and let the ocean of My Blood rain on the world. The sick shall be healed, captives shall be freed and uncountable miracles will be performed on earth. Men will choose good as against evil and live holy lives.

My children, prepare for this month. Make it great. Listen to My instruction. There will be three great novenas in this Pilgrimage month, 9-day novena, 3-day novena, and 12-day novena. The 9-day novena will start from the 1st day of July to 9th day of the same month. This novena will be a worldwide Warning and Admonition, and a call to new life. In those days, I will visit you. The 3-day novena will start on the 13th day and end on the 15th day of the same month. My Holy Mother will visit you on the 1st and 3rd days of the 3-day novena with her Divine message to the world.

On the 2nd day, I will send the Archangel Michael who will speak to you with love as an Apostle of the Most Precious Blood. The last 12-day novena will be great. I will teach the world great things about the Most Precious Blood. The novena will be from the 20th to the 31st day of that month. The last day will be the most important day of the month. Spiritually, great things will happen and physically there will be great joy on earth. On that day, I will commission you and give you the earnest of My Spirit. My final Seal will be marked on your heart.

My children, now you are not free, but after the Pilgrimage month, if you win, you will be free. After the month, there is no power that will overcome this great devotion. The Church will welcome it when the right time comes for it. No power will stop it again; with obedience you can preach the devotion to My people. Listen, My children, prepare for this month, and make it great. All of you will be ready to resist the attack of the enemy in those days. I will stop anyone who sleeps in My Presence and does not join the adoration. Anyone who fails any of the novena will not join again until it is over. Anyone who comes late will not join the adoration. Welcome people who are willing to join you. Because My Church has not approved it, the devotion will be held in this Chapel. Come in time and be prepared. How happy they will be, all who participate fully in the novenas.

Start the novenas with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Invite the Holy Spirit with a song and console Me with the Consolation Prayers. Adore Me with the Adoration Prayers. Say the Reparation Prayer with songs. Pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of My Precious Blood as before. My children, pray with zeal. Then offer the Holy Mass. Many will sleep during the Mass. If they do I will not allow them to join the novena. After the Consecration, read and share My holy message. After Mass praise the Most Precious Blood of your salvation with songs.

My children, this month is great starting from the time of the death of your Master, make it great. Edit the prayers well and plan the devotion so as to please your Father. You will rejoice, if you do. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the cloud shook and Heaven opened. I saw Our Lord entering Heaven, amidst great songs of praise. They praised Him and crowned Him and welcomed Him as king. They waved palm fronds at Him as He sat on His Throne.

Then the vision passed.



DATE: 26TH JUNE, 1997


In our devotional prayer with Mass, I saw the vision of the Sacred Heart in the cloud. There was a tongue of flame on top of the Sacred Heart covered with the Crown of Thorns. After, the cloud shook and the vision passed. Then appeared the Holy Face in the cloud and He said:

“My children, prepare well for the month of July. Participate well in all the prayers. Never let sleep overcome you. My children, why is it that only very few people among you are following the devotion well? Only a few are trying to please the Eternal Father. Happiness and great graces are awaiting you all, who perform the work of this devotion well. My children, do you want to regret? Plan the devotion and do it well.

Listen, My children, I don’t like noise. Do this devotion well and in silence. You do not need to call the public, but any person who is willing to adore Me with love and zeal. Pray that nothing will stop you from saying the devotional prayers weekly. I prepared many souls for this devotion; only obey My voice in your heart. Do this devotion at any chosen peaceful hour of the day. My children, make sure that you record all the messages you will receive. Heaven is ready, prepare and wait for the great month.

I bless you all’.



DATE: 1ST JULY, 1997


On the first day of our pilgrimage, during the hour of prayers with Holy Mass and adoration, I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ, hanging on the Cross. Blood and sweat were coming out from His Sacred Body. He cried in great anguish and grief until the cloud shook with a loud noise and covered the whole place.

The Sacred Head appeared and said:

“My children, you are welcome to this great privileged hour, you are blessed. Listen, My loving children, I chose this hour to reveal much to you about the coming Chastisement, so that you may be ready and help to save souls. The hour is near; the time of the great Tribulation is coming soon. Many will shed their blood, the wicked man will give his armies command to seize My children. They shall be killed. Oh! Pray, pray much My loving children, make your faith strong. Be ready to meet the hour. I will send My Angels on earth to carry the bodies of My people who remain in their faith till death. They will eat with Me in Heaven.

My children, many will not withstand this horrible hour. Pray for them. After this great Persecution, a Red Cross will appear in the sky. This cross represents the Precious Blood and the blood of martyrs. At that time anyone who remains in the faith and calls on My Precious Blood will be saved during the coming great darkness. My Precious Blood will protect him. Pray the Chaplet of My Precious Blood always, console and adore Me. How I wish that all who participate in this first novena would receive these prayers. Your adoration pleases Me much.

I bless you all”. Immediately the vision passed, the Crown of Thorns appeared in the cloud. Then I came back to myself.



DATE: 2ND JULY, 1997


In our second day of the first novena in the month of July, as we were having our Adoration Prayer before Mass, I saw in a vision a great number of people who were adoring the Holy Trinity in the cloud.

They followed us as we prayed and bowed down to the Blessed Trinity. As I was watching, an Angel led me down to the world. When we reached there, he knocked his staff on the ground. Then the ground opened. I saw a great number of soldiers who are under the world. They marched around and worshiped the great Beast with seven heads, ten horns and fourteen hands and feet. I discovered that they were all marked with the number 666.

The Angel led me to the strong room and I saw a great computer set. Then, the Angel said,

“Son of man, these people you see here are from every country of this world. They are chosen by the demon for the attack during the coming Persecution, the hour of the evil government. With the aid of this computer, all men will be marked. Pray now and get ready so as to endure till the end.”

Immediately, he took me by the hand and vanished. Then I saw the cloud open. There was the Sacred Head. He came near to me and said:

“Children, pray much now that there is time. Soon this underground government will come out and rule this earth. With their computer, many people will be marked. All who receive the mark will be destroyed. At that time everything laid outside My Precious Blood will be lost. Anyone who calls on My Precious Blood will be filled with faith. Men will only find mercy in My Precious Blood. I say to you, My loving children, pray harder now. Teach others how to pray. Let all men consecrate themselves to My Precious Blood. I love you all.

I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed, I saw the vision of the great Beast again and shivered. Then I came back to myself. I was weak for some time but later recovered my strength.