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20 TH JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)



On the first day of the third novena, that is, the twelve-day novena, I saw in a vision the

Holy Face of Jesus Christ in the cloud. He was wearing a Crown of Thorns on His Head

and blood continuously flowed out. In the same cloud were little Cherubim who were

praying, consoling and adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

I looked up; blood from the Sacred Head spiritually dropped on my head. Then, He said

to me:

“My son, listen, try much to record these words”.

Immediately, I saw my fellow devotees and a great number of people who joined in

adoring the Agonizing Jesus Christ. They were surrounded by numerous Angels of God

in the adoration. As we called upon the Precious Blood, blood fell on them from the

Sacred Head.

Then he said:

“My children, you are welcome to this great novena let the peace from Heaven be with


Today, Heaven is happy to see you adoring the Most Precious Blood of your salvation.

They join you in prayers. They will remain with you in this adoration. Let all men enjoy

this great privilege.

Listen, My children, this great novena is not for the gossips but for My humble devotees,

who remain in faith and are waiting for the return of their Master. My children this very

call is not for the gossips, I say to you this call is for My patient devotees who will make

known this devotion to the world.

I warn you all My people, never speak about this devotion now. Never preach it to

anyone because you can’t explain it now. Even My first Apostles of this devotion cannot

speak much about it, not to talk of you. Join the novena; all who fulfill this great novena

will have power to preach and speak about the devotion to the world.

Children, know it today that this call is a call to holy life. The aim of this devotion is not

for revelation, but to teach the world how to pray. I give these little revelations to you

only to let your hearts turn to Me. I made it so that you will believe and save your lives.

Heaven will give all revelations to mystics of the last age through Divine prophecy.

My children, I call all men as I called the Israelites in the past. I chose this devotion as I

chose Israel My son to be great. They were weak, but I made them strong, they were

few, but their number increased. They were those whom I saved from Egypt through the

blood of animals. I led them many years in the desert till they reached the Promised

Land after defeating many nations.

In the same way, I chose this group out of the many devotions in My holy Church to be

the new Israelites who will receive special favour through My Precious Blood. I say to

you My Precious Blood will save. Honour it! All who devotedly call upon My Precious

Blood will be saved. They will adore Me, and eat and drink in the feast of joy with Me

after the great Tribulation. They will not understand these words all who live the life of

the flesh. Only a spiritual man will hear these words and understand them. Pray and

allow My Spirit to open your hearts so that you will understand.

My children, the greatness of this devotion will come after this coming Purification when

all men, who are saved, will acknowledge the value of the Price of their salvation and

adore Me. Before the great day comes, I will teach many great prayers and songs to

you. I will allow My Angel to reveal and teach Heavenly prayers to you. Through these

prayers the New Jerusalem will worship Me.

My children, don’t come as the people of Israel came; do not refuse to hear Him

speaking from Heaven, if you refuse, you will not escape. Read Heb. 12:12-29 read it

now and understand the meaning. Read 1 Cor. 10:1-19, Read and meditate, then run

for your lives.

This way is a desert way, all those who will follow will have faith. Keep this arena silent;

as from Heaven will adore Me during this hour. Keep this hour holy.

My children, anyone who falls asleep, or comes late or does not come for prayer, will not

continue with this novena. My anger will chase him away. Warn them not to join this

novena any more. Let My faithful ones remain. This warning is for the first devotees, to

train them. It will be a lesson for the future devotees.

I have a great thing to teach you. Answer this call with joy. My Precious Blood will

save. I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed. A hand appeared from the cloud and touched my

forehead. I woke up and recalled all the words.



21 ST JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)



During our novena prayer with Mass, Consolation, Reparation and Adoration Prayers, I

saw Our Lord Jesus Christ tied to the pillar. The Jewish soldiers were beating Him. They

beat Him and inflicted many wounds on His Body. Our Lord wept bitterly.

Within a short time cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud

appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ with His Hands tied together and there were

numerous Wounds on His Body. Blood constantly flowed from His Head crowned with

thorns, and covered His Body, which was covered also with the Wounds inflicted on Him

by the scourging. After some time, the cloud shook, the Holy Face appeared and said:

“Honour My Precious Blood, O My loving children, and save your souls and the whole

world. Make constant devotion to My Precious Blood; you will be protected from the

snares of the devil.

My children, the hour of great devotion will come. The hour will be a long period of holy

living in the world. For a thousand years, the power of darkness will be chained and My

Precious Blood will reign forever. The great Sacrifice offered daily at the Holy Mass would

praise and lift the Throne of the Eternal Father. The Sacred Body and Blood offered daily

would reign forever. Pray, pray much that you will see this great period. Practise this

devotion to My Precious Blood; you will reach the happy era.

Happy are those who reach the great hour of happiness; the second death has no power

over them. My children, My Blood is a great weapon. Through My Precious Blood, the

heavenly armies won the great battle and chased the enemy away. Fight your enemy,

the evil spirits, with My Precious Blood; you will conquer them.

My Precious Blood is the circumcision of Gentiles. Through My Precious Blood, the great

salvation reached all men whether Jews or Gentiles. All were baptized into one body

and spirit through My Precious Blood. My Blood is the Price of salvation. Through My

Precious Blood, you were brought together as members of one family. My Precious Blood

paid the debt of human slavery and made men adopted sons. You are no more slaves

but sons, that is why I call you My children. I say to you, honour the Price of your


My Blood is the hope of innocent souls, only My Precious Blood will grant mercy to the

unborn innocent souls. Only My Precious Blood will save them. I say to you, baptize

them with My Precious Blood.

My Precious Blood is the Mercy of the Eternal Father; through My Precious Blood, mercy

was granted to humanity. Now, My Precious Blood grants mercy to the world. And even

in the great hour of darkness, the hour of My Father’s wrath. My Precious Blood has

power to grant mercy to humanity. Call on My Precious Blood always; it calms the anger

of the Eternal Father.

Children, I say to you, love Me and console Me always; pray and teach others how to

pray. Honour the Precious Blood which men neglect.

Listen, My children, expose the Blessed Sacrament for thirty minutes before you start

the novena; let all of you offer petition songs to Me for ten minutes. After, look at My

Holy Crucifix and meditate on My Passion. Have mercy on Me. Then, offer your private

intentions to Me. Before you start the novena, invite the Holy Trinity with songs.

My children, on the 26 th of this month you will write out your intentions. Write the

names of unrepentant sinners in your family. I will answer you according to the Divine

Will. I say to you, you will give testimony when your prayer is answered. On the last

day of this novena the petitions will be burnt after the holy devotion.

Children, many slept yesterday, but they are here today. I say, you welcomed those

who come late, who fell asleep in My Presence and those who did not come to pray. If

you can’t listen, I will stop the novena before the end of it. I say to you, this habit

displeases Heaven.

My children, it is better to welcome those who heard the information late than those who

miss the novena after attending it.

Bring your Holy Bible with you tomorrow. I will teach you many things. Please My

children, study these messages. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. I

love you. I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed, the pierced Hand appeared.

Precious Blood dropped three times on me. Then I woke up and recorded the message.



22 ND JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)



In our novena prayer with Mass and adoration, as we were praying, Heaven opened. In

a vision, I saw a Lamb sitting on the Throne of God. The Lamb held a flag on which was


“REIGN, Oh Most PRECIOUS BLOOD OF REDEMPTION.” There was a great number of

people who were worshipping the Lamb. They came from all places and languages of

the whole world. Within a short time an angel appeared to me and said:

“Son of man, do you know these people? Where did they come from?” I replied, “You

know more than I sir, tell me.” The Angel said: “These people are God’s people who

have overcome the great Trial and Chastisement. They have now won and have washed

themselves with the Blood of the Lamb. They will reign with Him over a thousand


Immediately cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Holy Face, with the

thorn-crowned Head appeared; blood was constantly gushing out. He came nearer and


“My children, open your Holy Bible and study My holy messages. Let your eyes open that

you will understand the Scriptures.”

Immediately, the Precious Blood from the Sacred Head fell on us and He continued by


“In the olden days, men offered the sacrifice of bulls for the remission of sins. But in

this present age, My Body served as the atonement. Moses made a seal of covenant

with the blood of animals, that they would obey the Law of the Eternal Father, read

Exodus 24:1-8. This is a seal that all men will keep the Law. This covenant was

renewed every year because they could not pay the debt for their sins forever.

This is why My Father prepared My Blood as an everlasting covenant. Read Heb. 9:21-

end and 10:1-9. On My Last Supper on earth, I took bread and wine as a Divine

Sacrifice to My Father. Immediately, the bread became My Body, and the wine become

My Blood. This is the greatest Sacrifice. Read Matthew 26: 27-28, and the gospel of

Mark 14:23-24. The same Sacrifice was proved by the Holy Spirit as the Everlasting

Covenant through My Apostle, Paul, in the letter he wrote to the Corinthians. (1 Cor.


My children, the Spirit made it clear in the Letter to the Hebrews 9:19-22, that only

Blood can wash away sins. And My Precious Blood does this forever.

My children, you can see that anyone who breaks the law given to Moses was stoned to

death. They did this because blood is a great seal; whoever sheds the blood of My

children will suffer greatly.

How then can anyone who neglects the Precious Blood of his salvation be saved? The

Spirit says in the Letter to Hebrews, Chapter 10 verse 29 that he will suffer. But now, I

am telling you that they will curse the day they were born, those who show coldness and

neglect to the Precious Blood of their salvation.

The land to which you are being called is holy. This call is holy. There are mysteries,

which eyes cannot see. I say to you, read Heb. Chapter 12:22-27 and understand these

words, for that is what it is.

My children, I say to you, pray much for this town, pray that their eyes will be opened to

see their great privilege. If they cannot change their hearts before the Chastisement, I

will take away the glory of the holy land and give it to those who will welcome it. The

land is holy.

Rejoice for you are called to the joyful feast of God’s first-born sons. My Precious Blood

will save all who call for help. Read Heb. 12:24.

Build your faith on the three testimonies; the Water, the Spirit and the Blood, you will be

saved. Read the first Letter of John, Chapter 5:6-12 and meditate on these words.

Through the Water you were baptized; the Spirit renewed you and baptized you with

fire, and My Precious Blood saved you.

Make your faith strong, share in My shame and suffering; you will rejoice with Me in the

end. Encourage yourselves with the words of the Spirit in the Letter to the Hebrews

chapter 13:10-16. I say to you, love suffering; love the persecutions you suffer for My

sake. I say again, surrender to all crosses. Even if you die for My sake, My Precious

Blood will save you. You will reign with Me forever. Meditate on Revelation chapter 7:8

the end and let your faith grow up.

My children, study these words carefully and be ready to preach this Devotion when the

right time comes. Make your soul a home for My Spirit, and I will teach you many


Barnabas, receive any question from your people, I will answer them. I love those who

pray and meditate on My passion. I bless them and My Spirit fills them.

Continue the adoration as you have done today. I am with you all. I bless you “

Immediately the vision passed. Then a book opened in the cloud, but I could not read

anything from it. Then I came back.



23 RD JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)



During our novena prayer with Mass and adoration, I saw, in a vision, Our Lord Jesus

Christ in the cloud. Immediately, He came nearer to me holding a sword. Divine Light

shone greatly from the sword, then He said:

“Today, I come to you with love and beg you, My loving children, to pray and watch

always. Be careful always. Never let the enemy defeat you. Never, I say to you, never

let any of you fall into the sin of the flesh. I say to you, be careful not to chase the Holy

Spirit away. Your enemy is fighting you. They plan for your downfall. Pray always.

Meditate on My agony; you will be filled with power. Call on My Precious Blood; your

enemy will be defeated. Console and adore My Precious Blood, I will protect you. Make

constant reparation for the sins committed against My Precious Blood. Sinners will

change their ways and turn to Me.

My children, pray this Chaplet of My Precious Blood, I promise to destroy many

kingdoms of your enemy, the evil spirits.

Many of you who look at My Crucifix and still harden their hearts, let My agony touch

your souls. My children, love Me and console Me. I will not answer any questions from

you because you make noise; you disturbed Heaven in your adoration. Keep yourselves

holy and speak less. Live a life of silence tomorrow; fight and conquer your enemy.

Please, My children, if anyone among you loves Me, let him console Me and show Me

love in this adoration always. My Precious Blood will show mercy. I am with you all. I

bless you all”

Immediately the vision passed. Then appeared two great swords in the cloud crossing

each other. In the middle, was a chalice and a Sacred Host on the top. Then I came




24 TH JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)



In our novena prayer with Mass and adoration, I saw, in a vision, Our Lord Jesus Christ

hanging on the Cross on a mountain. Blood flowed out from the Wounds of His Body.

Then Our Lord wept bitterly.

Within a short time, cloud covered the whole mountain. The Holy Face appeared with

numerous Cherubim. He kept silent at first and was in a great agony. Then He said:

“My loving children, keep your root strong in My holy Church. Obey her teachings and

live a holy life. Confess your sins to My Priests and prepare yourselves always for the

working of My Spirit.

Live in the fullness of love and offer your lives for My service. Hold firm your faith. Help

to rebuild the Temple for My sake; I say to you, never fight the flesh, never; I say,

never attack the Temple of the Spirit. If you do, the Father will judge you.

Pray and ask the Father for Divine Wisdom in My Name; I say to you, pray for wisdom.

The Spirit gives wisdom to the humble and teaches them Divine ways.

I shed My Blood so that your eyes will be opened through the Holy Spirit of My promise.

My Precious Blood is the power of the Holy Spirit. Children, whenever you call upon My

Precious Blood with all your heart and with love, the Holy Ghost will come and abide in

you. Call upon My Precious Blood and be filled with power.

My children, the gate will be opened, the way of life will be made known, but only a few

will follow it at first. When the door is about to close, the flock will rush to enter. But

time will be over. Who will save them? And what shall be their hope?

My children, practise the devotion to My Precious Blood now. I say to you pray now that

there is time. Inform others to join you in your devotional life now that there is time.

Let all who love Me pray much and console Me.

Many people come here but their hearts are far from Me. When shall they know this

truth? When will their hearts and their eyes open to this great favour? Many will regret

at last. Join and make this devotion holy. Pray, pray, console Me. I love you. Show Me

love so that you will have nothing to regret.

Barnabas, receive the questions from your people. I will allow you to ask them and I

will answer you. He who judges shall be judged. Know the Good Shepherd, listen to His

alarm and run for your lives. My children, I say, pray that My flock will hear the voice of

the Good Shepherd and run for their lives.

Those who love Me and adore My Precious Blood will not be lost. My Precious Blood will

save them. Barnabas, many will not understand this message, pray for them. I love

you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. A great Cross appeared in the cloud. I looked at it for

sometime and came back to myself.



25 TH JULY, 1997(9:00 PM)




During our novena prayer with Mass and adoration, in the cloud I saw in a vision, the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, His Hands tied with a rope. There were numerous wounds on His

Sacred Body. Blood constantly flowed from there. Within a short time the cloud shook.

Then appeared the Holy Face. He quietly said:

“My children, peace be with you” (Immediately Blood from the Sacred Head fell on us).

He continued by saying; “Offer your questions to Me”. He kept silent:

Then I said, “May Your Name be adored forever, O My Lord. Adoration to Thee,

Agonizing Jesus Christ. Lord, Thy Kingdom come. Then I continued,

“Please Lord, answer the questions of your sinful creatures. They ask, among all your

sufferings, which one pained You most? Please say something about the thorns in Your

Sacred Head and that of the Sacred Heart. Here is another question. Why is it that most

of the things you did are in triplets? For example Your Resurrection, the Temptation, on

the third day you were found in the temple and many others. Please, Lord, speak on

these matters. And which one is the Immaculate Heart between the two stars, is it the

eastern or western one? O Lord answer us. Then He said:

“My children, learn to console Me always in My Agony. I suffered many tortures for your

salvation. These tortures are hidden, and were not written down in the Holy Bible. I

reveal it to My children who love Me and will console Me. The Jewish soldiers tied Me to

the Pillar and beat Me mercilessly. After beating Me they tied, My Hands and Feet and

rolled Me from one end to the other. They beat Me and broke My Head with iron rods.

They stepped on Me one after the other; when they were tired they gathered together

and pricked Me with pins and needles, and then they poured liquid lead on the Wounds

and left Me there. I say to you, My loving children, if anyone among you loves Me, let

him console Me. If anyone loves Me, let him adore My Precious Blood, I will show him

love he who loves Me, and show mercy to him who honours My Wounds and My Precious


My children, all My sufferings and agony are reflected in My Sacred Heart. My Heart

bears all the pains. The Mystical Crown of Thorns in My Heart represents the Crown of

Thorns on My Sacred Head. The Crown of Thorns is real. Console Me.

Live in the Trinitarian love. Believe in the Trinitarian power. Adore the Trinitarian God,

One God forever.”

The Immaculate Heart appeared in the cloud. “She is the brightest among all stars.

Know the Ark of the Covenant and rejoice. Say your Rosary always. You will enter the

Ark. My children, know this!” (Silence)

I then said, “Lord, may Your Name be adored forever. Lord, please answer me these

other questions. When will the trouble begin in Rome? And what order will your

children follow? In some apparitions they say that Nigeria will sink? What about the

innocent ones? Will they all perish? About the coming Chastisement, there are those

who cannot afford to buy candle, or do sacrifices or even say the recommended prayers.

What will they do? And what about those who do not believe in these Your messages?

What shall we do to convince them? Lord, you told us about other Visionaries, can you

say something about them? Lord, how can we know the tablet? River blindness, is it

among”? (The cloud shock) He said:

“Barnabas, be wise to ask reasonable questions. Ask what will help the world; I will

answer all their questions. I will make everything clear to them. Do not fear. I love you,

continue, My son.

And I continued, “Lord, many ask what will they do to fulfill your wish and follow this call

till the end. What will we do to make this call, holy? Lord, answer us, you know that we

are willing to show you love. Help us to love Thee. Please, Lord, give us the possible

means to convert our families. Lord, thy Kingdom come.“

“My children, when you hear; when you feel and when you see that My Pope is seized or

that My Pope has fled from Rome and has run for his life to another country, the hour

has come. My children will suffer much. I say to you, let all pray much that My true

teaching will be in your hearts. Many nations will perish and disappear from the face of

the earth. But My children will be saved. Those who love Me and call on Me for safety

will be saved, I say to you. Those who adore My Precious Blood and console Me in My

agony will not be affected. My Precious Blood will save and My Mother’s Immaculate

Heart will protect.

My children, during the Chastisement many holy ones will die accidentally because they

did not obey My warnings. Many will suffer terrible agony because they neglected My

warnings. I say to you, pray, pray that the flock will hear the voice of the Shepherd and