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DATE: 23RD JULY, 1998

TIME: 11.00AM



During our novena with Adoration Prayer, I saw a vision of the rising power of the sun; the rays of the sun first shone radiantly. As the sun was coming out, the reflection of the rays increased. Our Glorious Jesus Christ stood above the top of the sun. He raised His Left Hand while holding a Cross in His Right Hand. The vision developed until finally the cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

“A day is coming soon when my glory will shine like the rising sun. On that day my Precious Blood will fall on every heart that is dry now. As the rising sun gives joy and life to living things, so my Precious Blood will give life and hope to all who are eagerly waiting for the Lord. On that day, all who crucified the Son of God will see him rising like the sun in all glory. I will console all who consoled me, and let them rejoice in my glory, all who made constant reparation for all the sins committed against my Precious Blood. All who are crying now will laugh. But you who are laughing now, you will cry. All of you who reject their crosses, who did not worship me the way Heaven wants, who join the world in their attack against the Son of the Most High, you all will suffer great shame. You will carry a heavy cross which the enemy, I mean the demon, is preparing for you. When you see the One you crucified, your burdens will multiply. Worse, you will lose Heaven, lose your Saviour, Jesus Christ, and die forever. Today, I am calling you all, my children, to return to me. Come and be my sons, and I will call you sons. Offer all your lives to me. I say, this journey will be hard for you, unless you give up everything you have and follow me.

Children, you must belong or you oppose. As I have chosen you, I bless you with spiritual gifts and blessings. Your work is awaiting you or you will suffer regrets when my glory is revealed. All who abandoned their spiritual gifts, zeal and love, should pray hard to have them back. If you continue following like sheep without destination till I come, it means that your call was in vain. All who are spiritually unfilled follow their own will, which displeases their God. But all who are spiritually filled, I mean with the Holy Spirit, are on the road to holiness and Divine Will. The love of their God will grow in them.

Children, overcome the world. I, your Master, have done so. I am with you to help you. Ask and it shall be given to you.

I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 28TH JULY 2003

TIME: 10.00PM



In our prayer during this hour, I had a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

“Children, many will find it difficult to follow in this call to perfection. This will be so because many neglected my teachings in the past, and followed their own way. They adopted the noisy mob when joining my lovers.

My voice and my appeal of love never touched their hearts. They wore pretending faces with their hearts full of evil. In this manner, they consecrated to me and continued in their evil way of life. Truly, I say to you, many did not come to love the LOVE who is calling them to love. Rather, they came to achieve their own aims.

Some will lead others to sin; some also will extinguish the fire of faith and of love in the life of others. Many will be left behind. Woe to those friends of mine who neglected my teachings on the Cross of Perfection, of the Rose of Perfect Purity and the Golden Mind of Peace. They will not taste the sweetness of this call of true love, which is the foundation of a life of perfection; for I am preparing a Great Feast for my lovers in the City of my Love. There, I will fill their emptiness with the values of my Kingdom. They will learn the simplest way to the heart of their Christ. My peace will be with them always.

Children, do not view my lessons cheaply. Please, grow with this call of love. Lay aside worldly knowledge. Come and join the school of the Saints, of whom I am the Head. Let the great come; let the small come. I am Jesus, your Saviour, calling you to learn. Be careful on how you live now because these are evil days. Many of you are careless over your lives; I mean your true life. If you lose the life, be certain that there is nothing you can do to get it back. So I urge you, my children to guard your words, your thoughts, and your actions.

See, I have given you everything necessary to conquer; if you respond to my call, you will not find it difficult to survive. O, how painfully they will suffer those who follow like Judas. See! They worship themselves and they will find it difficult to survive. They worship man; they will find it difficult to survive. All who are proud will find it difficult to follow.

Children, my admonition to you is, “Go back to my lessons which you neglected in the past. Make them the way of your life. Be humble to do this, I am near to help you. If you neglect this advice of mine, you will find it difficult to understand the lessons of these days. See! The days are passing and the Era of Peace is fast approaching. I am leading my lovers with the lessons of perfection. They will be my giant lovers. The Love will open their eyes to see well as they approach the gate of perfection.

The more they grow, the more they see how weak they are. I say that as they grow, they will grow humbler and simpler; until they are reduced to nothing in the eyes of the world. But the proud will be the opposite. The more they grow arrogant, the more they see themselves as Saints. They will lift themselves up with pride. And fight for one position and another. They will like to occupy the highest position of vain honour; so that the world will hail them. This will make them to swim in an ocean of pride and cause division and war. O! This is how they will lose their souls. Happy are you all who are not known; I will make you known while the proud will be forgotten. Hidden life is what I called you to live. This is the life full of love and simplicity, which testifies to us the holiness of God. Be careful!

So I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 31ST JULY, 2001

TIME: 7:00 PM



Today being the last day of our twelve-day reparation prayer for Israel in the month of July, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appear before the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar. He kept silent for a long time while gazing at us. Finally, He looked up to Heaven in great anguish and grief and prayed:

"Father, look at your only-begotten Son, remember my Precious Blood and look with mercy on your children whom your Love created. Father, see your Son who is languishing in agony for the love of your children, and have mercy. I have planted another seed of holiness in this virgin land of yours. Your mercy has kept it alive to germinate. Father, may this little plant of holiness grow up to be a home for all creatures who want to take shelter in this tree of' holiness. Remember that I planted many seeds like this in the past. Many had withered and died. Many are still alive but their life is of no use. Protect this young tree of holiness against any attack of the enemy till it matures to withstand the attack. Father, I do not pray that they should not suffer the attack of the Beast. I pray that this tree becomes mature, and then your hands may let loose the Beast.

Father, see how little they are. They do not know how terrible the days of the Evil Man will be. They are playing over my warnings, not because they are evil-hearted, but because they know nothing. See what they do with my messages. None of my projects has been taken seriously. Even the weapon, the Agonizing Crucifix, this weapon which will help them to stand the days of the Evil man, is still being neglected. Father, they do not know the greatness of the coming days because they are little children. Help them to see and feel the coming days of the evil Beast before your hand lets loose the Beast. Give your children all over the world the grace to pick up the Petals of the Rose of Perfect Purity, which are scattered everywhere. Pour your Sanctifying Grace upon your children who kneel before your altar in this great month of July. May the power of endurance fill their hearts. Father, may they stand for you and your Son to bear the true testimony. As their sweat and blood sprinkle on this rotten world, remember the agony of your Son and His Precious Blood, and renew the world. I am, your Son who lives, agonizing, among my people.”


“Children, I have given you everything necessary to meet the horrible hour. Very soon, the Beast will be let loose. Then, you will understand why my agony is great. Happy are all who know now and run for their lives. For you all, who answered this call of prayer in this month, I will obtain the grace of endurance if you remain in my love.

Receive my blessing.” He placed His Hand on us and prayed again: “Father, into your Hands I commend these little lilies of yours. Keep them in one love, in one faith, and may they bear one testimony. So, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

“Peace be with you. Remain in my Love and Mercy.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.



DATE: 25TH JULY 1998

TIME: 8:15 AM



In our novena prayer in the month of July, I saw in a vision the Lamb standing in the midst of a large number of people in the cloud. On the body of the Lamb was a label written, “BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, WE ARE SAVED”. I saw also that they were wounded, weak and tired. But surprisingly, they that were wounded were all rejoicing and dancing in front of the Spotless Lamb. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in His agony. He looked at me steadily and asked: “Barnabas, do you know these people and where they come from?” I replied, “Lord, I don’t know; in your mercy and kindness, tell me”. Then Our Lord said:

“Run for your live to inherit the greatest joyful kingdom that is awaiting all who suffer and die with me. Never let your weak faith and flesh make you deny your God. These people are all my people who had gone through this wicked and sinful world. They did not betray or deny the Son of God. They were not ashamed of me and my gospel in this ungodly world. They were mocked and disgraced in public only because they were my followers. But they did not give up. Men told all kinds of lies against their names. They bore it for my sake. Some were killed through terrible persecution and torture. Before they died, they forgave and blessed their persecutors. Through my own Blood I purified them from all their iniquities and saved them. They will rejoice and reign with me forever.

My children hold firm your faith. The terrible hour of massacre and persecution is coming. Who will survive it? Only those who are willing to give up their lives for me will survive. Anyone who wants to save his own life during that time will lose it. But anyone who gives up his life for me will gain it. Anyone who is killed while holding to his faith will not be lost. I will purify him with my Precious Blood and save him from eternal damnation.

My children stand firm on the truth you know. The hour will come soon. When the hour comes, do not run helter-skelter, but be on your guard. Do not fear the death of the flesh, for I will give you everlasting life. Children, I tell you this now, for very soon, the hour will come, so that your heart will not be troubled.

My children pray only that the hour will be shortened. Remain faithful in your work of salvation. Continue doing the good things you have been doing. Never reduce your effort towards your work of holiness, rather increase it; these things will help your faith.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who is calling you so that you will not all die spiritually. When you rise again, you must strengthen your brothers. The day that is coming, which will suddenly come like a thief in the night, is fast approaching and will catch up with my people when they are not ready.

My children spread this message so that my people will be ready to welcome the great hour. I bless you all”.

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 15TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM



Today being the last day of our three-day novena in the month of July, I saw in a vision Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Anthony Claret, and Saint Francis of Assisi, discussing the ‘Glorious Reign’ in the cloud:

Francis: “The enemy has reached his climax. His plans are moving successfully, even at the stage of fighting the greatest source of grace - the Holy Mass. Michael, you see the Beast coming out of the sea.”

Michael: “Yes, he has little time to act. When the right time comes, I will be given the order to act.”

Anthony Claret: “Many of God’s people have little knowledge, concerning the malice and work of this wicked Beast; even among my fellow clergy, who need to be at alert. See, the Evil One is working in full force among them. See, the struggle and manly effort he is making to capture the highest position in the Holy Church; while God’s people are sound asleep.”

Francis: “There are very few that understand. But they are the most neglected servants. They seem illiterate in the eyes of the world. This fulfills the words of the Saviour that: God has made known the mysteries of His kingdom to the little children”.

Michael: “Those rejected groups that understand suffer much. They suffer persecution and even rejection from the hierarchy.”

Francis: “Their suffering is not a waste; suffering under obedience gains much grace. Those who understand among them will enjoy their suffering and their persecution, because in the bearing of the Holy Cross is true happiness. If they will understand and pray for more suffering and persecution, they will hasten the Glorious Reign. As their sufferings increase, the hour of peace approaches.”

Anthony: “Very few understand this great merit of suffering. See Our Saviour living agonizingly among the world. See the Queen of Heaven living sorrowfully among the children of God. Yet, only very few acknowledge this great love. There are many seekers but few consolers. Look at those who come to the Agonizing Lord Jesus Christ in His Holy Temple in different Chapels all over the world. There are many seekers but very few consolers. Look, Our Lord is weeping for the world.”

Michael: “I marvel at the great love which the Most High God has for man”.

Immediately, Michael had finished this statement, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Holy Agonizing Crucifix mounted on the Holy Sanctuary of God in Heaven. The Saints and Angels of Heaven adore the Lamb of God on the Cross.

I heard a loud voice, which cried out and sang: ‘O House of Israel, come and adore the Lamb of God. Adore the Lamb on the Cross who died to save you”. In another tone, they repeated the same words but with ‘Tribes of Israel’ in place of the House of Israel. They called the tribes one after the other from Reuben to Benjamin. At every tone, they all bowed down with their heads touching the ground and sang: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, as I was taught yesterday.

In the end, cloud came down and covered the whole place, and then appeared the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

My children, this is the vision of the Holy worship of 14th September. My priests who are present at that time will bless the crosses. I say the Agonizing Crosses by 12 noon that day. Then, they will intone the songs to alert the House of Israel. All men except the priest holding the Cross, will bow low with their heads touching the ground and sing ‘holy, holy, holy’. This will continue every hour till 12 midnight. On the dot every hour, each group will intone the songs starting from the first group to the last group of the tribe of Benjamin. Each group has only one hour to intone. At the end of each adoration, you will continue with your normal programme.

Children, make this programme great. It is great in Heaven. After the adoration of 12midnight, all men will kiss the Holy Cross with love. Children, this programme remains forever. After you have adored Him on earth, you will join the saints to adore Him forever. I am appealing to the women apostles from Independence Layout, Enugu to see that the Sanctuary of Reparation pleases Heaven. Children, remember that you are to light up the altar, with twelve flames of candle. I warn you never to sleep in the Presence of the Holy Trinity. You are chosen apostles. You are called to console the Lamb of God. May your worship please Heaven.

On the 15th of September, you will have your Total Dedication between 12 noon to 3.00 pm. You are to do this Consecration with the Votive Mass of the Precious Blood. After the Consecration, you will receive your Crosses of Consecration and the Badges of Dedication. From that time, you are made full soldiers of Jesus Christ. You will be sent to make disciples of all nations as the apostles of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Children, come and enjoy the Heavenly blessing. Do you love to hear the discussion of these Saints again?” I said, ‘yes’.

She said: Pray and mortify yourselves more. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

I love you all. I bless you all. Remain in peace from Heaven”.

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 14TH SEPT.2002

TIME: 2:00 AM



As I was looking at the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar, cloud seemed to cover the altar. There I saw the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“My children, I welcome you all again to this Great Feast of the Triumph of my Holy Cross, which marks the Birthday of my Glorious Reign that I announced to you. I am happy to see a large number of my consolers who are gathered in prayer to celebrate the Great Feast of joy in different parts of the world. O, see how it sounds foolish to the mortal man to hear that I have announced my Glorious Reign. O, you wise men of the earth, what you call the fullness are now the emptiness! Come and see what the Almighty God has done.

Children, how I wish that you all would attain the level of all perfection I have called you all to attain. See I have planted the seed of renewal, which had germinated to mark the birth of my Reign on earth. But see how sluggishly the little plant is growing. O, how I wish you would gather the holy petals and renew the face of the earth.

Children go into the world and shine like the new stars of my Glorious Reign. May you all be the light of nations who are in darkness. Bring the whole world together to celebrate my reign on earth. Today, I call all men to celebrate my reign, as the Final Battle approaches. In the coming year, which marks the third year, I announced to you the birth of my reign and the triumph of my mother’s sorrowful heart, I invite the whole world to celebrate this great feast with you.

Go to my poor Bishop whom I chose for this devotion and tell him that I want him to show you a place where my children from all over the world will celebrate the feast of the Triumph of my Holy Cross. He will show you where you will prepare for my children. It is on that day that my people will receive the Rose of Perfect Purity and renew their consecration. I will gather many of my Little Lilies to consecrate themselves to me on that day.

Children, you all do know that I have called you to call all men to celebrate this Feast with you. If you respond to my appeal, you will see my lovers coming from all parts of the world to see the land I blessed which will bring forth the New Era of Peace. I will see to it that the new perfume of holiness diffuses from you to the ends of the world.

Children, I closed the eyes of the leaders of my Church over this great call, till all these hours are over. Let the enemy continue to prevail over their heads; soon I will bring him down through the weakness of my Little Lilies.

Children, I have given you another appeal to spread the messages of the Rose of Perfect Purity and of this Golden Peace to my bishops of this nation; give them the holy Rose, and invite them to come and celebrate this Great Feast with you. Many among them will embrace my gift and my appeal; my Mother will do this work for you through your response. Children let Heaven hear the Voice of my Little Lilies on those days; may you all shine like the New Star of Renewal.

Barnabas, pray that the Triumphant Cross be erected soon on the land I chose so that the hour will come soon.

Tomorrow, St. Theresa, St. Cecilia and my Mother will be with you. Welcome them with their messages.

I bless those who are crushed for my sake, and all the rejected ones. I bless you all, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.




DATE: 27TH JULY 2001

TIME: 7.00 PM



In our novena prayer, during this hour, I saw the vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ lying prostrate on a rock. I recognized that place as the Rock of Gethsemane I had seen in past visions. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared, before the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My children, in the days of the coming rebellion, you will experience total abandonment. You will know what it means to be left alone. Those coming days are the hours of darkness. My Father permits those days to come so that the number of martyrs will be completed. I am Jesus Christ, the Father and Hope of all the martyrs. The blood of martyrs is the pride of my Father against the enemy of my Holy Cross. My Father boasts about them. They are His joy and His inheritance.

Children, until the number of martyrs is complete, the coming rebellion will not stop. Know that the coming persecution will be greater than what the early martyrs suffered. You will experience total abandonment. In those days, the divine consolation will be withdrawn from you. You will feel the gap of my loving presence. This is the greatest hour of dryness and abandonment. Only the Grace of the Seal, the Sanctifying Grace of love, will sustain those who will survive.

Children, I have told you this before, I am reminding you again: “Woe to those who put their trust in man, they shall be disappointed and abandoned.” In these coming days of Great Rebellion, your own eyes will see a large number of the faithful turning away from their faith. I say to you, my children, that many mighty men in the faith now will fall and fight against the light. Many, who teach you now, will join the Evil Beast to persecute you. The fallen heroes will make your hidden camps known to the Evil One. There will be no place for you to hide in those coming days of great terror. You will cry to your God and receive no answer. As you lift your voice up to your God, fear, tiredness and hopelessness will weigh you down. You will seek for consolation from your brothers in faith and receive a bitter sword of abandonment.

Children, the coming Rebellion is so terrifying. Many of your leaders now, who will later fall and join the Evil Beast, will cut off your heads and suck your blood in the days of great massacre. They will see that you are tested well to abandon your faith. Many of you will give up their faith because they lack the grace of my Seal. But those who hold out their faith till the end shall be saved.

Children, this is what made me to offer you the Rose of Perfect Purity. Up till now, your eyes are not open to see the great favour. I did not see you rejoice for receiving this precious gift. It seems that the dark world blinded your mind and eyes. See how you will take this gift with little concern, as you did with the Agonizing Cross. I am looking to see my apostles who will take up this work and help to offer the world what Heaven has offered them. I will reward them with an ever-bright Rose on the last day. I will rescue fourteen souls of their lineage from the torturing fire of Purgatory. They will not lack Sanctifying Grace in their lifetime. They console me now; I will console them later.

Children, this Rose will be your consolation during the hour of persecution. Your joy is the hope of your reward. This Rose will open your eyes to see your Eternal Reward. Happy are all who keep their Roses pure. During those days, they will not be totally dried up. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who experienced what it means to be all alone.

So, I bless you with the Sanctifying Grace of Seal, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Gather the grace and remain in peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 28TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 7.00 PM



In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross, bleeding. After a while, clouds came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My children, I come to tell you why I chose the little ones to be my warriors and my apostles. Truly, I say to you, only the little will struggle to enter the land of peace. In the days of my public ministry on earth, I taught my apostles to be little. I chose them out of their littleness. They embraced my teachings and lived the life of simplicity, except the one who soiled his soul with the riches and pleasures of the earth.

One day, a rich man asked me what he would do to save his soul. I made the laws of Moses known to him. He replied with joy that he had kept these laws since his youth. But when I called him to be little, he turned away from me and rejected that way of life.

The son of perdition was there. He is the only apostle of mine who did not give up all he had and follow my teachings. Children, truly I say to you, again, it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Children, who then is a rich man? The rich man is the one who is attached to self, to the world, to his wealth, to his personality, and even to his life.

Barnabas, remember my lesson in the desert when I told you to take away your humanity. This is why I said: practice your mortification, so that your humanity will be defeated. Anyone who is attached to these: self, world, personality, wealth, and life, will hardly survive the terrible days of the Antichrist. Children, the wicked Beast will test every one of you with your life, your personality, the world and its pleasures, then with the passion of self. How can you overcome these tests, if you do not give up all you have and follow me?

In those days, your self will show you the uselessness of the Desert Way. The Evil One will make you see all you are leaving in the world. You will see your personality being deprived of you; your wealth being demolished, and your life being terminated. The burden of humanity will fall upon you. Woe to those who are attached to these things, the weight of humanity will weigh them down.

Children, this is why I called you to be little. Throw away your humanity, give up everything and follow me. You will not lose anything.

Surely, the rich, I mean those who are attached to self, to the world, to their personality, to their wealth, and to their life, will hear these appeals of littleness and turn away with great wrath. If you want to go with them, you may go. The Kingdom of Heaven is for the righteous little, not for the sinful great. The soul of man is created to be simple and holy. But your humanity has filled the soul with pride.

Children, even if you did not hear my appeals for littleness now, in your death’s hour, your humanity will surrender all your pride and will be little as you were created; but there will be no reward for you at that time.

Today, I have opened the door to my scattered apostles. They are my little ones who are carrying out these messages with love to my poor people. Tomorrow, I will explain to you how you will know them and how to choose them. When they come, you will see their littleness.

Children, be little and poor in spirit. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Remain in peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 29TH JULY 2001

TIME: 7:00 PM



In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appear before the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar. He calmly said:

“My children, Go! I am sending you again. Go and spread the perfume of the Rose of Perfect Purity in the world. Go and spread the perfume of holiness. Where there is the evil odour of iniquity, let your holy perfume of the Perfect Rose refine. In the rotten world of sexual immorality, let your holy perfume of chastity refine. Let this holy perfume of Perfect Purity spread everywhere. (Silence)

Our Lord Jesus Christ raised His Hand and gave blessing in these words:

“I bless you all, my poor consolers. You consoled me, I will console you. I bless you all my little virgins. You are the little lilies that are scattered in the bloody way of your Saviour. I will never abandon you in the lonely desert. I bless you all my poor martyrs of the Last Age. You prove my name in this dark world. You stand for the light. I will never let you walk in darkness. I bless you all who stand for me to renew my Church. I saw the swords that pierced your poor hearts. Your eyes will see the Glorious Reign of my Church. I see the swords that pierce your poor hearts. I will heal your wounded hearts. Your eyes will see the New World of my Glorious Reign. I bless you all who clothe my nakedness in this sinful world. You bear the shame of the wicked world. Very soon, you will reach our Home and I will clothe you with the brightest garments. I bless you all who offer me a drink in this wicked world. I will never let you dry up in the hour of dryness. At the end of this great journey, you will sit beside me and with me in banquet with my lovers. I bless you all who remain in Gethsemane with me; all of you who keep vigil in the house of your God. I will never let the evil Beast harm your soul. You will never lack my grace. You are near me; I will be near you, always. I bless you all, my little ones, who left everything and followed me. I see how the evil world mocks you. You bear all for me. You bear the agony of my last days with me. O! Whatever you left for my sake, you will receive back a hundred fold in the day of great reward. I will sustain you always with Sanctifying Grace in this struggle and race. My blessing remains for my lovers, my blessings remain for you”.

Children, welcome my little ones, who have done great works of the evangelization of this devotion in the sinful cities, among my apostles. You shall know them by the fruits of their labour. They gather a large number of flocks into the sheepfold of my love. Some of them suffered persecution because of this call to holiness. In their hearts I filled them with holy zeal for my work. My joy is their way of life. They are simple and humble. They are natural and pure. They are my consolers.

Children, do not choose worldly personality, rather look on spirituality and holy zeal. Do not look at the wealth of the world; rather look at holy sacrifice and holy love. I will help you to choose these apostles, so that this call will remain holy. Very soon, some of my apostles will drop and give up this devotion. Do not worry when you see it happen. I am the One who shakes all so as to select my little ones. I will let all march into their position. Gather my scattered apostles to join you. When their number is completed, I will lead you to the warfront to give you victory.

So, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Remain in my peace."

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 30TH JULY 2001

TIME: 7:00 PM



In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross. There shone divine rays from His Sacred Heart. After a while, clouds came down and covered the whole place. In the clouds, the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appeared and He calmly said:

"Children, you are my joy in this sinful world. You are the joy of your Agonizing Christ. Whenever the bitter swords of the sinful world pierce my Heart and I look and see you with all your littleness and purity, I am consoled. You are my consolation in these agonizing days of mine. Children, I am appealing to you today to let not my joy turn into sorrow in the time of great trial. May this Holy Rose of Perfect Purity remain pure and clean. May this Heart that receives much of your consolation suffer no agony because of you. Children, remain my joy and my consolers. Barnabas, let all my apostles learn these messages of mine. Study these messages of the Perfect Rose as you come for the September Reparation. At the end of each lesson, stand to summarize it. I will help to reveal to the simple hearts, the truth of life. I say, study these messages of Perfect Purity. If you do not finish these messages during the Reparation, you will make more days for them before the renewal of consecration.

Children, as you hear these messages, you shall live them; I say, you shall spread the holy perfume of the Rose of Purity in the world. Through the brightness of your petals of purity, I will attract all men to my Love and mercy. Then, my joy in you will be complete. Because of these lessons of purity and the great need for you to gather these Holy Petals, I will give you few messages in those days.

The way of life is hidden from the proud and arrogant men. Be little and humble; your eyes will see the light of my love.


My joy is your purity. Children, remain chaste and pure, you will remain my consolers. I bless you all, my joy and my happiness, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Remain in my peace”.

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 11:30 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ descending from the cloud. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared clearly the agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“My son, I come to inform you of the coming September Reparation. I do not see you making preparation for this coming pilgrimage. It seems that you did not know the favour given to you. Let all who are coming prepare their hearts. I say, make your soul pure. May you come with a heart of reparation. I mean the simple and poor heart of love like little children of three. Prepare solemn hymns to match your prayers. May those hymns and prayers of yours please Heaven. As you are coming, throw away your humanity. Let nothing disturb your peace in those days. Rejoice because you are chosen.

Son, listen, the programme remains unchanged as I have told you. But since the land set aside for the devotion has not been captured, I will direct you on what to do on 15th September as to follow my plan. Your fasting of that day will end by 3.00pm. Then, the programme will continue. Though this order I will give you is on how you will do it in that Land, at a specific time. On this your exile, I can change the time to suit your present condition. Listen; in addition to the previous programme of 15th September, you shall carry on a Processional prayer by 6.00 pm, with the order already given to you. Some groups will say the Precious Blood Chaplet while the other will say the Rosary of my Mother. Those who say my Mother’s Rosary will reply the prayer of those who say the Chaplet of my Precious Blood. And this order shall be repeated. Listen, this is not the way you did it last time when each group prayed separately. All shall pray together with the order given to you. You shall move around the arena or beyond depending on your feelings and your wish. At the end of each decade of either of the chaplets, the group that is saying the chaplet will tune a hymn corresponding to their prayer.

Listen, after my Mother’s Rosary and hymns then follow the ‘Chaplet of my Precious Blood and hymns. At the end of the two decades and hymns, there will be a pause. Then, a bell will be rung for adoration.

Listen more for final directions. Those who carry the Crucifix and Holy Statue will move first, followed by the Rosary groups. Then, that group who says the Chaplet of my Precious Blood will follow. The priests, with the priest who carries the Blessed Sacrament, will follow the groups. You shall move in this order in a prayer procession. Remember that at the end of the two decades, the bell shall be rung for adoration. All shall kneel down and adore. Select hymns from the hymns taught to my priest, the Bearer of My Agony, by Heaven.

Each adoration hymn will have five stanzas. In the end, you shall adore with this prayer: Holy! Holy!! Holy!!! Blessed be the Holy name of God. Blessed be the Eternal love. Blessed be the Most Precious Blood. All Glory, Honour, and Praise be to Jesus crucified. Adoration be to the Most Holy Trinity”. Then, the procession will continue. You shall say fifteen decades of the Rosary in all and then come back into your reparation camp to recite your litanies. Do you understand this order? I answered, ‘yes’ Our Lord replied: follow it.”


Then I presented the crucifixes, Our Lord Jesus said: “I appreciate your effort. It pleases me much, Son, the wounds and the flow of the blood needs more attention. May these artists put in more effort, I will help. I bless them and their efforts.” (He makes a sign of blessing)


“Barnabas, remain in my peace, I bless you and all my lovers; in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, Amen.

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 11TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2:00 PM



Today, being the opening day of the five days and nights reparation prayer for the month of September, in our prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision, Divine Light, which shone from the Blessed Sacrament, exposed on the altar. There appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the cross. Precious Blood poured out from the wounds, especially the five major wounds. After a while, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My beloved children, I welcome you all into the ocean of my love. You are blessed to escape the bonds and burdens of this iniquitous world to be in my presence. Peace be to your souls. Peace be to your wounded hearts that share my agony. Peace be to your troubled beings. I say peace be to you all my children. As I had reminded my son, Barnabas, in the desert, I am reminding you all to throw away your humanity, which you are carrying in your hearts. I say, throw away the burden of humanity, my children, so that you can learn my lessons.

I called you to renew this sinful world. See, I have given you the Rose of Perfect Purity. I want you to gather the petals of this Rose that are scattered everywhere in the world. In these days, I will like you to learn the lessons of the Saints and live by them. These are the petals I called you to gather. Pick them; do not neglect them. I will allow you to learn the messages of the holy rose well. The messages I will give you will be by 2.00 am every day of this Reparation Programme.

Children, let nothing take away your spirit. Let nothing disturb you from gathering this holy rose of purity. I say, be humble, so that my graces and blessings will be of use.

I bless you all, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in peace”.

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 12TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2.00 AM



During this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Face of Jesus Christ, which emanated from the Blessed Sacrament. The Agonizing Jesus Christ calmly said:

“My children learn this lesson and remain faithful to your God. Look! Rose flower is the most beautiful flower on Earth, yet it has thorns. For anyone to get the beautiful flower, he must pass through the thorns. I say, he will suffer many difficulties before he can pluck the Rose or even touch the petal. See again, my children, bees produce sweet honey but have powerful sting to protect the valuable honey. If anyone must collect the sweet honey, he must first defeat the painful sting of the bees. Children, no valuable thing under the sun is kept in an easy place. Even my Father when He chose to redeem the old Israelites, He chose the desert way for them. To possess the Promised Land, they passed through the Red Sea of great terror. In the desert they suffered many trials. When they moved to capture the Land, they fought many battles.

Children, I say, there is no valuable thing in that place of pleasure and enjoyment. There is no valuable thing in that easy way of life. All the precious treasures, I mean, the treasures of Heaven, are hidden in the thorny way of life. See, I chose the Calvary way, the way of sorrow, the bloody way, full of pains and agony, for your salvation. There is no other way of salvation, than the painful way of salvation. Children, do not reject the Calvary way. Though the way is painful, the end is full of happiness.

Children, to attain the valuable state of perfection, I have given you a precious Rose flower that is protected by the thorns of its branches. Anyone who must pluck this Rose of Purity must suffer the pains of the thorn of the Rose. When you read the message of purity, you will see the thorny way of perfection I am teaching you now.

Children, go! I am sending you into this thorny bush to pluck the Rose of Perfect Purity. Follow the desert way, I say, do not seek to gain pleasure so as to please your mortal body. There is no valuable thing in an easy way of life. The road to damnation is wide; many follow it and get lost, but the road to salvation is hidden, a narrow way; only very few people find it and follow it. Be wise and learn this lesson. Darkness covers the mind and the soul of the proud man such that he can never learn or understand the mysteries of Heaven; but as for the humble and little, they see the light of my love and understand the mysteries of life. Be humble and learn. I bless you all; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Enter the thorny bush and pluck the perfect rose and remain in my peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 13TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2.00 AM



In this hour, as I knelt before the Blessed Sacrament, Divine rays flashed on me from the Blessed Sacrament exposed. There, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“Barnabas, you can see that here, in the realm of the spirit, everything is clear. Here, you understand everything clearly. But, when you come back to yourself, the power of reasoning is limited. Everything is clouded with doubts and the influence of darkness. This is why I chose to take you where the cloudy world has no power to interfere, so that you can enjoy my personal relationship. Here, I can see that you understand well and that is why you ask few questions. See, there are many things you will not understand when you come to yourself. In the years to come, I will stir the cloud, and clear a little the cloudy mind so as to let the world see the light of my love.

Children, see how it sounds so strange to hear that I am telling you that the Glorious Reign is there in your midst. The cloudy world will not allow you to see. How happy are the men of goodwill, they are blessed in this world of pilgrimage.

Children, it will happen as it did during my birth. I say, you shall see a similar experience of what happened during my birth in this birth of the Glorious Reign, which I announced to you. You shall see men of goodwill who longed to see the days of my Glorious Reign; when they hear of the birth of my Glorious Reign, they will be filled with joy. I say, they are the Simons of the last age. Your eyes will see wise men from afar who hearing of this great favour to humanity, will come to witness. Children, remember that there will still be a Herod of the last age. When he hears of this great favour, he will be filled with rage. He will think that his kingdom is about to be taken away from him. The plan of God is far from him. Look! You will see that through him, this holy devotion and other remnant groups of mine will be persecuted, and many will be killed. Children, pray that none of you will be the Herod of the last age. I say, the Herod will gain nothing but confusion and despair. Before these days of persecution come, I would have sent this holy call into exile to protect it till the wave passes. Children, only very few of you who are alert will understand when all these things happen. You will see people asking, how can it happen like that? How can He choose so? They will say; it can never be true. No one will believe it.

Children, do not worry to explain, soon they will see and believe. But remember that I remained hidden in the local town of Nazareth, for thirty years before the world knew that I was with them. Even at that time, they hardly believed.

Children, know that whatever they will celebrate when they come to know, is an anniversary of what you have already celebrated. Mark this: the gap between this call and the final rebellion will not be far from the time the world will know of my Glorious Reign. I say, they will rejoice for a few moments, and then the Final Rebellion will fall, to give way to the full manifestation of my Reign, where your eyes will see my Peace. Children, how many of you will survive to see the days?

Barnabas, many will not understand this message. No time will be wasted to explain it; because the more you try to explain, the cloudier their minds will be. This will be the test of your martyrdom of heart and of blood.

I have given you the perfect Rose to prepare you all. When you hear rumors of war, epidemics and various disasters around you, do not fear, for these will happen to mark the approaching day. Prepare yourselves for the coming faith, of your purity, and of your love. I say, this will be bitterer than the agony of physical war.

To all who embrace the Rose of Perfect Purity, I will give the grace to overcome the days. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who called you to celebrate my Glorious Reign. Gather the petals and spread their holy perfumes in the world.

I bless you all, my lovers, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Remain in my Peace.

Immediately the whole vision passed.



DATE: 14TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2.00 PM



In our prayer during this hour, I saw a large number of Angels and Saints with trumpets and palm fronds in their hands. They were singing and jubilating. There, above the cloud, I saw a very huge Cross shining, as Divine rays shone out from all sides of it. There on the Cross was written: “Salvation comes from God; blessed be the Sacrificial Lamb of God.” After a while, I could see our merciful Master, Jesus Christ, appearing above the Cross. He spread His Hands and blessed. At that time, I could hear the holy beings of Heaven adoring with these words, as they bow down to the Son of God:

‘Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!’ Blessed be the Holy name of God. Blessed be the Lamb of Sacrifice. Blessed be the Blood of Redemption. Happy are those called to reign with the Lamb. Happy is the nation chosen to share in the inheritance of the Lamb. Holy is your name, God of Love. Reign forever! Adoration is to the Most Holy God”.

There was a loud hymn of praise after every act of adoration. In the end, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

My children great is the feast in Heaven of the birthday of my Glorious Reign on Earth. See, the Saints and Angels are rejoicing in adoration; happy are the little ones who know of this favour and rejoice with the Saints. Children, today, I called you to rejoice. Rejoice for this day is holy; rejoice, my children, for your hope is sure. I say, rejoice, for you have seen the Triumph of the Holy Cross.

Children, what then will hinder your joy? I say, take away every burden of yours. Lay aside the weight of the coming chastisement. Rejoice! I say, jubilate with Heaven for victory is yours who abide in my love.

At this time, he raised His hand that held a Cross and blessed with these words: “I bless you all, who wipe my bloody face in the world of sin; I will wipe away tears from your eyes.

I bless you all, who carry your crosses and follow me in their days, the victorious crown is yours.

I bless you all, who live and die with me, I will resurrect you and reward you with Heaven.


Children, I bless you all. May the peace and joy of my Glorious Reign fill your hearts. Rejoice and celebrate my feast. This is the day of your salvation.

Children, the proud heart will never rejoice, because the cloud of darkness has filled him with rage. But to my little ones, I can see their faces brighten with happiness. Rejoice! He, who called you to rejoice, is your Master. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who has seen the future manifestation of this reign in you. In this Virgin Land of yours, my reign has been born.

So, I bless you all with the joy of my Glorious Reign, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice and remain in my Peace.

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 15TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2.00 AM



In my meditation prayer, I saw Our Lord coming down from the cloud, holding a chalice. On the mouth of the chalice was a tongue of fire. As He was coming down, divine rays shone from the chalice to us whom I saw gathered at the foot of the Cross of Calvary. He came nearer and said:

“My children receive this; this is my Blood, the Blood of your redemption. Open your heart for my great Seal”.

He left the chalice in the air. I saw the chalice multiplying through the first chalice and moving into the hearts of people gathered at the foot of the Cross.

Immediately, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in great agony. He calmly said:

“My children, the hour that is coming soon is so fearful and terrifying. Who will survive it? That is what motivated me to come to you and build up the tabernacle of my love. So, when the hour comes, your heart will not be dry. The joy of my glory will continue flourishing inside all hearts in which I built my tabernacle of love. I will let the ocean of my Precious Blood flow constantly inside their hearts, even in the greatest hour of dryness that will soon befall mankind.

My children offer me your lives as a living sacrifice. Offer me your hearts. I am ready to make it whiter than snow. I say to you children, surrender to every cross. Accept your persecution in reparation for the sins of the world. Humbly accept your rejection by the world, and also your condemnation, even unto death for my sake. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Through your sufferings, you are purified.

Children, listen now, live far from the world of noise and commotion, and take away your eyes from worldly shows for they may seduce your hearts. Live in complete interior silence and meditation on my Agonizing Life. Pray always.

My children remain with me in Gethsemane in the midnight of Thursday dawning into Friday. Offer me the Chaplet of my Precious Blood. Console me and adore me with the prayers I taught you; make reparation for sins and consecrate your lives to my Precious Blood, through the prayers I gave you. Remain in Gethsemane with me, so that your faith will not fail when the evil man comes.


My children bring little infants to me during these hours of the Great Seal; I love them. I will save them.

Listen, my children, we have three great months of Seal, then, comes the hour…

Today is the first hour of my Seal. It will manifest in all hearts eagerly waiting for the Lord. This Seal continues on all the Fridays of the Month of Seal till the First Friday of the following month and at the same hour.

The Second Month is the month of April till the first Friday of May. And the Third Month of Seal is the great month of July. Remain with me in deep prayer and meditation during these hours on every Friday of the month. I promise to seal you.

My children announce this message to all my people in the whole world, so that their hearts will not be troubled when the hour comes.

My children, this devotion is like an enclosed garden; no one can enter, unless permitted by me. All who are outside cannot see the beautiful vine in my garden. They cannot interpret what kind of crop is grown there. Happy are all to who the gate was opened when they knocked. They shall eat the fruit of life in my Holy Garden.

Children, rejoice for you have received the kingdom that cannot be shaken. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Open your heart to me.

I love you all. I bless you all”

Immediately, the Precious Blood from His Sacred Head dropped on me. I woke up and came back to myself. Then, the vision passed.



DATE: 16TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 2.00 PM



During this hour, I saw in a vision two double-edged swords crossing each other in the cloud. Within a short time, there was a flash of lightning and then appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

My children, how I wish I will see perseverance like this in those days of great terror. See, you have stressed yourselves much; you fasted and watched; yet you did not die. You were weak, but you did not give up. You were in pains, but you overcame them. My happiness is great to see you yield completely to my care and appeals. See how you lay down in my presence with all your nothingness. I am happy. O, my children, I will not allow you to go with your pains and your agony. You consoled me. I will console you. Children do not rejoice because I promise to heal your mortal body, the heavy clay that burdens your true living being, rather rejoice because I have sanctified your soul, your true living being.

Children, I would have liked you to remain here in my presence and adore me but the world is waiting for you, you must go. You will go and spread the holy perfume of purity in the world. My fear is that many will extinguish this fire of love I am seeing in you now. There are many wolves in the forest of the world I am sending you into. This is like sending a lamb into the den of lions. But I must send you. I say, you must go to make my will known to the world. Children, never let this light that is shining in you turn into darkness. Go and renew the face of the world. Go and gather my inheritance for me, so that my people will enter my Reign of Peace. With this great joy I bless these flowers for you and my lovers.

He raised His hand and blessed the flowers. He then continued:

“Children, all who kiss this flower, will have the same grace of purity obtained for you by my Mother and yours. If they will to love, I will give them the grace. Take and share my lovers.

Children, remain in my love and mercy. Never let all these favours of mine to you be in vain. Whenever you are spiritually dry, come nearer, I will refresh you and bless you all the more.

So I bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Remain in my peace and my love.

At 12 noon, you will receive the blessing of the Holy Trinity. Barnabas, look!”Our Lord pointed to the east, I saw a huge Beast with seven heads and ten horns coming out of the sea. As I was watching the beast turned and formed into a man, looking like a soldier. At this time, the vision passed. I came back to myself.



DATE: 16TH SEPT. 2001

TIME: 12.00 NOON



During this hour of receiving our final blessing, I saw a vision of a tabernacle coming down from the cloud. The tabernacle looked like the old Israelite Covenant Box, bearing an image of two living creatures. At that time I saw a dazzling light from above and then appeared the Son of God holding a Cross in His right hand. Instantly, I heard a voice that said:

“These people are my little Roses in the world. Through them, my Kingdom will come on earth. I bless them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Go and make my will known to the world.”

Jesus made the sign of blessing.

Then the vision passed.



DATE: 14TH DEC, 2001




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, who calmly said:

“My son, I recall with great agony the cause of my Three Falls under a heavy cross as my birthday anniversary approaches. I recall the eternal damnation that awaits the great multitude of unfortunate sinners who would be damned for their sins. Even now, great is the number of unlucky sinners who are lost forever. If my people will know and turn back to me, I will be consoled. (Silence)

Son, these unfortunate sinners are the cause of my most painful agony in the garden. I sweated Blood because of them. I saw the multitude of sinners who will still get lost after my sacrifice of Blood. I fainted because my hope had gone. These weary thoughts filled my already wounded Heart. Who then did I lay down my life to save, since all these souls will be lost? What need is there for me to pour out my Blood? What need is there for me to lay down my Body to be tortured? Son, these thoughts weighed me down. I fainted and I sweated blood for them to be saved.

As I carried my cross to Calvary, the enemy showed me a large number of my lovers; those who will suffer much for my sake and will later fall and be damned forever. Their number is too much. I remembered how much they will suffer for my sake; the rough road they will pass and how they will give up just near the gate of Heaven, the gate of Salvation, and of rest. Their future agony weighed me down. I fell the first time. The Angel who consoled me at Gethsemane called me; Emmanuel, Do not despair. See the little doves that shall benefit from your death. They shall help to strengthen the faith of these fallen lovers.” I saw you and was consoled. Your names, which I heard the Angel call, motivated me to carry my cross and continue the journey to salvation. On the way, the enemy made me to see my holy Church at the point when a large number of my flock will pull out of its fold to establish false churches. Seeing the large number of the worshippers of these false churches and their eternal damnation, my hope waned again, I fell the second time. There, under the Cross, I heard the voice of the Angel calling: “Emmanuel! Take heart for the sake of your little martyrs who will pour their blood for your sake and for the sake of your Church; wake up. Look at your little martyrs. They will suffer for your Church. Through their holy sweat and blood, your Church will be refined; through their martyrdom, the lost sheep will come back.” I looked and saw the victim souls like mine and took courage. My journey continued.

Before I climbed up the hill of Golgotha, the enemy showed me a large number of my lovers who will be lost because of the sins of the flesh. Their number was three times that of the ones I saw before. Worse still and more painful, I saw those hopeless lost souls coming from my priests and those who will dedicate their lives as religious. These groups of my lovers are my future hope of chastity in the world. Seeing these lovers of mine who will join the world of sin and be damned, I collapsed in agony and shame. I fell the third time. The same Angel of Comfort came and called me again: “Emmanuel! Look at these little lilies of yours. See, many of them will be martyred for the sake of chastity. As their blood sprinkles the rotten world, it will turn to be the seeds of virgins to occupy the earth. Through the sufferings of these little lilies, and their holy tears, your priests and religious will return to chaste and holy life. Take heart, Emmanuel. For the sake of your little lilies in your Bloody Way, wake up.”I looked and saw my little lilies and took courage. I continued my journey of salvation.

On Calvary, the enemy made the Jewish soldiers to strip me naked. This shameful act, combined with what I saw during the third fall, multiplied my agony. In great agony and sorrow, I offered to my Father the poor sinners who will be lost due to the sins of the flesh using the prayer I taught you: “The prayer against the sins of the flesh” as it is titled.


Son, see all I suffered for the sake of the poor sinners who will be lost. See, you are my only hope and joy. Son, I hope I will not miss you? May I never miss you. May these little souls, which bear much of my agony, remain for me to possess my everlasting peace and have my consolation. My victim lovers help me to call back my lost sheep. I say, help and call sinners back to me. I hope you will respond to my call for help. This is the only gift I demand from my lovers for my birthday. Anyone who offers me this gift as my Birthday gift in the years to come will obtain from me the grace of perseverance. I will give him my Peace.

Son, remember that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ who called you to be my consolers.

I love you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 1ST JAN. 2002




In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision the holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ bathed with Blood. He kept silent for a while and finally said:

“My son, as you enter the New Year, I call all my children to enter into the light of my love. Look! Your own eyes will see the power of blindness, having advantage over my lovers. This power of error will affect only those who subject themselves to pride.”

Children, be wise to clothe yourselves with humility so that the power of pride will not affect you. Children, I have informed you before that the war has reached its climax, so, heroes are the targets. Weigh the level of humility in you always and choose the desert way, the road of the Holy Cross in time of decision. Love the cross; love of the cross is the way to my love. My love is the light of the soul. Children, I appeal to all men to enter into the light of my love; the power of blindness will not affect you.

In this year, I will prepare my lovers with all the training that will make them ready to receive the perfect Rose in the coming year. I will also spread my net through my lovers who respond, to gather my little lilies together for the manifestation of the Glorious Reign. Be wise to respond to the lessons.

Children, spread this devotion all over the world and train up more virgins in the world; I appeal again!

Remain in my Peace. I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 6TH JAN. 2002

TIME: 4.30 AM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a woman coming out of the sun. She was as bright as the sun. As she was coming down, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the beautiful face of Our Lady. She came nearer and said:

“I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, I am the Beautiful Rose. I come to inform you about the programme of the lesson in silence through which you shall mature to accept the Rose of Perfect Purity. I heard my Son asking you to enter into the light of His love. Do yourself good to respond to His call of love as you struggle for life in this year of spiritual blindness.

Listen to the programme of the training. I will point out to you what you will do at a specific time and allow you to draw up the programme of the days with them. Be wise to follow the programme at the specified time without adjustment.

On the 9th January, being the first day, after your opening prayer and hymns, you will follow these directions:

By 2.00 pm, you will read these messages - 27th February 2001, 16th June 2000 and 23rd September, 2000;

By 5.00 pm - 12th Nov. 1999, 6th January, 2000 (which you wrote 5th January), 12 Midnight, 12th January 2001;

By: 8.00 pm - 11th September 2000, 1.00 pm, 12th September 2000, 2.00 pm, 13th September, 2000, 2.00 pm and 8th March, 2001.

By 12 midnight of each day I will instruct you on the mysteries of silence and of purity. This message will be read by 12 noon of the day and observed as ordered.

On 10th January, by 4.00 am, you will invigorate your spirit with these messages - 20th April, 2000; 1st July 2000; 2nd July 2000; 3rd July, and 4th July 2000. By 10.00 am, you will read 5th to 9th July, 2000. By 1.00 pm, 13th to 15th July, 2000 and then 20th and 21st July, 2000. By 4pm, 22nd to 26th July 2000. By 8pm, 27th to 31st July 2000. Remember that I have a lesson for you by 12 midnight.

On 11th January, you will refresh your spirit with these messages by 4.00 am - 29th June 2001; then, 1st to 4th July 2001.

By 10.00 am, 5th – 9th July, 2001;

By 1.00 pm, 13th - 15th July, 2001, and 20th and 21st July, 2001;

By 4.00 pm, 22nd to 26th July, 2001. By 8.00 pm, 27th to 31st July, 2001. Remember again that you will have a lesson by 12 midnight.

On the 12th January, you will wake with these messages by 5.00 am:

11th December, 1998; 23rd July, 1999; 28th July 1999; 30th July 1999 (2.00 pm), and 17th March 2000. By 9.00 a.m., 1st March 2001, and March 2001, 14th September, 2000, 2.00 pm and 16th September 2000, 12 noon. By 11.00 am. Jesus will give you a message of joy and His blessings. Then, by 12 noon, you will close as usual.

Listen to these instructions; you will spend fifteen minutes in absolute silence after each set of readings. Select five good readers and each will read one message only at an interval. Anyone can read. Do not rush the readings; do not be too slow either. Read them moderately. Follow the programme well. Meditate deeply on each point of the messages. I say ‘deeply’ because I am the one who chose these messages for you. I know the need of your soul. The deeper you meditate, the more you are spiritually mature. Soon, you will reach the age of spiritual reasoning. Do not discuss the messages.

Allow the messages to sink into your very soul so as to purify it. Allow the sanctifying fire of these messages of Heaven to nurture your spirit. Do not carry any burden. I say, lay down all these heavy loads in your very soul as you enter the arena. Relax your spirit and allow these words of love to talk to your very self. Weigh yourselves with these messages of love. As you come, do not distract your spirit with the things of the world again. Children, forget the world, forget your business and forget your worries. I say, protect your spirit against yourselves, against the world, and against Satan. The Evil One will tempt many to sleep during the vital moments of the programme. I mean, during the reading of the messages. Be careful not to fall into the hands of the enemy.

Children, to show you the great need to be silent and the greater need to learn to live a life of silence, you will not waste your energy in greeting. Only wave your hand and remain nearer to your true living being, your soul. My joy is that I will see my little children growing into maturity. May I see your growth; may I see your maturity. I am the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Barnabas, pick up your writing materials and write this message down. I am near you to help you write down the dates of the messages for this programme. This programme will last for years to come. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately the vision passed and I recorded it as I was told.



DATE: 10TH JAN. 2002




In our Adoration Prayer, during this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lady descending from the cloud with numerous Cherubim of Heaven. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Blessed Sacrament exposed. There appeared Our Lady who calmly said:

“My children, I welcome you all to this spiritual training. May the peace of my Immaculate Heart flow into your souls to clear the evil worries of the world in your souls and give you true peace. May the light of my presence here give you calmness of heart and open your eyes and mind to the true meaning of the mysteries of silence. I say to you all again, peace from Heaven be with you.

Children, I come to teach you a little about the mysteries of silence. To you the living, silence is a mystery. To the saints in heaven, it is the greatest adoration to the Almighty God. Listen to this lesson: In the beginning of all things, the Presence of the Almighty God dwelt in silence. This great silence revealed the mystery of creation. Silence was the light which inflamed the love of God to make the universe and create man. After creation, silence lived with God in Heaven.

Children, silence dwells there and will dwell there forever. Eternal Father loves this great silence because it was His first companion before creation. All who want to dwell with Him must love this great friend of the Eternal Father, the great silence. In silence, you find the Presence of the Eternal Father. His peace dwells in silence forever. Children, love this lesson, love the great companion of your Eternal Father.

Listen, this great companion of the Eternal Father is a friend of the just in the world. The just finds its sweetness while the wicked tastes its bitterness. Children, embrace this gift of silence. The lesson and order is: ‘Learn to talk little.’ Talk only when there is a great need for you to talk. Do not enjoy the praises of the world by means of talking much. Children, I appeal to you to learn to close your mouth when there is little need for you to talk. Think before you speak. Speak only what you know. Say only what you know and nothing more. This is the appeal of this night; close your mouth, speak little. Tomorrow you will learn more.

Listen to this last lesson. The silent heart gathers the message of Heaven while the noisy heart gathers the evils of the world. In these days of commotion, I appeal to all my children to live a silent life.

I am the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who called you to live a silent life. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 11TH JAN. 2002




In our prayer during this hour, I had a vision of Our Lady who came with a rose flower in her hand and her Immaculate Heart, which radiates Divine rays. She came closer and calmly said:

My children, tonight I come to teach you the mysteries of perfect silence, which comes from true peace. I say to you all again peace from Heaven be with you.


Children, how many of you receive the peace which Heaven gives to you always?


Listen to this lesson and know whether you have the peace. This lesson will be called, “Perfect Silence of the True Peace.”


Children, what is the cause of the restlessness of the worldly man? What then do you think is the cause of fear in a worldly man? You will little understand these questions. Listen, when man was created; he was put into the peace of God in the Garden of Eden. Later man fell from grace and from the peace of God and had himself detached from His Creator. Man lost confidence in God, his Creator and got attached to the world. This attachment brought fear and restlessness in the world. Children, anyone who attaches His life to the world will hardly have true peace. The person is a man of the world and a slave of fear as well as a restless man. Children, a man who is attached to his wealth hardly sleeps if he hears that thieves are around; his spirit will never be at rest till he sees the safety of his wealth.

Listen again to see how people have less attachment to their God. The worldly man who sails through the sea hardly relaxes till he lands safely. Think of the restlessness of his spirit. Children, you can think of other fields of life where men have less confidence in their God. All these lead to restlessness of the soul due to man’s attachment to the world.

Children, before I give you my lesson, may I take you with me to see the bondage of my children who are in the Pentecostal churches and devotions. These children of mine, the enemy has succeeded in putting under the bondage of fear. See how they always search for demons everywhere. They see demons in all their acts, in all their ways and in all their business. They see obstacles in their places of work as demon’s work; even the cross, which their God lovingly offers them, is regarded as the handwork of the evil spirit. This makes them slaves to fear. They use up their time in calling on evil spirits. They will connect any little sound at night with the force of the evil spirit. Their resting bed even frightens them because they imagine demons hiding under it. Oh, what bondage my children are living in! How can they have peace and dwell in perfect silence? Children, there is no silence in their gathering.

Listen to my lesson: This Pentecostal world has come to drive the whole world into the error of faithlessness. They have come to put the world into the bondage of fear. They have come to put off the holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy gatherings. My deepest sorrow is that the Holy Church of my Son being enveloped in these errors.

Children, you have guardian angels but you do not believe in their loving and caring presence. I mean the Pentecostal churches. This makes them claim to see more of evil spirits than their guardian angels who are sent to defend them. The Presence of your God, which is everywhere, cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the Heavenly Army fights day and night, is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The Evil One can only be chased out from one place to another. This is what the Heavenly Army is doing for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil spirits be chained for years, before their final destruction at the end of the world. The evil spirits are in the world as the air is in the world, so also the Angels of Peace. Evil spirits have no power over the holy ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in the world by the Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes from the power of humility and the fire of purity.


A restless man is attached to the world. Learn today that your God cares for you. He sees your movements. His Angels are beside you. You are to know this and to talk to your guardian angels. No power of darkness is stronger than your guardian angel. He has power to rescue you from all troubles if only you will remain pure and a friend of your God.

Children, I say, relax; relax your souls. The relaxation of the spirit gives forth the perfect silence of the true peace. I do not mean that you will not pray. I mean you will pray in faith. The battle is not yours. You are not the defender of your lives. Take the simple prayer of the Church against evil spirits; it is enough. Say your normal prayers. Spend more time in adoration, you will find true peace.

Learn this final lesson: The silent soul sees true happiness in the Holy Cross while the restless soul sees the Cross as a curse.

May the power of humility overshadow you to learn these lessons. Remain in the peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 12TH JAN. 2002




In our Adoration Prayer during this hour, I saw before the Blessed Sacrament exposed the vision of Our Lady holding the White and Red Rose flowers of Perfect Purity. In a gentle voice, she calmly said:

“My children, your adoration in this great training pleases Heaven. Jesus wishes you to remain in this state of peace, in order to mature and become spiritual men. Your attitude here pleases me. Children, I hope I am not holding you in chains while you wait for your release. If that is true, your call to this training is of no use. I am looking with a sure hope of seeing you as men of silence. May I see the true peace in your souls.


Children, I am training you for perfection. Listen to my motherly advice of love. Learn my lessons. Open your mind to embrace the light which I throw for you on the mysteries of silence. Children, there are many ways in the world but only one is the true and perfect way. I am leading my loving children through the only perfect way to the Land of Peace. All who follow me will never walk in darkness. Though, the way is hard, it is easy for those who love the Cross.


Children, I taught you to be silent. I told you to close your mouth and learn to speak little. I later taught you the silence, which comes from the light of the true peace. Learn these lessons and live by them.

Tonight, I come to give you the lesson on Vertical Meditative Silence. Children, there are two trends through which your silence go in meditation: these are vertical and horizontal meditation.

Vertical meditation is the type of meditation that rises above all trials and worries of this world. Not all meditations escape the visions and illusions of the noisy world and enter into the realm of personal relationship with the Divine God. This is the Perfect Silence I am leading you to.

On the other hand, horizontal meditation is the one that follows the trends of envy and lust, and ends in evil fruit. This silence is full of passion of the flesh, greed, hatred, pleasures of the world, and other evil fruits. This makes the worldly man to be wicked.

Children, my lesson for you is on the silence of vertical meditation. To attain this spiritual level, you must be balanced mentally and spiritually. Do not be lazy men; work harder to succeed in life, and balance it with your spiritual devotion. Owe no one. Rather, be content with what you have. Learn to forgive easily. Be a man of peace; above all, be holy. There is no peace in the heart of a sinful man. Do not live to see your conscience condemn you. Make haste to purify your ways again. I say again, be holy.

These are my motherly advice to you, my little children. When you have done all these things, you will crown them with the word of life. Here, I mean that your soul will be filled with Divine Inspiration from holy books. Children, at this level, your little attempt will channel you to a vertical meditation. As you grow, you will reach the level of spiritual relationship with the Divine. This is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts.


Children, I will not like to see any of you in confusion concerning my lesson on the Pentecostal churches. Truly, these Protestant churches and their Pentecostal movements have blinded the world spiritually. This spiritual blindness is what I am calling you to heal. I will ask Jesus to send St. Anthony o