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DATE: 4TH FEB. 1997 ​​​

TIME: 9.10 PM



During our novena prayer, I was transformed in spirit. I saw Our Lord on the Cross.

The Sacred Side appeared clearly. There were immediately drops of blood, which I

counted to be twelve. As soon as that issue of blood was over, drops of water, which I

did count to be twelve also, commenced.

The Sacred Head with the Crown of Thorns appeared. Our Lord said:

“My children, during your hour of meditation think about My crucifixion, the sweat

of blood, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, carrying of the Cross, piercing of

My Body and the three hours I hung on the Cross. If you love Me, have mercy on Me.

My son, I lost twelve drops of blood and water from My Sacred side for humanity.

This represents FORGIVENESS and SALVATION to My people, Israel.

The Blood saved all the nations of the world, while the water washed away the sins of

the whole world.

O My children, adore My Most Precious Blood and Water from My Sacred Side

through this Holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood.”


“My children, I have done it. Your joy will not be complete yet. No one will fully

believe you. I have hardened their hearts. Unless you obey my commands, your joy

will not be complete. I commanded you to edit all my messages. You have not done it.

I also commanded you to pray, no one prays much. Some of you are not praying. My

children, listen, you will not start the Pilgrimage unless it is approved by the bishop

and the Church. It will not be approved by the Bishop unless you pray and edit all my



“I warn you all, never to submit this prayer to the Bishop, if you did not pray much

about it. Pray much, I say, pray much. Offer all your prayers for it.

My people, your prayer is not enough. If you did not pray till the time comes, I will

hold back My Chaplet and allow destruction to come. Then many people will die.

Only a few will survive.

My children pray. That is why I called you to share in my suffering and bring down

God’s mercy through your prayers.

I will not tell you anything about the Pilgrimage now until the third Friday of this


Today, you can reveal My messages and chaplet to people, individuals, and even

devotees. I say, the pilgrimage will not come unless you obey and pray. I command

you to pray. I bless you all. Peace be with you.



DATE: 8TH NOV. 1999

TIME: ​​​​ 2.00 AM



After I had done a little mortification with fasting, silence, prayer, and some good

works, seven days later, I came up in prayer to offer God adoration and reparation for

my sins and those of the whole world. In my prayer, I saw the vision of the Agonizing

Jesus Christ. His Head was totally covered with the Crown of Thorns. The Precious

Blood that oozed out from the Wounds of His Sacred Head bathed His whole Face.

In great anguish and grief, Our Lord said:

“My son, how many minutes, hours, and days can you meditate on My agony without

being distracted by anything you see, feel, think or touch?” I answered “My Lord and

My Saviour; I can meditate for thirty minutes at times when there is enough grace. I

can also meditate, for more or lesser minutes.

Our Lord continued, “My son, let my agony fill your soul always. Meditate always on

my bitter Passion! Let the love of My Father fill your heart. Have mercy on Him who

loves you most. Console Him Who is in great agony because of you. Think of me

always so that you can meditate on me who has been in agony for days because of you.

I want you to be my consoler. I want to live in you and you in me.

My son, teach men all that I have given you about the Seal. Let all men who have been

sealed with My Precious Blood live the lives of their Seal. I want to live in their hearts.

Their hearts will be Tabernacles of My love. They will live in Me, and I in them, so

that when the Evil man comes, they will still hold firm to their faith.”

I asked, “My Lord and my Saviour, what then shall we do, for you to come and build

your Tabernacle of love in our hearts?

Our Lord answered, “My son, observe the Hour of Seal every Friday of the year,

especially in the three Months of Seal. Remember that I hung on the Cross for three

hours on Good Friday, shedding Blood in great agony for you. Keep the hour for

me. Let my agony fill your heart. Fill not your heart with earthly desires.

Remember that what is mortal will not possess immortality. Think much of the

heavenly things. Let My agony fill your hearts, so that you will be great in Heaven.

Son, your heart should not be occupied with lust. Your God is holy; His Tabernacle

must be holy. Be it known to you, my son, that your heart is much more pleasing for

My dwelling than the Holy Tabernacle I gave My Church. I highly need, My son,

your sanctity and holiness. Quickly and instantly, My son, I will enter into the heart

that possesses perfect liberty for Me to dwell in, the heart that seeks nothing of self,

the heart that crucifies itself to the things of this earth, and carries its cross in complete

denial of self and follows Me every day. Do these things, My son. I am waiting for you

to open your heart for Me to enter.

Very soon! Very soon!! My son, the days of the evil man will come in fullness. Many

will be persecuted, some will be put in prison, others will be tested with cruel tortures

and finally, many will be killed. Many will lose their faith at that time. But all in whom

I live, who have the Seal of the Blood of the Son of God, will obtain special grace like

the early martyrs, to withstand the tortures and hold firm to their faith till death. All

who suffer with Me now will not see the cruel tortures of the Evil One except those

who I preserved for My glory.

Barnabas, it will not be too far from now when all these things will begin to happen.

People will be saying that all is going well. Their hearts will grow weak from hearing

My messages. Some will go about their business. The faith of many will grow cold.

My prophets will be harshly criticized as being false prophets. Those who are

spiritually blind will remain spiritually blind, and those who are in the light will

remain in the light. The evil man will show himself as a Messiah. Many of you will

follow him. But happy are you all who endure till the end. They will reign with Me.”


I wanted to ask another question, when Our Lord said:

“If you can mortify yourself for more days, My son, as I have told you, I will come

and teach you more and answer more of your questions.

Peace be with you. I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.




TIME: 2.00 PM



During our reparation prayer, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging

alive on the Cross. Within a short time cloud came down and covered the whole place.

In the cloud appeared the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“Let all my warriors draw power from a life of meditation. In this are stored the hidden

powers. Children, there is a hidden treasure of graces in the life of meditation. Only

very few of you have found this treasure of graces in the past years. They gain much

from it in this world of commotion of yours.

I am calling on all My warriors to draw power from this treasure of meditation. Learn

to visit a desert or a lonely place where you will have your mind at rest. Meditate on

the greatness of your God. Meditate on the power of His creation. Meditate on His

love and mercy towards humanity. Children, you are called to meditate on the mystical

sending of the Son of God to redeem the world. You are to meditate on the humility of

the Son, His agony, suffering, and death. You are called to meditate on His resurrection


Children, during your meditation, your hope will be rested on My Glorious Return,

which I promised. It pains Me much that My children hardly contemplate well in their

meditation. I have great teaching for My people on the vocal and the inner voices. I

speak always in the hearts of My people, but only very few hear My voice. Children, I

hardly get those who can keep Me in their hearts for three hours. But, on the other

hand, the children of darkness keep their gods in their hearts year after year. Children,

there is a hidden power in meditation. Look and you will find it.

Children, the grace which you draw from the treasure of meditation can be retained

through your silent life. Have your heart filled with the living words of true hope.

Listen, My children, a heart that receives double swords of perfection keeps Me inside

his temple. In that soul, I find rest. The double swords are meditation and silence.

When such a person hears a false accusation against his name, he will adopt it in his

heart and meditate over it in silence. Upon him, I pour My power. Such a man is fit to

be My warrior.

Children, I am calling My warriors to draw power from the treasure of meditation.

May all My warriors retain their power through this life of silence. I am putting My

words in you, which you must speak through the meditation of your soul. Children, I

am preparing you to meet the evil warriors. Only very few understand My call to be

My warriors.

Children, you are preparing to enter the Final Battle, which has reached its climax.

What do you understand when I say final battle? Your understanding is very shallow

towards this call. Children, the battle will be so great that a mighty warrior of mine

will be killed. Not only that, many temples will be destroyed. The righteous ones will

suffer greatly. There will be terror everywhere. During that hour, no one will be

trusting. Light will seem to be darkness, and darkness will seem to be light. This is

why I call on all My warriors to draw power from the treasure of meditation, and have

in their souls, through this call to holiness, the Great Seal.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who appeals for a dwelling in your soul. I love you

all. I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 23RD FEB. 1997

TIME: 9.00 PM



On the second day of the three-day novena, we were praying when I saw Our Lord

hanging on the Cross. After a while, the cloud covered the whole place.

Immediately, the Sacred Head appeared with blood oozing from all the Wounds on His

Head. Calmly, Our Lord said:

“How I wish you all, My children, were to practice holiness all the days of your lives.

I am happy when I see you praying in humility and simplicity. Enjoy the lives of

Saints and Angels in Heaven through your effort on holy living.

My children offer your lives for holy purposes; purify your body by the work of

holiness. Purify it through your suffering and prayerful lives. My children,

remember that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit Who lives in you. So

keep it holy.

The spirit of truth dwells in a clean house and constantly pours into it the fruit of life.

This fruit will germinate and bear multiple fruits of life, which men will reap and eat

as the bread of life. This is the true conversion.

My children, a holy life gives light to those in darkness. I say to you, learn to live

a completely holy life.

Barnabas, some are sleeping. Their hearts are far from Me. Tell them to return to Me.”

(Brief Silence)

He continued by saying:

The battle is mine!

“Barnabas, I love this adoration. Heaven is rejoicing over your effort, continue praying

harder. I love your adoration.

Listen again; be certain that you offer all your actions and words to Me. Be

consecrated to Me truly and constantly renew it.

Barnabas, tell your Priest, My servant, the bearer of My agony, that all effort will not

be in vain; that all that is lost will be found; that great happiness awaits a winner after

a great battle. My Priest, listen, never lose hope when the wicked men harden their

hearts and take away the knowledge of Heaven that they will hardly believe you

regarding these Divine messages. Some will advise you to neglect My messages and

even the holy Chaplet of My Precious Blood. Some will further tell you that you will

soon be deceived by the mystics of this last age. Not only that, they will mock you

and call you anything they like.

All these will happen to you, so as to shake your faith. You will also suffer heartaches

due to the cruel words of hypocrites. Even the ones you trust will speak against this

devotion. All these will be the fight of the Evil One against this call. My Priest, the

Evil One will work more than these things; I said, with the aim of quenching this plan

of Heaven. If you hold firm to your faith, My Precious Blood will reign, and your joy

will be complete.

My children, if you withstand this period of mourning that is coming, I promise

to refine the world with My Precious Blood. Be certain that the world will reject

it at first but later welcome it when I raise My Hand up.

But you need to pray harder.

My children, because of these things, I have warned you all several times to pray, to

edit all My messages, and make constant reparation, so as to defeat the wicked spirit.


My children, there is a need to pray, no prayer is a waste. Your life is not like those of

the world who have no experience of this call. Offer all your lives to Me – The

battle is Mine.


I prayed; “Lord, my God, Jesus Christ, it is your wish to save all men. You yourself

called us to this call. Remember that we are only mere instruments. Strengthen us

to do Your Will; to overcome these temptations, lastly to give you glory. Lord, we are

willing to do Your Will, Amen”

(Long silence)

Then I saw a large number of heavenly soldiers with swords of war coming from

Heaven. Our Lord continued:

“My son, faith is the only instrument I need from you in this spiritual war. Through

your prayers, many kingdoms will be destroyed. These soldiers will fight for you


Be holy, make the Temple holy, resist the devil and his work, love your enemy, I am

with you all. In your holiness, I rejoice. I bless you all”



DATE: 22ND MAY, 1997

TIME: 9.05 PM



During our devotional prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision a great number of people

who were chained to a pillar. They were all lying down on the ground.

As I was looking, Heaven opened, I saw the Holy Face with the Crown of Thorns on

His Head. Our Lord said;

“My children, the month of July is coming soon. What preparation have you made?

How eagerly are you waiting for the month?

Listen, my children, you should not allow problems to control your life. Learn from

My advice to you is to follow the desert way according to the Divine Will. Do not give

chance to your enemy now that you have little disturbance of life. The hour is coming

when a great disturbance will not allow you even to call my name. I am repeating these

words to you that they will regret the minutes, hours, and days, those who misused or

failed in this holy worship. They will pray in sorrow to get back this opportunity but

the time will be over. My children, who will stop you from the blessings you received

free from your God? He, who loves his salvation and the salvation of the world, will

come with joy to this holy worship. They will not suffer greatly, all who follow this

call till the day of its universal evangelization. My Precious Blood will save them.

Swim across the ocean of temptation; never let the waves turn you over. With all your

strength, overcome the devil. I have told you before that you are stepping into the

hour of darkness. Now, you are in the dark world. The Chastisement, at last, will come.

Nothing in the world will make you happy, except My Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

When my children suffer the attack of the wicked man, there will be no Eucharist in

many tabernacles of the world. At that hour, you will understand my words. Many of

you will still feel weak because the hour is not the hour of receiving but the hour of

giving out.

My children do not give up; overcome all your daily trials. Adore me always with the

prayers I taught you.

I bless you all.

Peace be with you”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 3RD MARCH, 2002 ​​​

TIME: 3.00 AM




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who

calmly said to me. “My son, listen to this lesson: There is emptiness in vainglory. It is

this emptiness that the world likes. The emptiness which I am telling you is the total

emptiness of all worthless things. When I say worthless things, I mean those things

that cannot last. Be wise to see this emptiness in vainglory. Work hard against the

passions of the flesh that lead to this empty glory. Do not be a slave to it. Work for

those things that will last.”

The joy of My Kingdom is the hope and glory of my holy Martyrs. No one can possess

My Peaceful Kingdom without drinking, in fullness, the bitterness of the cup of


Drink the cup of martyrdom as you carry patiently the Cross of Perfection I gave you.

Many of My lovers are so wise like the fallen Lucifer in carrying the Cross of

Perfection. Listen, I know how little you are, and how little your understanding was

when I chose you. I chose you because of your littleness. In the same manner, I gave

you my messages and expect you to embrace them and practice them the way as a

child of seven will deal with the loving admonition of his father.

Happy are those little lovers of mine who lay down their heads to carry the Holy Cross

I offer them. They shall enjoy my peace. I say again, drink the cup of martyrdom

and shine in the world like the new star of the Glorious Reign.

Drink the cup of martyrdom as you stand for Me against My executioners. My lovers

must bear the symbol of the martyrs; I mean there must be perfect difference in their

mode of life. Their speech must be perfectly different, their mode of fashion must be

perfectly different; they must possess perfect virtues as I have given you in the Rose of

Perfect Purity.

My lovers will see the sweetness and joy of martyrdom in the ocean of My love.

This bitter cup of martyrdom will taste like honey in their mouths. They shall be

heroes of patience, love, and purity.

My son, can I get them among My Apostles? I fear that many of My Apostles will lose

their faith before they receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. Among those who remain,

some will not receive the Perfect Rose due to their attachment to the world. Pray for

them. Pray that they will understand. Pray that they will see.


Barnabas, Remain in My peace. I bless you.”

Immediately the vision passed.



DATE: 2ND JULY, 2000 ​​ TIME: 7.30 PM



Today is the second day of the nine-day novena in the month of July. As I was

approaching the Holy Sanctuary, I saw the Glorious Face emanating from the Blessed

Sacrament on the altar. Divine rays flashed on me. Instantly, a cloud came down and

covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Face of the Agonizing Jesus

Christ, Who calmly said:

“My children, you show me, partial love. Know you today that you are the greatest

agony I am suffering. I am suffering your unfaithfulness, your unchastity, your

coldness, and your neglect. Remember, my little lovers that I know you. I say, your

names are written in My Heart. I peruse them always whenever the pains and the

weight of the sins of the world fall on me. I remember your names. I pronounce your

names! I look for you to console me. Many times, I found you unworthy to be my

consolers. Many of you double my agony whenever I look at you. I am Jesus who

loves you, I call you my lovers but you show me partial love.

My children, look up in the world, you will see the devils incarnate, the children of

darkness. They dress naked and make up with the fashions of hell, and walk about the

streets of your towns and cities without shame. They know and understand the time; so

they work day and night against your souls. Indeed, they win many souls. My children,

do you see that they love their master much? They show complete love to their wicked

master who said to them; “Work hard, win their souls for me, we have little time left. I

will reward you with the glory of the world”. My children, the children of darkness

gave their lives to their wicked master and finally lose. Why can’t you offer me your

lives and live? You only choose to show me partial love.


know now and work out your salvation? Win many souls for me. Take them with you

and run for your lives. I promise Heaven to you. My promise is true. I never change”.

“Children, My agony should be your concern. I sent My Angel to you who taught you

My Agonizing prayer. You begged for the unity of our hearts, that you will feel what I

feel; but even now, my agony does not touch your heart. It pains My Heart greatly,

your unfaithfulness, your coldness, and your neglect; but it pleases your heart. It pains

My Heart greatly, the evil fashions of the world; but it pleases your hearts. You laugh

as you see them, while your Master is in great agony. At times, you follow them; you

imitate them.

Children, learn today that a single venial sin can keep a soul millions of years in the

purifying fire of Purgatory, just as a single mortal sin will lead a soul to everlasting suffering in Hell. How then do you think that you will escape? Learn now

and run for your lives. It greatly pains My Heart that you are ashamed of yourselves

because you are my followers. You want to live like the children of darkness so as to

avoid the critici