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6 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



As we were praying, I saw the vision of a Chalice with a Crown of Thorns, around it and a tongue of fire on its mouth.

Divine rays radiated from the mouth of the Chalice and brightened up the whole place. Within a short time, cloud

came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Sacred Head crowned with thorns, Who calmly


“Children, the greatest preparation I am giving to you is the Living Sanctuary I am making your souls. This is My

greatest Seal. But even now, none of you understands that your soul is a little Heaven. The greatest offer you will

give Me is your soul; Make it a Living Tabernacle for Me. I am willing to come and live there. I will make it My

everlasting residence. Children, this is the everlasting Tabernacle, your very soul, which I am purifying with My

sanctifying grace. Give it to Me and for Me alone. This earthly tabernacle will close forever on the last day; but My

Living Tabernacle in your very souls will remain forever, I say, for those who love Me.

Children, welcome your lonely Master, your Saviour and your Lover. I am all alone. I am all abandoned with a Crown

of Thorns. Iniquity has filled My Holy Sanctuary of your souls. Children, that Temple will suffer greatly, the Temple,

from which the Glory of its God will depart. The enemy will march over it and destroy the Temple. Be certain that you

are not the Temple. On the day when the enemy of My Holy Death will rise to fight the Holy Temple, all the deserted

Sanctuaries will be destroyed. I mean your very sanctuary. Your soul, the Ark of the Covenant will be carried to the

land of the foreigners.

The house of Israel will go on an exile. Children, I know that you will little understand how this will be. What I mean is

the capturing of your souls by the power of darkness. The exile of the house of Israel, which means your exile in the

land of the wicked spirit, will manifest in this physical world. I say to you children, that it shall happen to all the

deserted Tabernacles of My Church as it will happen to all the deserted Tabernacles of your very souls. Know you,

children, that the greatest agony you will suffer during the hour of the great Tribulation is the departure of the Glory

of your God from His Tabernacle of your very souls, I mean the sinful souls. Pray, and observe the Seal Hour I gave

you. Confess your sins to a Priest with a sincere heart, and repent. This is a true renewal of the seal. I will visit your

souls with My Sanctifying Grace during the Hour of Seal. I will let My Divine Light chase away the darkness of your

very souls. I will purify them. I will live there in fullness. When the enemy of My Holy Death comes, I will protect you.

They will not destroy My Temple because the Glory of your God am living there in My fullness. Barnabas, write out the

inspirations I gave you in the desert. I will make the full meaning of the Living Sanctuary of your souls clear to the

world. Do this quickly because I have many things to teach My people for preparation.

Children, you will offer your prayers tomorrow for your own exile during the hour of the coming Tribulation. Ask much

for the grace of faith and endurance. When the hour comes, you will see the Evil Man forcing all men to receive his

evil seal. At that time, you will remember My begging voice that appealed to you to receive the Heavenly Seal, but the

hour of Heavenly Seal will have passed. The hour is the hour of darkness, when the power of darkness rules. All who

received the evil seal – 666 – the code mark of the Beast will perish. They have no share in the Land of Happiness,

but to all who hold firm their faith till the end, I will give the Morning Star; they will live in the Land of Happiness.

Though they will suffer great persecution and even die as martyrs, I will console them. I will raise them again to live

forever. They will reign with Me in My Kingdom forever. Children, hear now and run for your lives. I am the lonely

Agonizing Jesus Christ, whom you all deserted.

Children, I called you again for reparation to prepare you all again for a great work. I have another greater project to

appeal to you. I will share My work among you, whom I called and they followed Me. I will empower you through your

total dedication to Me. I will give you My peace. Children, how I wish that all My chosen Apostles in all the Dioceses of

this country hear the call and answer. Remember that I say, My Apostles, not Disciples. I need your full participation.

The days are for My Apostles. The parishioners will do their Gethsemane hour in their various homes. I have a great

Programme for My Apostles only on that day. Remember to expose the Blessed Sacrament throughout the days as

before. You will light the altar with twelve tongues of flame. I will remain with you. Children maintain silence in and

around the arena. This will please Heaven very much.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who called you. I bless you all.

Immediately, the vision passed.



7 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



During our novena prayer, Our Lord appeared to me in a vision with His Holy Agonizing Face and calmly said:

“Children, I call you to clothe My nakedness. You are My chosen; I am not making this appeal to the world but to you,

whom I love. I say, clothe My nakedness. Clothe My nakedness, which My youth publicly expose. The enemy has

succeeded in his plan against holiness. The enemy swore that he would not live to see a virgin in the world. He makes

plan to seduce your hearts. Children, the enemy is succeeding in his plan. Many people, many people are now moving

about naked in the streets and towns of the countries of the world.

Children, this is the fashion of Hell, which has been introduced in the world to ruin the world. In Hell, you will find the

mother of all the prostitutes dressing naked. This is the culture of Hell. Many people, that is to say, a large number of

My lovers has followed the mother of all the prostitutes to expose Me naked. My chosen, I appeal to you to clothe My

nakedness through your way of life. Let your modesty clothe My nakedness. Listen, My children, all who join the

wicked woman of great Babylon will suffer much when the blazing fire begins to destroy her.

Children, have you the Visa to Heaven? Imitate the Heavenly Beings, since you are Heavenly Candidates. See, the

children of Hell take the visa to Hell and imitate the demon of Hell. You see them and follow them. Children, see how

you have abandoned gold and bought charcoal. What profit do you make by helping the mother of prostitutes in her

plan against holiness. Know you, children, that they will not escape the Heavenly wrath, all who cause one of these

little ones to sin. I say, all who follow the woman of Babylon in her evil fashion will not escape, unless they turn back

to Me now and make atonement for their sins.

I am calling you all, My chosen, to clothe My nakedness. Clothe My nakedness which the young ladies publicly expose

daily. Clothe My nakedness, which the gentlemen of this generation publicly expose. I am feeling greatly ashamed.

Children, come and clothe my nakedness. The mother of the prostitutes and her agents are making fun of Me. They

mock Me and say, Who then will clothe your nakedness”? I looked and saw that you were following the evil woman.

Children, turn and look at yourselves. Whom then are you imitating? Hell or Heaven? Why are you exposing Me

naked? Why are you deceiving My children? See, a large number of My children that have fallen into the sin of the

flesh through your fashion. What will you do to bring the souls back to Me? I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Whom

you took off His clothes and crucified. I am begging you to clothe My nakedness through your way of life. Let your

dressing clothe My nakedness and console Me. Children, gain many souls for Me through your own way of life. I will

reward you much.

Children, you will offer your prayers tomorrow for the souls of the innocent children in the cloud. Their cries are

hastening My Reign of Glory. Help and train up more virgins in the world. I am appealing to all My lovers. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you.

Children, hear the voice of your Commander. I am your Supreme Commander. Obey the command at any time. At the

command of shoot, shoot at once. At the command of hold on or take cover’. Obey at once. If you hear Me say,

‘move’, move at once. ‘Stop!’, Obey the last order. The battle has reached its climax. The enemy has many ways to

attack you. Hear My last order. I am with you. I am leading you to the warfront as your Supreme Commander. I will

give you victory.

Children, I have forgiven your past lateness. Be certain not to fall into the plan of the wicked spirit. Pray and

overcome him.

Children, the cross will be ready before the Reparation days come. The complete messages, that are well edited,

starting from 1 st Jan. 1997 to 31 st July 2000 will be well compiled before the days come.

All these will be ready, so that you will not regret when the hour comes. Children, you have only little time left before

the wicked man appears. Do all these things quickly. Any precious time that passes will be regretted. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, whom you took off His clothes and crucified.

I love you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



8 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



In our novena prayer, I saw the vision of the resurrected Jesus Christ coming down from the cloud with large number

of Angels, too many to be counted. They sang as they came down. Cloud came down and covered the whole vision.

Instantly the vision passed. Then, in the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who gently said:

“My children, on the day when My glory will be revealed, you will see your Agonizing Master coming down from the

cloud. I say, all eyes will see Me, even those who pierced My hands and feet. They will see the One, Whom they

publicly exposed naked to the world coming amidst the cloud with all the Angels in glory. They will feel ashamed of

themselves and regret forever. This will be their time to go and live with their mother, the woman of great Babylon, in

the deepest pit of the abyss. Children, they will see their queen in her nakedness, and enjoy iniquity with her in the

sulphuric fire of the abyss”.

Children, the wicked will see the Head they lacerated with thorns being crowned with a Golden Crown. They will not

even look at its brightness. The dazzling light of its glory will blind their eyes. I say, they will be ashamed of

themselves and regret forever. But to you who remain My consolers in the Gethsemane shall receive consolation. You

who sincerely helped Me carry My Cross, I will give My rest. My glorious peace will rest on you. I say, to you who wipe

My Bloody Face, I will wipe the tears of their eyes. I will let MY Glory shine on them.

There will be no more sorrow, no more pains, all these things will pass away. I will clothe you with the brightest

garment because you have clothed My nakedness. You will shine like the risen sun. I will also give you the morning

star. When wicked people in the torturing fire of hell see your brightness, they will remember how they mocked you in

the world because you are My followers. They will also remember how they rejected My anguished appeal in the

world, and their agony will increase.

All who offered Me a drink will drink the living water that will come out from the new Garden of Eden. They will drink

and satisfy their thirst because they satisfied My thirst when they were in the world. They will enjoy My loving feast

with My lovers in Paradise. Finally, they will rule with Me over the house of Israel, and reign with Me years to come. I

am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Whom you are consoling.

Children, rejoice because I have given you the kingdom that cannot be shaken. You are My lovers, and I am with you

always. I am where you are now and soon you will be where I am forever. Children, I am with you always. Only the

one who removes himself from us will be lost. I say the one who abandons Us now will demarcate himself from Me

now and forever. We shall miss him here and miss him in Heaven. But you who remain united with Me, I am with you

always. Soon you will be with Me forever.” (Silence).

I said: Lord, we shall remain with You. See the cross, we are presenting to You. Help us to do Your Will. Our Lord said:

“Children, I love your effort. I am happy, you are consoling Me. Listen, this Crucifix is not My selected chosen one. But

you will not damage it. Keep it among the rest. Children, you are told to make a Living bleeding Agonizing Crucifix of

your Agonizing Master. Show My bleeding Wounds, My cloth stained with Blood, the Blood flowing out from the Sacred

Hands and bathing My Sacred Sides. The thorns that pierced My Sacred Head and the Blood that bathed My Holy

Face, the lacerated wounds of My knees, the Blood that is flowing out from the Wounds of the nails of My Sacred Feet

and bathing the wooden cross, the dazzling rays of My Sacred Heart and the drops of Blood and Water will be well

shown. Children, I am hanging alive. Show My stress. Make a portable cross so that you will send it without much

difficulty. I am with you to help you. I have given My Angel to guard the artist. Tell the artist to pay much attention to

this work. I will fill him with My Spirit.

Barnabas, I have told you that I will send St. Cecilia to teach you, Atonement Prayer with the Crown of Thorns. I will

do this because you have asked for it.

She will come any hour before or after your novena on that day to teach you the prayer. She will do this in one of the

quiet times. My Angel will inform you when the time comes. During your novena, she will come and teach you much.

Do her good by your quietness and be at alert.

Children, prepare for mortification when you are coming for the Reparation Programme. I will explain the programme

well in the next novena. I am calling My Apostles, not Disciples. Do Me good to obey this command, so that you will

have nothing to regret.

Rejoice because you have a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

I love you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



9 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



Today being the last day of the first nine-day novena in the month of July, I saw in a vision the Holy Agonizing Face of

Jesus Christ emanating from the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. As I was watching, cloud came down and

covered the whole place. The Holy Face appeared boldly in the cloud and said:

“My children, I am being glorified in you. I am happy to see you responding to My anguished appeal. I see you

changing from natural man to carnal man and then to spiritual man. My painful cry touches your little soul. You

console Me. In you, I am being glorified.

I saw you when they laughed at you, made fun of you as they called you fanatics. I saw you bearing the shame with

joy. Indeed, you share in My shame. My sight of you consoled Me because I have found in you the little flower of love.

I am being glorified in you.

Children, I saw a large number of My people who were coming back to Me in truth and in spirit because of your

response to My appeal. Even those who mocked you are now coming back to Me to know the truth. I saw your

littleness; your simplicity and your humility, I was glorified. Rejoice because you are My bearers. I can find rest in

your little souls.

Children, do you know My greatest joy in you? When I looked back, I saw you with total denial of yourselves carrying

your cross after Me. I saw your trouble.

Even at the moment you fell, I saw you struggling under the weight of your cross. I am the One, Who came and

helped you to rise again. I am the One Who encouraged you. My joy multiplied when I saw you with your wounded

body still carrying your cross after Me. I was consoled; I am being glorified in you.

Children, remain united in Me so that My joy for you will be complete. It remains a little, then you will hear: “Come

and have your rest. Rejoice in My Kingdom forever.” You will see your Agonizing Master welcoming you into His

everlasting peaceful Home with His Angels. I will take away from you the heavy cross and reward you with a

Victorious Crown. When you look at the terrible way you have gone through, how you bore the shame and mockery of

the wicked, and your suffering in the dry and hot desert of this world, and how you won, your hearts will be full of joy.

Children, I am appealing to you to remain united in Me. Obey all My anguished appeals. Do not go and taste the world

again. Abide in Me always.

Children, may I find your names in the Book of Life. I have bought you with My Precious Blood. You are costly to Me.

O! What a big loss to miss My loving kiss from you in Heaven. O! What a painful loss. Children, may I find you. May I

see a cheerful heart of yours to embrace. May I see My loving ones.

Receive My blessing; I cover you all who devotedly did this novena with My Precious Blood to see that you are

protected against the wicked man. I clean your hearts and build up My Living Tabernacle there as a sign of My Great

Seal. You are My chosen ones. I bless your families; you shall experience My loving care during the Great Tribulation.

I will allow My Precious Blood to fall on the hearts of your dear ones who remain adamant to My Will. Their hearts of

stone will turn to hearts of flesh. They will come to know the truth. Even if they resist My call for holiness, I will arrest

them like Paul. I am giving you the grace of love. I am opening the gate of salvation for you all. May your eyes open

to see the joy of suffering. I pour on you the blessing of a Sanctifying Grace.

Children, I will not heal your bodily sickness. I am appealing to you to offer it to Me. Offer it to your Agonizing Master.

I will offer it with My agony to the Eternal Father in atonement for your sins and those of the whole world. Children, I

know that your nature will not accept this loving appeal. I will teach you the merit of suffering in the last novena for

Israel. I will let you know the multiple graces you are loosing by avoiding your crosses. Accept My appeal. I say to you

all; be healed in spirit.

Children, how I wish that all My Apostles in all the Dioceses of this country of yours hear My call of the Reparation and

come. I will be consoled. Children, I highly need your full participation in the Reparation. Every hour has it’s own

cross. I want you all to share fully in the mortification life. I will give you a detailed programme. Be sure that you

obey them all. I am calling you to mortify you and set you free for My work.

My Mother with the Saints and Angels will teach you much in the next novena. Welcome them. I am being glorified

through you.

I bless you; in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I say, be healed in the Spirit. I love you

all. Remain in My peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



13 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



Today, the first day of the three-day novena in honour of the Most Holy Trinity, I saw the vision of Our Lady holding a

Crown of Thorns with rose flowers that were fixed on it. As She was coming down, cloud came down and covered Her.

There, in cloud, I saw the Sanctuary of God. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed there. Our Lady who knelt in silence

before the Blessed Sacrament got up and calmly said:

“Children, I come to express to you the agony of my Son, and let your eyes turn to the weeping of the Beloved. Turn

and see the Holy Face of the Most Loving. He is looking for His friends. He is looking for them to come and console Him.

Children, are you not the cause of His weeping? Look at His Face dripping with sweat of sorrow for love of you. He is

alone. He is all abandoned. Come and hear His painful appeal. Come nearer to Him and console Him. Children, I

heard Him appealing to you to live for Him, with Him, through Him and in Him. Hear Him and console Him.

Offer Him your whole being as a Living Sacrifice. May your lives glorify Him. May you be His consolers. Live for Him alone.

Children, accept His appeals. Live so as to be the Veronicas of the last age, to wipe His Bloody Face. Remember His

appeals to you. He said:

“Keep the day of obligation holy. Love your neighbor and pray for your enemy, and obey all the rest of the

Commandments of your God.” He further said to you that many souls are going to hell because of the sins of the

flesh. He appealed to you to help and train more virgins in the world. He told you to live a modest life. Obey Him and

work hard. Stand for Him against all the errors that are fighting for the downfall of His Holy Church. Look at His

bloody Face and console Him. My daughter, Cecilia, will teach you much about the Heavenly Worship. Children, may it

come to reign in the Holy Church, the true worship as you can see modernism reigning and replacing holiness in the Church.

Children, Heaven is training His Apostles, you are the Apostles of the last age. You are called to renew and rectify

what the Evil One has done to the handwork of God. This is why the Saints in Heaven call you the Apostles of

Renewal. Children, you have seen that the enemy has succeeded in his plan. His agents have succeeded in winning

you and ruining the Holy Temple, in the same way, Heaven has chosen you to fight the Evil One and his agents.

Victory is promised to the very few that will fight to the end. They will defeat the Evil One and his agents and bring

back the True Worship.


Children, turn and look at the weeping Face of the Beloved and console Him. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus

Christ. Listen to your Programme for the Reparation. You will have the Programme in this chapel. Your morning

Masses will be celebrated by 5.00 am every day. And the evening Masses will be celebrated by 9.00 pm every

evening. In atonement for the sacrileges committed against my Son and my Saviour in the Holy Eucharist, you shall

walk on your knees as you go for communion. I say to all who are able. St. Cecilia will treat the rest. You shall not eat

anything cooked with oil starting from the hour of the reparation on 11 th September to 13 th September 2000.

On the 14th of September, you are to eat and enjoy yourselves, as you like till 12 noon of that day. That day is the Great

Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross. At the hour of 12 noon, my Priest will bless the cross; you will hold the first

selected crucifix while the rest will be laid on the floor of the Holy Sanctuary. Then my Priest, with the Most Holy

Trinity will bless it. Then the Holy Worship to alert the Twelve Tribes of Israel will commence.

The Programme will be made known to you on the 15th of this month. You are to eat again that day from 6.20 pm to

6.40 pm. You are to do it quickly and come back for the Holy Worship. On the 15th of September, I will allow you to drink

water only, but remember that my Son suffered the whole day without any food or drink. On the 16th, you can eat

your normal food without oil in the morning. By 12 noon, you will close as you did in the first Reparation Programme.

When the hour passes, enjoy whatever you have communally and go for the work that my Son will send you. I am the

Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you all.

Children, when you come, divide yourselves into twelve groups for the programme of the 14th of the month. You are to

choose a partner, not from the group you belong. You shall be in twos to discuss and share the Will of God together.

This shall be done every day of the Reparation from 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm. Group sharing will be from 9 am to 11 am

every day of the programme. The rest of the hour will be occupied with your prayers and private meditation.

Never forget to discuss all the messages you will have during the hour immediately you get them. I have little things

to tell you on the 26 th of this month during your last novena. Obey every bit of this programme.

Children, those who come late today or sleep in the Presence of my Son will not join you here in this novena. They

can join you later in the last novena. All who will do like them later will not join you. Children, you have come to the

Agonizing Saviour. Learn to console so as to be consoled.

I welcome you all in My peace. I say to you all, peace be with you. So, I bless you.”

Immediately, she left the crown on my head and vanished.


14 TH JULY, 2000(4:30AM)



As I was sleeping after the Gethsemane Hour of prayer, I heard a little voice which called me, “Barnabas, Barnabas,

get up, go to the Chapel and meet the Heavenly daughter Cecilia. Get up and meet her”. By this time, I remembered

Our Lord’s promise that He will send His Angels to inform me when the hour comes to meet her.

Immediately I went straight to the Chapel. There, I saw the vision of the Agonizing Lamb of God, hanging alive,

bleeding for love of us. His Head was crowned with Thorns: Blood dripped down from the Wounds of the Thorns and

bathed His Holy Face. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, the vision

remained there with a large number of Heavenly Cherubim who sang songs. In the front of the Crucified Lamb, I saw

a gentle Lady kneeling before the Crucified Lamb of God. My inner self told me that she was Saint Cecilia. She kept

silent for a short time and finally prayed.

In her silence, I heard a sorrowful song from infinity, which I recorded as thus:


1. I am all alone

I am all abandoned

Leaving Me with a Crown of Thorns

That pierced My heart, which pierced My Head

All My people have deserted Me.

2. My lovers

My lovers

Where are you? Where are you?

This Crown of Thorns has pierced My Soul

Withdraw the Thorns, have mercy on Me.

3. For love of you

For love of you

I died on the Cross, with a Crown of Thorns

I am living with the Thorns again

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ.

After the song there was silence. Then, the Saint who had a Crown of Thorns in her hands, gazing at the Crucified

Jesus Christ on the Cross, steadily and finally prayed.


“My Dearest Agonizing Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High, I prostrate at Your Feet with all my nothingness. I recall all

my grievous offences against You. I pray You Lord: Have mercy on me. My sins kept You in agony over thousands of

years. Looking at Thee hanging alive on the Cross, with a horrible Crown of Thorns, blood badly bathing Your Face,

and the spikes of the thorns piercing Your delicate Sacred Head, I feel sorry for my ungrateful gift of Thorns to You. I

wish to withdraw the Crown of Thorns and offer You a loving Golden Crown,” (Kissing the crown and pressing it to her

heart) she then prayed

My Jesus, whom I lacerated His Sacred Head with a Crown of Thorns, Have mercy on me and forgive Your world.

My Jesus, Who are suffering mystically the pains and agony of my wicked Crown of Thorns in Your Sacred Heart, Have

mercy on me and forgive Your world.

My Jesus, Who suffers the ignominy of my wicked Crown of Thorns Have mercy on me and forgive Your world”.

(Pressing the thorns on her head, she kissed the feet of the Agonizing Jesus Christ on the Cross, and prayed:

“My Agonizing Jesus, I remembered how I beat Your Sacred Head with an iron rod to drive the spikes of the Thorns

into Your delicate Brain. I feel its sound and pain like a thunderbolt, disfiguring Your virginal Being. Oh! How callously

my wickedness has suffered You, my gentle Saviour.

When I consider Your terrible journey to Calvary, I weep bitterly for my wicked Crown of Thorns on Your Sacred Head,

the Seat of Divine Wisdom. I feel your falling under the Cross, with the weight of the Cross helping the spikes

penetrate deeper and deeper into Your delicate Brain. I saw my very self, dragging You up and beating You on Your

Sacred Head with a spear. Oh! Would that I was not the one who did all these things to my loving Saviour. I will fight for you.

My Jesus, I have treated You cruelly, forgive me, forgive me, and forgive Your world. I will do all things possible to

withdraw the Thorns through my own way of life henceforth. My wickedness kept the Crown of Thorns on Your Sacred

Head till Your death to see that You did not draw any comfort from any part of Yourself. Lord, have mercy on me,

Christ, have mercy on my wickedness. I feel Your Sacred Head resting dead on the lap of Your Sorrowful Mother.

There I saw the united hands of John the Beloved, Mary Magdalene, and Your Sorrowful Mother removing my wicked

Crown of Thorns on Your Sacred Head with loving tears. I wish, I were one of them, withdrawing my wicked crown

and offering you a Golden Crown of my love to You.” (Holding the Crown of Thorns and looking meditatively in silence,

she finally prayed)

“I offer You my very self and promise to carry my cross after You all the days of my life with joy and love. Take the

merits of my sufferings and persecutions, which I promise to accept with love in atonement for my sins and those of

the whole world. Dearest Agonizing Jesus Christ with this poor offering, I wish to withdraw my wicked Crown of

Thorns and offer You a Golden Crown. Receive from me a sincere love. This is my Golden Crown I am offering to You.


Eternal Father, I have offended You greatly for having lacerated the Sacred Head of Your only-begotten Son, the One

Whom You love most. Have mercy on me. Forgive me and forgive Your world. (Three times)

After the prayer, the Saint added: “Son of the Beloved, Jesus loves this prayer much. He wants to hear you pray it

always with love and a sincere heart of repentance. If you do, you are withdrawing the thorns which pierced His

delicate Brain. Son of the Beloved, Jesus loves you much. He hears you always. He teaches you with love. Come

nearer to Him always. Never desert Him. Before I leave you now, I will teach you a song of adoration to the Crucified

Lamb on the Cross. You will hear the song tomorrow as the Angels teach you the programme of 14th September. I will

teach it to you now, so that when you hear the songs, you will remember.

Hear the song:

1. Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy is the Lamb

Who died on the Cross.

2. Honour, glory and praises.

Power, wealth and wisdom

Strength and might to Thee

Sacrificial Lamb.

3. Thy Kingdom come

Agonizing Lord

Thy Kingdom come

Merciful Lamb.

4. Reign forever Lord.

Crucified Lamb of God

Who hangs bleeding for love

Reign forever more.

Son of the Beloved, tomorrow you will hear the Heavenly Beings adoring the Sacrificial Lamb of God Who hangs

bleeding on the Cross for love of you. When the time comes, you will join them.

I am coming back in the evening to teach you what motivated me to come to you. I am your daughter Cecilia. I pray

that you will not give up. May Jesus, Who loves you, bless you all. So I leave you”

Immediately, the vision passed.




14 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



In our novena prayer, I saw the vision of a Holy Sanctuary in the cloud. The Ark of Covenant was there. Within a short

time, there was a lightning and a sound of thunder. Instantly, I saw Saint Cecilia, holding a brass trumpet in her

hands, and little Cherubim by her sides. She came nearer and finally said:

“Son of the Beloved, I have come to express my gratitude for the love, which Jesus Christ has for you. I am your

daughter, Cecilia. I am here, through the loving appeal of my Sorrowful Mother. Son of the beloved, how I wish you

love Jesus Christ much. He really loves you. He suffers martyrdom daily due to your sins, in a mystical way. This martyrdom is greater than any form of martyrdom, that one can ever experience. He loves to be nearer to you

always; but you desert Him.

Son of the beloved, think of what it means that your God and Your Saviour weep for you. He wept not only ordinary

tears but tears of blood. He calmly appeals to you with a gentle voice to show Him love, yet you reply Him with

hatred. Son of the Beloved, who do you think you are? Look at a Creator weeping for His creatures. Indeed, He loves

you, His creature. Come near to Him. Jesus is really looking to see your love. He wants to keep you where He is so

that nothing will harm you. Answer Him when He calls; approach Him with love and awe.

Children of the Beloved know you today that you ought to do before the Blessed Sacrament what we are doing in

Heaven, because it is the same God we have in Heaven that you too have in the Blessed Sacrament. The whole

Heavenly Court, fear the dazzling light of God’s Presence in the altar of Heaven; you too will fear the same God Who

is really present in the Holy Eucharist. Children of the Beloved, you are to show perfect reverence to Jesus in the

Blessed Sacrament, so that you will receive from Him multiple blessings. You miss multiple blessings by not adoring

Jesus Christ in an absolute reverence and awe. He is really present in the Blessed Sacrament. He is the same God we

adore in Heaven.

Children of the Beloved, learn to prostrate well whenever you approach the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Holy

Sanctuary. Learn also to bow low to the mighty Name of Jesus Christ at any time you hear it, and to the Holy Name of

the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Learn and do this always so as to gain multiple blessings from the

Most High God. Put it into practice now. Make it a part of you. This is how it is done in Heaven. Then, learn from now

not to call the Name of your God in vain. All the Holy Names of your God and your Saviour when called need to be

adored. Children of the Beloved, I know that this will seem difficult for you because you are living in an arrogant and

wicked world, which fills you with pride. But you are to learn it from now because you are the Apostles of Renewal.

You are called to hasten the Glorious Reign on earth.

Children of the beloved, when you come for the Reparation, you are to adore the Presence of Jesus Christ in the

Blessed Sacrament with an absolute reverence and awe. Whenever you hear the Priest of God calling you to join the

Saints and the Holy Angels in singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ during Mass, you are to prostrate with your head touching the

ground to sing with the Saints, Holy, Holy, Holy. You are to do this in atonement for your sins of negligence and those

of the whole world committed against the Presence of God in the Holy Eucharist. Remain on your knees with a humble

heart to offer the rest of the prayers of Consecration. After Communion, you shall stand up to offer a noble thanks to

the Most High Trinity, Who fed you with the Sacrificial Lamb. Finally you are to kneel with your head bowed low to

receive the Divine Spirit and the final blessing. In the end, praise the Holy Name of your God.

Children of the beloved, you will do all these things, in addition to the order given by the Sorrowful Mother, in

atonement for all the sins committed against the New Ark of the Covenant. Children of the Beloved, after you have

participated in this Great Reparation, you will learn to adore with fear the Presence of your God. I say to you that you

will die out of fear the moment you come to the full knowledge of the One you daily neglected with coldness and


It is only with the guidance of Holy Angels that a Holy Soul reaches the Presence of God in Heaven. The Glory of God

is great. No one can stand in His Presence if not for His love, and mercifulness. Our God is so kind. He forgives all who

turn to Him with true and sincere repentance. Learn now, that He will forgive your past negligence.

Then, I asked: “Can one offer ‘a hand of peace’ during the hour of Consecration?”

She replied: “Children of the Beloved, if you are to offer the sign of peace, you shall do it moderately with regards to

the Sacrificial Lamb on the altar. He does no wrong he who wishes peace to his sorrowful friend who lost his Father.

But he does great wrong, if he casually does this. His words will only inflame the sorrow of his friend. Jesus is highly

annoyed with your total abandonment during this hour. He greatly needs your nearness to His love. Nothing should

distract you during this hour. I say, gently offer the sign of peace and keep on meditating on the agony of Jesus Who

loves you much.

Children of the beloved, know you again that it is the same God you have in the Blessed Sacrament that we have in

Heaven. Learn to do before the Blessed Sacrament what we are doing in Heaven.

This is the Glorious Reign you are called to hasten. May it reign in the world, the Heavenly Worship through you, as

you see ‘modernism’ reigning in the world through the agents of the Evil One.

I am praying for you all, in union with the Heavenly Saints, to see that you all will remain firm in your faith and

hasten the Glorious Reign of peace. May the blessing of your God remain with you all. So, I leave you”

Immediately, the vision passed.



15 TH JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



Today being the last day of our three-day novena in the month of July, I saw in a vision Saint Michael the Archangel,

Saint Anthony Claret, and Saint Francis of Assisi discussing the ‘Glorious Reign’ in the cloud.

Francis: “The enemy has reached his climax. His plans are moving successfully, even at the stage of fighting the

greatest source of grace,-- the Holy Mass. Michael, you see the Beast coming out of the sea.”

Michael: “Yes, he has little time to act. When the right time comes, I will be given order to act.”

Anthony Claret: “Many of God’s people have little knowledge, concerning the malice and work of this wicked Beast.

Even among my fellow clergy, who need to be at alert. See, the Evil One is working in full force among them. See, the

struggle and manly effort he is making to capture the highest position in the Holy Church; while God’s people are

dozing in sound sleep.”

Francis: “There are very few that understand. But they are the most neglected servants. They seem illiterate in the

eyes of the world. This makes it come true the words of the Saviour that; God has made known the mysteries of His

kingdom to the little children”.

Michael: “Those remnant groups that understand suffer much. They suffer persecution and even rejection from the


Francis: “Their suffering is not a waste. Suffering under obedience gains much grace. Those who understand among

them will enjoy their suffering and their persecution, because in the bearing of the Holy Cross is true happiness. If

they will understand and pray for more suffering and persecution, they will hasten the Glorious Reign. As their

sufferings increase, the hour of peace approaches.”

Anthony: “Very few understand this great merit of suffering. See Our Saviour living Agonizingly among the world.

See the Queen of Heaven living sorrowfully among the children of God. Yet, only very few acknowledge this great

love. There are many seekers but few consolers. Look at those who come to the Agonizing Lord Jesus Christ in His

Holy Temple in different Chapels all over the world. There are many seekers but very few consolers. Look, Our Lord is

weeping for the world.”

Michael: “I marvel at the great love which the Most High God has for man”.

Immediately, Michael had finished this statement, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud,

appeared the Holy Agonizing Crucifix mounted on the Holy Sanctuary of God in Heaven. The Saints and Angels of

Heaven adore the Lamb of God on the Cross.

I heard a loud voice, which cried out and sang: ‘O House of Israel, come and adore the Lamb of God. Adore the Lamb

on the Cross Who died to save you”. In another tone, they repeated the tribes of Israel in exchange of the house of

Israel. They called the tribes one after the other from Reuben to Benjamin. At every tone, they all bowed down with

their heads touching the ground and sang: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, as I was taught yesterday.

In the end, cloud came down and covered the whole place. Then appeared the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ,

who calmly said:

My children, this is the vision of the Holy worship of 14 th September. My Priests who are present at that time will bless

the crosses. I say the Agonizing crosses by 12 noon that day.

Then, they will intone the songs to alert the House of Israel. All men except the Priest holding the Cross will bow low

with their heads touching the ground and sing ‘holy, holy, holy’. This will continue every hour till 12 mid-night. At the

dot every hour, each group will intone the songs starting from the first group to the last group of the tribe of

Benjamin. Each group has only one hour to intone. Immediately after each adoration, you will continue with your

normal programme.

Children, make this programme great. It is great in Heaven. After the adoration of 12 mid-night, all men will kiss the

Holy Cross with love. Children, this programme remains forever. After you have adored Him on earth, you will join the

Saints to adore Him forever. I am appealing to the women Apostles from Independence Layout, Enugu to see that the

Sanctuary of Reparation pleases Heaven. Children, remember that you are to light up the altar, with twelve flames of

candle. I warn you never to sleep in the Presence of the Holy Trinity. You are chosen Apostles. You are called to

console the Lamb of God. May your worship please Heaven.

On the 15 th of September, you will have your Total Dedication between 12 noon to 3.00 pm. You are to do this

Consecration with the Votive Mass of the Precious Blood. After the Consecration, you will receive your crosses of

Consecration and the badges of Dedication. From that time, you are made full Soldiers of Jesus Christ. You will be

sent to make disciples of all nations as the Apostles of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Children, come and enjoy the Heavenly blessing. Do you love to hear the discussion of these Saints again?” I said,


She said: Pray and mortify yourselves more. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I love you all. I bless you

all. Remain in peace from Heaven”.

Immediately, the vision passed.



20 TH JULY, 2000(3AM)



Today being the first day of the twelve-day novena in the month of July, I saw in a vision, Our Lord hanging alive on

the Cross, the vision emanated from the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. Within a short time, cloud came

down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“Children, I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you. I welcome you all who have gathered to appease the

anger of the Eternal Father in this great month of July. I say to you all, the battle is Mine.

I am choosing My warriors all over the world. I am getting them ready to meet the hour. Their number will be very

few. Children, I am choosing the weakest ones, the most little, and the most neglected children of Mine to be My

warriors. I will use their illiteracy to teach the wise, their dullness to teach the brave. I will do this so as to let you

know that the battle is Mine.

Children, I am choosing all who yield completely to the Divine Will. Those who deny and crucify themselves and finally

carry their crosses after Me all the days of their lives. They are My warriors. I will fill them with My Spirit and power.

Their eyes and minds will be opened to know the plans of the enemy, because I will give them the grace of Divine

Wisdom. Children, My warriors will seem little, but courageous.

I am calling you all, to join My training in this great month of July, so that you will be chosen. All who know and

understand will pray to join My warriors, so that they will not suffer the cruel sufferings of civilians. Children, know

you that the warriors of the wicked man are at work in your country. You see them, and you hail them because you

want peace. Very soon, you will regret. I say, you will weep out every bit of joy you derive from their work. At that

time, you will understand My words when I appealed to you to pray.

Come and join My warriors so that I will heal your spiritual blindness of mind and eyes. Children, this is why I

appealed to you to make this devotion known all over the world. Teach the world the merit of the month of July. Let

all men join in the novenas so as to get healing of their spiritual blindness.

Children, all who are spiritually blind will not understand the time. Their mind and eyes will not understand or see the

malice, work and plan of the Evil One. They will continue moving in the darkness of their souls and eyes till they fall

into the pit of the enemy, where they will suffer and regret bitterly. I am here to heal your blindness of soul and the

spiritual blindness of your eyes. Come and join My warriors.

Children, know you again that you are living in the dark world. There is need for your sight. Even those who have

their normal sight, stumble in darkness. How then, will it be for those who are totally blind? How do you think they

will make a move? I say, they will not only stumble, but will pitifully fall with their joints broken. They will have

nothing to do but remain calm and wait for their death. The enemy will come there and capture them

Children, I am choosing My warriors, join them so that your spiritual blindness will be healed. I will teach you the

Perfect Will of your God, and make the merits of sufferings known to you during the days of the novena.

When you come for the reparation, I will teach you by 2.00 pm and share My work, with the revelation of My project

at 12 mid-night every day; except 15 th and 16 th September. On 15 th , My Mother will teach you by 9.00 pm. This is the

only lesson for the day. On 16 th , I will give you final advice by 11.00 am. And finally bless you with the power of the

Holy Trinity.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who am calling you to join My warriors. I love you all. I bless you all”

Immediately, the vision passed.

(One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be…)

(The Rosary: Intention: Conversion of sinners and Renewal of the Face of the Earth)






In our novena prayer, I saw the vision of Our Lord hanging alive on the Cross; bleeding unceasingly for love He has

for His people. As l was looking cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Agonizing

Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

“My children, the special gift I offer to My lovers is the chalice, which I drank. The chalice, which is so dear to Me.

Those who love Me accept it with joy. When they taste it, they enjoy its sweetness, but those who hate My way suffer

it’s bitterness.


This is the chalice of love, the chalice of mercy as well as the chalice of My suffering. This is what I have for you. This is the cup of love I reserve for My lovers. This is the cup of My Death, the cup of Salvation. Receive from Me

always, this chalice of mercy. I say receive from Me your own cross. Drink the cup of suffering and joy with Me.

Children, enjoy this chalice of salvation with Me.

Children, the cross that is not accepted is My agony that is not consoled. The agony that is not consoled is martyrdom

I am suffering for you. You suffer even greatly by avoiding your crosses, because you are not moving. The weight of

the cross falls on you. Children, I instantly withdraw the cross that is accepted and offer you a new cross so as to

draw consolation from you. What I gain from your cross is the consolation I draw from it. This is why I withdraw the

cross instantly and offer you a new cross. The cross I left on you after you have accepted it gives Me much

consolation and yields you multiple graces. Sanctifying graces follow you the moment you accept your cross with love.

Children, surrender to every cross.

What then is Divine Will? Children, what do you think is the Perfect Will of God? I say to you, My peace be with you to

understand this Divine Lesson. Children, accident comes with the error of man. I mean interior and exterior accidents.

All accidents accepted with love are the cup of chalice I gave you. This chalice is the Perfect Will of God.

You have been given your will to act freely. If any one imposes this free will cruelly against another because he has

authority over him, and the sufferer happens to accept it with love, he has accepted the chalice of My love. This

chalice is the Perfect Will of God. I will not let the weight of your cross kill you. Even if you happen to die physically, I

will raise you to life on the last day.

Children, I enjoy this chalice always. I enjoy the sweet cross. This is why I lovingly offer it to My lovers. You do Me

great wrong by avoiding your crosses. This sweet cross is what your lover and your Saviour offers to you, but you are

rejecting it. Accept from Me this sweet cross of love.

Children, as you are enjoying this sweet chalice of love with Me, you will enjoy its sweetness with Me in Heaven. I am

the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who love you.

Rejoice as you see in nature, your friends or your enemies create crosses for you; see My Hands offering them to you.

Accept this loving chalice from Me. Embrace the sweet cross. I am the Agonizing Jesus Whom you are consoling

Children, learn to treat My messages seriously. May it have deep root in your souls. Pray, I will teach you My will

always. The programme of 15 th September will be on Mount Carmel, Olo. The night programme remains in the Chapel

of your Reparation. My Mother will treat the programme well on 26 th of this month.

Children, get all things ready before the day. Plan to record day-to-day programme of the Reparation. You will enjoy it

in the years to come. Gather My Apostles to Me. I am looking for them. I call you all to bless you. I love you all. I

bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.


22 ND JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



In our novena prayer, I saw in a vision, Our Lord carrying His Cross on the rough road of Calvary. Within a short time,

cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who calmly


“My children, My way is a desert road. I say, it is a Calvary way. A narrow way with rough stones. It is a Calvary way.

I lead all My lovers through this gracious road to the Land of Happiness.

Children, there is no other way, which can lead to the Land of Happiness other than the Royal Way of the Cross. This

road is hidden. Those who find it find life, but it seems that only few find it. Children, not all, who find it, follow it. I

say, there are only very few who find it that follow it. And not all who follow it reach the land of happiness. Children,

very, very few people possess the Land of Happiness.

This royal road is a gracious way for those who love Me. They see the ocean of sanctifying grace along the way. This

grace is a source of power and strength for them. They embrace it and remain firm. But for those who hate My cross,

it is a stumbling road.

Children, My way is easy for those who love My cross.

This way is the road of happiness, since it’s end is a land full of happiness and joy. Although, mighty men stop on the

way, they stop the moment their love for Me and the holy cross vanishes.

Children, no one can walk through this land to the land of happiness without true love for the Holy Cross. True love

has no attachment to self. He has the self-crucified. True love lowers himself, and takes the lowest position. He

chooses to serve than to be served. True love has no attachment to the world. He lays his love completely before the

One Who died for love of him. True love realizes that to die for the One he loves is greater than any love he will show

to his Lover. True love follows his Lover wherever He goes. He rejoices with Him and suffers with Him whenever the

time comes.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who call you to follow Me. My way is a desert way. I say it is a Calvary way. I am

calling all My lovers to follow Me through this royal way of the cross. I chose it for your sake. This is the way My

Father has kept for Me from the beginning for your salvation. This is the way I followed to set you free. Let all My

lovers follow it back to our joyful Home. That way you are following is not the true way. That wide road, which many

are following, leads to perdition. This is the way, which the enemy made to deceive you. He made it wide, and smooth

so as to attract you.

Children, remember that I went through deserts and seas in search of you. It is the same route that you will follow

back home. I say, there is no other route. This is why My way is a desert way, with rough stones, cold and hot desert.

If you had not lost your way and gone far away into this terrifying desert, I would not have come to search for you.

And there would have been nothing like the desert way I am teaching you now. Children, you went deep into a

terrifying desert. I went through a narrow and rough road searching for you. Now that I have found your, we shall go

back home through the same route. There is no other way. Come, My children, let us go home. Follow Me! This is the

way that leads to our joyful home.

I am the agonizing Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd, Who comes to save His flock.

Follow Me, it is a rough way. I love you all. I am with you all. I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.



23 RD JULY, 2000(7:30PM)



In our novena prayer, I saw the vision of Our Lord Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross bleeding. Within a short

time, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ,

Who calmly said:

“My children, I come to teach you the merits of the Cross of Forgiveness. This is the gracious cross, which I accepted

from My Father in order to save humanity. I am offering it to all My lovers to carry. I accepted it from Him. Accept

from Me the gracious Cross of Forgiveness. I say to you; forgive all who offend you and pray for all who refuse to

accept your forgiveness. Forget all the pains of their injury that stab your heart. Love them as your true friends.

Children, even if they refuse to accept your appeal of peace, forgive them and show more love to them. Children, true

love is forgiveness.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross of Forgiveness for you. Remember My words of forgiveness on

the Cross. When I said: “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”. I am the model of forgiveness. I

am appealing to you what I am. Children, if you are to be true lovers of My cross: You are to forgive even at the cost

of your life. Bless those who curse you, and have compassion on those who hunt for your life. Pray for those who

persecute you. And offer more of your wealth to those who take your possession by force. This is the Cross of

Forgiveness I am giving to you.

Children, who then is supposed to ask for pardon? Is it the one who offended or the one who is offended?” I answered

“the one who offended”. Our Lord answered: “Truly I say to you, there is no grace for the one who is offended if he

waits for the one who offended him to ask for pardon before he forgives and forgets the injury. This is because he has

received his consolation in the world. O! What multiple graces for the offended who pleads with love to those who

offend him to forgive him. I say; He gains multiple graces, which remit thousands of years in his Purgatory days.

Children, I say to you, ask pardon of those who offend you. Do it with love. Do it with a repentant heart. This is a