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DATE: 5TH APRIL, 2000 TIME: 3:00 PM




During this hour, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ walking alone in the

wilderness. Later He came near a certain city and sat down on a rock a few miles away

from the city. He remained there and prayed for a long time. When He finished praying,

He went inside the city and preached to the people the Good News about the Kingdom

of Heaven. In the end, only seven people followed Him. They came out of the city and

went down to the valley of the mountain not far from the city. In the valley, I saw that

there were many crosses there, too many to be counted. Jesus said to them:

“These are the rejected crosses which your people failed to carry. Whoever wants to

follow Me must carry his cross and follow Me. He will deny the world, deny self, carry

his cross and follow Me. The way that leads to happiness is a narrow way. It is a desert

way, very dry and hard to go. Whoever goes with Me will not walk in darkness. I will

change your sorrow into happiness, your pains into joy. Those who love Me find that

My cross is light and that My way is easy to go. Children, whoever wants to save his

own life will lose it but whoever losses his life for Me will find it”

The seven men replied in one tone. “We have left everything and followed You. Show

us Your way, we will carry our crosses and go after You”. Our Lord looked at them for

a while and informed them to go and tell their relatives and friends and come back.

They all left at once leaving Jesus who sat down on a rock and bent down His Head in

silence. Later, they came back. The journey began. Jesus began to give them their

crosses to carry. The first person complained of the weight of his cross. Our Lord

ordered him to choose from the crosses. When He tried to choose, he found out that the rest of the crosses were heavier than his own. Unknowingly, He came back and picked that particular one our Lord gave him at first and said: Yes; this is my own. Our Lord gazed at him and calmly said; is it not the one I gave you? They all took their own

crosses. The journey began.

They sang and prayed as they moved on carrying their crosses. Jesus took the lead. The

journey was a serious one. No one cared to look back. They passed hills and low lands.

They climbed mountains and went through the valleys. They suffered the dryness of the hot desert. At a point, the faith of some of them began to fail. The journey was slow and

steady, but yet some couldn’t catch up. Some were five miles away from Jesus, some

three, some two miles. At this point, they began to suffer the temptation of free will. I saw two of the men cutting off their crosses at the base while the journey was still on. In the evening of the first day, they came to a great river. Our Lord Jesus Christ first reached there. He bent down and placed His own cross across the river and passed. The rest did the same, except the two weaker ones who had cut their crosses. They measured their crosses, but could not cross the river. They sat down wept and cried to Jesus but no one dared to listen and look at them. They were left there while others continued their journey. This happened on the first day as I saw in the vision. On the second day, they continued the journey day and night. They passed the whole day in the desert and suffered more severely than on the first day. I saw that another two men thought that there would be no other river to cross, so they cut their crosses like the first group of people. When the evening of the second day came they were abandoned like the former ones. The remaining three and Jesus Our Saviour continued. They passed the cold night and entered the third day. On the third day, they arrived at a mountain. Our Lord stood there and pointed to them their last destination; a land of happiness and rest. But before they could reach there, there was a certain city they had to pass. Our Lord told them that the city is a sinful city. Nothing holy can be found there. He told them not to stop in that city, not to eat or drink anything there. Their sins have piled up as high as Heaven, waiting for God’s wrath and destruction. Our Lord said: “I am leaving you to go and look for the lost sheep of Israel. But I will be there to welcome you in the end”. Immediately, He vanished from their sight. The three men found themselves alone. But they took courage and moved on. Eventually, they entered the city, the sinful city. They saw its glory and its pleasures. They were tempted more with all the pleasures of that city. They were mocked shamefully by the people of that city. At last two of

them gave up and joined the people.

The remaining one, who was more highly tempted than the others persisted in his faith,

carried his cross and entered the land of happiness and rest.

Instantly, a cloud came down and covered the whole land. I saw our Lord Jesus Christ

holding a golden crown brighter than the sun, and coming down from the cloud with the

Angels, too many to be counted. They came down to welcome the only survivor. Our

Lord placed the crown on his head and made him see again the whole journey he

underwent and the sufferings of the earth and his fallen friends. Within a few minutes,

he forgot the suffering of the long journey and the heavy cross. Instantly, the vision

passed. The Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appeared and said to me:

“Son, you have seen. This is how those who followed Me ended up on the way. Only

a few struggled to the end. Struggle to enter the land of happiness. The way is hard, but

he who endures till the end shall be saved. This vision will be made known to My

Apostles on their days of consecration and renewal of their consecration. I promise to

give you the Spirit of Wisdom to open your heart for more understanding. The Spirit

will throw light into the darkness of souls and renew their hearts. I am the Agonizing

Jesus Christ who loves you. Peace be with you. I bless you”.

Immediately, the vision passed. I woke up; it was exactly 6 pm. So it took me complete

three hours to witness the vision; one hour, represented one day as I saw in the vision.

I came back to myself and recorded it.



DATE: 6TH APRIL, 2000 TIME: 3:00 PM




In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision the Holy Agonizing Face. Our Lord

with His Face bathed with Blood calmly said:

“My son, go and tell all My backsliding Apostles, that I have forgiven them. I want

them back. They have caused Me much pain and wounds in the Heart. But I have

forgiven them. They have crucified Me several times, but I have forgiven them. I want

them back. I still love them. I am thirsty to see them back.

Tell them to come back to their work, which has been lying idle over the years since

they left. I am merciful; I forgive. I will not remember their sins anymore. I will give

them back their portion of My glory. I will bless them. How happy, My son, to see My

lost sheep coming back to unite with My flock. I tell you, there will be great happiness

among the Angels and Saints. Many Wounds will be healed in the two Hearts of Love,

the Hearts of Mother and Son. How terrible it will be for the sheep that remain

adamant over this loving call to return. He will regret every word of My loving call.

When the time comes, he will have no rest in this world. Even the kingdom of iniquity

will not hold him. Everything will reject him. He will be left to the evil spirits to be

tortured. This is so because he has the Mark of My Seal, which will always remind him

of My love for him. Go and look for My lost sheep. Bring them back to Me.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Remain in My peace. I bless you”. Immediately the

vision passed.




TIME: 3:00 PM




During my prayer at this hour, I saw Our Lord hanging alive on the Cross. Precious

Blood flowed from all His Wounds. He kept silent in an Agonizing mood.

Within a short time, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Holy

Agonizing Face appeared and said:

“They have eyes, but they cannot see.

They have ears, but they cannot hear.

Their minds and their understanding are carnal that they cannot understand the hour.

My son, what is there yet to happen, and what are you expecting to hear or see before

you will understand the time and run for your life?

The Evil One has come. They have introduced their errors in the world. Disastrous

abominations have filled the Church, setting up in the Holy Place. Evil fashions have

been introduced in the world. Satan’s incarnates can be seen all over the world. You can

see the kingdom of Satan in the world where people go about naked without shame.

You have seen the perilous time, the difficult hour, when people will be selfish, greedy,

slanderous, violent, unkind, and irreligious. You are living in a world that chains the

truth and allows lies to flow. You have seen the persecution of the truth.

What else remains before you understand the hour? You can predict the weather when

you look at the condition of the cloud. Why, then, don’t you know the meaning of this

present time? My Mother had come many times to you to warn you about the hour. She

saw the destruction that is coming upon you. She wept for you. She wept even bloody

tears for you; yet you cannot understand the hour. I, in turn, sweated blood in great

agony for you. I also wept a stream of Tears and Blood for love of you. Still, you cannot

understand the time. Faithless children, you are waiting to hear a thunder sound before

you begin to run from the deadly lightning that kills without warning. Run now or else

the day will catch up with you when you are not ready. Turn to Me with love. I will

show you the way out that leads to salvation. I will show you the way out. You will

escape from the land of destruction so that you will not share in the fate of this sinful

city. Children, give up this sinful world. Do not share in its unclean bread and its

iniquitous drink. Run for your lives. See, your days on earth are numbered, the day

when you will smell the great wrath of God. I am calling all the houses of Israel to run

for their lives. Follow the desert way to the Land of Promise. Children, when you

know, you will understand. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bless you all.”




TIME: 12:00 NOON




Today, being the seventh day of my desert outing, the last day of my mortification

program. I was tempted to stay more, but that was not the will of God. I was in

prayer when I saw the glory of the Lord coming down from the cloud.

In the cloud, I saw the Agonizing Jesus Christ with His Hands tied and His Head

crowned with thorns. He wore a red mantle with an iron rod in His Hand, descending

from the cloud as He sat on His Throne.

I was lifted up in the spirit as high to the Throne. Our Lord looked up and said:

“On the day when My tied hands will be loosened and lifted up in triumph to rule; on

the day when this Crown of Thorns will be replaced with a Glorious Crown, and the

robe stained with Blood replaced with a Royal Mantle, the whole world will see My

loving Kingdom, My Kingdom of peace. Happy are all who are called to see this hour.

When this hour comes, there will be no more pains, no more sorrow, no worry; all these

old things will have passed away. There will be only one True Church and one True

Faith. The whole world will acknowledge the value of My Sacrificial Death. My

Precious Blood will reign forever.

Children, how then will this hour come? The hour will come soon through you. I have

called you to hasten the hour. You are the Apostles of My Glorious Reign. May I find

consolation in you. Children, even if the whole world turns against Me, May you stand

for Me.

You will be persecuted. The whole world will hate you because of Me. You will suffer

many disappointments because you want to do My Will. You will miss many

opportunities because they are evil, and you can’t do them. All these are what you will

suffer so as to hasten the hour. Children, you will not be in a haste to see the hour, but

yield yourself entirely to the Will of your God. He alone knows the hour. Your total

submission to His Will shall do much better to hasten the hour than your worries and

your anxiety. You are men of blind mind and eyes. How can a blind man see something

far from his reach? He sees with the vision of the mind, what he touches or feels. In the

same way, you will not see what is beyond you because they are Heavenly matters.

How can the corrupt mind of man understand the incorruptible mind of the Most Holy

God? The way of Heaven is not the way of the world. Little by little, I am making My

way known to My little children. Do not allow yourselves to fall into confusion or

become insane while you are thinking of how Heaven will carry out its plan. No human

being will understand fully and explain well how it will happen. Children, I say it is

beyond your understanding. What you will bear in mind always is that it will happen

sooner than you think. Children, what I need of you is to yield to the Divine Will. You

will not stumble in darkness. All will come to pass on the day you do not know and will

not know. Then My Kingdom will come. He who endures till the end will be saved.

Barnabas, I am happy to see you fulfill this call. Receive My blessing”.

He prayed silently for a short time and said: “I bless you, in the Name of the Father,

and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. GO AND MAKE MY WILL KNOWN to the

world. Peace be with you always”. Immediately, the whole vision passed. I was filled

with strength. Later in the evening, I went back home.



DATE: 18TH APRIL, 2000

TIME: 12:30 AM




During this hour, I saw in a vision the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ. He looked

at me for a while and then said:

“Barnabas, I will send you to St. Theresa’s Parish, Abakpa, Enugu, on this Holy

Thursday. I am there waiting for you in Gethsemane. I am calling you and all men to

come and watch with Me. I will speak to My people at midnight on that Thursday, I

will show you My agony. I will express My agony to you. My son, let My Will be

made known through you. Let My Will be done on earth”.


I asked: My Lord and my Saviour, how can I inform the Parish Priest, since it is too

sudden. Our Lord replied: “My son, only submit, I will do My work. Yield entirely to

My Will. You will see the gate of salvation opening to humanity. This work is Mine

alone. Only say YES to the Divine Will. My joy will be complete in you.

I am your Agonizing Master, Who loves you. Remain in My peace.

I bless you”.







During this hour, I saw the vision of Our Lord alone in Gethsemane. He was there

weeping bitterly and at the same time sweating blood. In great agony and grief, He

cried out that I could hear His bitter cry. Immediately, He fell to the ground. He

looked as if He was dead. As I was looking, a cloud came down and covered the whole

place. The Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ appeared. Blood bathed His Face. He calmly


“My children, I welcome you all into the Gethsemane hour of prayer. I am pleased to

see all of you here. I welcome you; come, come and console Me.

My children, I come to share with you My agony and sufferings, the pains, which your

sins are causing Me. Son, do you know that Satan laughs at Me, because of you? I am

here calling you all My chosen to hear My greatest agony that I suffered for you.

Listen, My son, when I was alone and was totally abandoned by both man and God.

The day I was first in Gethsemane, you were My only consolation. The Evil One

showed Me My total abandonment and the faithlessness of the world. In great anguish

and grief, I sweated blood for love of you. The Angel of My comfort who showed you

to Me consoled Me. My children, I really saw you, I knew your names. The Angel

repeated your names to Me. I carried them in My heart.

Whenever the pains of My suffering grew, I repeated your names and was consoled.

When you were about to be born in the world I knew. I was happy because My chosen

are coming to help Me to renew the face of the earth. Children, now where are you?

The enemy is laughing at Me because of you. The enemy said that he would never see

you do My Will. Many have followed the evil way. He opened darkness and many

followed it. The enemy introduced fashion; you all followed him. He gave you a law

not to obey your God; you obeyed him. Children, how long will I appeal to you to

return to Me? How long will I appeal to you to be faithful to the One Who loves you?

Children, you owe Me love, which I show you. I am here always in Gethsemane

waiting for you to come and console Me but you rarely come with true love.

Children, you will know that you are living in the hour of darkness when the power of

darkness rules. Those who are in the light can see incarnates of the devil at work in the

world. But those who live in the flesh swim in the ocean of iniquity with the Evil One.

Know today, that this hour is the hour of separation. Those who are in the light follow

Me and receive My Seal. But those who are in darkness follow the Evil One and receive

the mark of the Beast, 666.

Children, I am pleading with you all with love to turn My shame into honor, My

sorrow into happiness, through your way of life. SHOW MY ENEMY THAT YOU LOVE

ME. Prove to him that you are My chosen. I will bless you with a special grace of love.

I will make your heart pure. I will protect you from despair. Children, I am the

Abandoned Lamb. Remain in this Gethsemane hour of prayer. Pray always and never

give up. I am preparing you for the persecution that is coming soon. If you remain in Me,

you will not be in confusion. My peace will remain in you.

I love you all. I bless you all. Look and see My agony”. Immediately, I saw Jesus

again in Gethsemane sweating Blood for love of us. I wept. Our Lord got up, touched

me and I came back.



DATE: 19TH MAY, 2000




Today, being the third Friday reparation for the sins of the whole world, I woke up to

say my midnight prayer when I saw the vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging

alive on the Cross. He gazed at me steadily without uttering a word. Within a short

time, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy

Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ. He calmly said:

“My chosen, why are you slapping Me on the face? What wrong have I done to you? If

nothing, why are you slapping Me? My chosen, is it because I chose you and set you

apart to be My consoler? Is it because I love you and My heart is on you? That brought

all the evil in you? You have known My Heart because you are the sons of My Heart. I

have given My Heart to you so you chose to pierce rather than consoling My Agonizing

Heart. With coldness and mindlessness, you slap Me as a reward for all My benevolent

acts towards you and all men. My sighting coldness in you creates in Me a double

agony of pain and hurt feelings. I am overburdened whenever I remember that you are

still far from the light. When I called you back and appealed to you for help towards the

lost sheep of Israel, you replied Me with a bitter slap. What have I done to you My

chosen? If nothing, why are you slapping Me so cruelly?

My chosen, I chose you out of your nothingness and set you apart in existence to be the

sons of My Heart. Among those I redeemed with My blood, My eyes are on you

because you have the Seal of My love in you. I knew you before your existence. You

are the one whom the Angel showed Me in the garden, the sons of Light. From that day,

your names were written in My Heart. I did not forget you. I took care of you from the

day of your conception till now. I saw to it that nothing harmed you. I delivered you

from the hands of the enemy. My Precious Blood is your salvation. When you were

growing up, I showed you the light of My salvation. I led you and made you walk

around the truthful garden. You tested the sweetness of the fruit of My garden. You have known the truth, but now you are denying its power. My chosen, what have I done to merit this bitter slap?

My chosen, have you sent My messages and this devotion to those I appealed to you?


You are waiting for the Evil Man to lock the door before you knock. Verily, I say to

you, very soon, it will be too late. The power of darkness will rule in full force. At that

time, you will understand what you are doing to Me. My bloody tears will then touch

your hearts. My chosen, have you made the crucifix as I appealed to you?


I answered, “No Lord, have mercy on us”. Our Lord continued: “Son, see how you slap

Me. This is how you pay Me for My loving gift to you. I will not call you for another

reparation Programme until I see My work being carried out. Even if the hour comes

that the foundation of the world is shaking, you will not be called for another reparation

prayer unless you obey. Be it known to you My chosen that this second call is much

more important than the first call. If you do not come together, you all will scatter at the

first appearance of the Beast. The enemy will then gain an advantage over you. I am

calling you to unite you and give you peace. I know your weakness and your

nothingness. I called you to offer them to Me. That is enough for Me. I am demanding

from you that littleness of yours. Offer up your littleness. That is enough for Me. My

son, I am speaking to My chosen, who kept on slapping Me without mercy. I am

speaking to My lovers. When will you understand the time? Verily, I say to you, “the

days are numbered: My son, your littleness and coldness pain Me much because I love

you. Multiply your love for Me. Hold up your slapping hand. Look at the Face of Him

Who loves you. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Peace be with you. I bless you all”.

Immediately the vision passed



DATE: 16TH JUNE, 2000

TIME: 1:00 AM




In my preparatory prayer for the retreat I had planned for Oturkpo, I saw the vision of

the Agonizing Jesus Christ on the Cross bleeding. He gazed at me steadily, and calmly



approaching. On that day men will regret any precious second not well utilized. I plead

with you My loving children to make use of your precious moments. KEEP EVERY


precious. You cannot get them again the moment they pass.

Be it known to you My son that I am passing My agonizing seconds; the seconds I am

losing My loved ones, those I have redeemed with My Blood. I am looking for someone

to console Me, but I find none. As the days are ticking off, I find you. I recognized you

as My chosen. I was happy to see you again. Son, but even now the precious moments

are passing without being utilized. MANY ARE GETTING LOST BECAUSE THERE IS


THEM THE LIGHT. You have kept My warnings and My appeal to the world sealed

with you, while the precious seconds are passing away. And you will not see them

again. My son, I chose you to be fishers of souls. Have My Heart consoled through

your effort of saving souls. I am looking for the day when My agonizing seconds will

become joyful seconds. On that day, all who suffered with the Son of Man will reign

with Him forever. Barnabas, why are you delaying My teaching to the world? Clearly,

write out the inspiration I gave you in the desert and submit it to Rev. Fr. Christopher

Enem for the Nihil – Obstat after final editing by your spiritual director. Then, give it to

Rev. Sr. Fidelia Omuta, who will send it to your Bishop. The source will not be

disclosed to him but the truth will be revealed to him when you meet him and inform

him. Then, you will publish it and make it known to the whole world. The title will be:


be done before the second call of reparation. Know that the precious seconds are

passing away. I have seen your little effort towards the making of the crucifix. I will

give you the date of the second reparation on the 25th of this month. I will explain the

Programme during your novenas of the month of July. The precious time is passing

away. Do not delay as before, I plead with you again. Inform My people of the great

novena of the month of July. Let it be done in families, in groups, and in the Church. I

have chosen the month of July to be a great month for My Precious Blood. I am

opening the ocean of My Blood in this month for mercy and salvation. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, the Spotless Lamb. I love you. I bless you.” Instantly, the

vision passed.



DATE: 25TH JUNE, 2000

TIME: 3:00 PM



During the hour of Mercy, I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ bleeding as He hung alive, in

great agony, on the Cross. He wept in great anguish and grief. His whole Body was

covered with Wounds and Blood.

The Sacred Heart appeared outside His thoracic cavity and shone His Divine rays on

me. As I was looking, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I

saw a hand holding a chalice and I heard a voice, which said to me. “Drink, this is the

Blood of your Saviour, Jesus Christ the Sacrificial Lamb. Drink, the journey is too far.”

Then, I took and drank. Immediately, my eyes opened, I saw the Glorious Face of the

Agonizing Jesus Christ bathed in blood. He calmly said:

“My son, and My children, I welcome you all in this great Feast of My Church; the

Feast of My Body and My Precious Blood. I have seen the large number of My people

who have gathered all over the world to adore My Presence in the Holy Eucharist. I

appreciate your adoration; I am being consoled. How I wish that the prayers I taught

you had been made known to the whole world so that My people will adore Me with

those adoring words I taught you. I appeal to you once more. Make My Will known to

all men. Barnabas, on the days when the Church will persecute you and pierce your

heart with the arrow of their mouth, I will desert you but I will not disappoint you. I

will also deprive all who stand for you the grace of Divine Wisdom. Some will run

away and accuse you, and deny the truth they believe now, while many will look

disappointed. Only those who abound in My love will remain. They will suffer greatly,

but their consolation will come sooner than others. I want you to pray harder. Only

prayers will shorten the days or totally eliminate the days. I called you to pray, up till

now you have not prayed enough. My son, I am calling all My Apostles to study the

teachings of the Church. That will help you to know the truth and critically look at My

teachings to you, now that you have enough grace. If My teachings are truth, follow

them. My teachings and warnings will not contradict the teachings of the Church. The

Church is My Body, how can I fight Myself? He who stands in the truth need not fear.

He will not die; he will live forever. I am calling all My Apostles, I say My Apostles,

who are propagating this holy devotion to My Precious Blood for a second reparation

Program. This will commence on 11th September and end on 16th September this year

2000. It will start by 12 noon of the commencement day and close by 12 noon of 16th

September this year 2000. This is a great call to reparation. I will explain the

Program in detail during the novena of the month of July.

Barnabas, some carnally ‘wise’ people will ask you why there are the wounds on My

Sacred Side on the Crucifix I gave you since I am still hanging alive? But Barnabas,

you annoyed Me. Why can’t you narrate what you saw? This is the mystical Cross of

My agony. Your Christ Who had died 2000 years ago is still suffering mystically the

pains and several crucifixions due to the sins of the whole world. My Heart, which

suffered mystically the pains of thorns, as well as My Wounds are still bleeding for love

of this needful world. This Crucifix is the cross of your Agonizing Master over 2000

years. My Sacred Agonizing Heart will be on the Cross as you saw it.” Then I asked,

“Lord you didn’t correct me for long. The artist would have finished the work”.

Our Lord answered:

“I left you so that you will know after learning. Learn now and pray much. When the

artists finish the cross bring it to Me for My approval. Make enough crosses for you and

for those you will send; the cross will be made before the day of reparation. If you

continue delaying till the day of reparation comes, I will stop you. This Crucifix will

be highly criticized and rejected by many, but My lovers will embrace it. I will use your

illiteracy to teach My mysterious Agony to the world. Submit to My Will. Your

humility consoles Me much. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I love you. I bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 1ST JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM



Today, being the first day of the first nine-day novena in the month of July, I saw our

Lord hanging alive on the cross, bleeding. There, I saw also that there were twelve (12)

routes by which groups of people, that seem to represent the twelve tribes of Israel,

were coming to the Agonizing Lamb on the Cross. As I was watching, a cloud came

down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, appeared the Agonizing Face of Jesus

Christ bathed in blood. In great anguish and grief, He calmly said:

“My children, you are precious to Me. I welcome you all to this great month of July,

which I have dedicated to My Precious Blood. I am with you always. I am happy to see

you again.

My children, you are precious to Me. My eyes are on you always. I looked after you to

see that nothing harmed you. I protect you, especially your souls that are so precious to

Me. My Blood, which I shed for your redemption, remains your protector and your

salvation. I am sprinkling My Precious Blood on you to see that you are protected and

shielded. I am near you always because you are precious to Me.

My lovers, only very few recognize My loving care for you; only very few feel My

nearness. Children, know today that I am living in fullness among My people because

the spiritual war has reached its climax. As I am near you, so also the enemy of My

death is near you. I am crying to your soul to see the light, but you rarely hear Me. You

rather hear the deceptive words of the Evil One, and follow darkness”.

Children, you are precious to Me. I am the One Who am appealing to you for holiness

in your very souls. If you can calmly listen to your soul, you will hear My painful cry of

love. Though now the enemy will not allow you. Children, this is a fearful hour of

separation. I am looking for My loving children. I am near you because you are

precious to Me. Like a Good Shepherd, I am looking after you to see that the wild

animals do not harm you. There are many wolves in the forest. All who escape from

My protection will not survive. The wolves will seize them and kill them. I am

appealing to all My children to come nearer to Me. I will come nearer to them. LET


you, My loving children, the voice of your Good Shepherd. Run to Him when He calls.

Obey the command of His voice. Follow Him wherever He goes. My children, you are

precious to Me. The love I have for you motivated Me to come and share these loving

words with you. Your prayer tomorrow will be offered for My young seminarians of the

whole world. The enemy has been given a little time to act. My chosen ones in the

seminaries and convents are suffering greatly. Many have been expelled. Those who

have little patience are abandoning their call. This is a great work of the Evil One. I

appeal to you to pray for them. Pray much for them, so that you will still have good

Priests to lead you to the truth. Through your prayers, I will choose for Myself a large

number of good clergy that will carry My Will to the world. I call on them to consecrate

themselves to My Blood. You are precious to Me. I am near you always to protect you.

Feel My Presence and show Me love. Pray for them; make My Will known to all men. I

am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I am with you always. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 2ND JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM



Today is the second day of the nine-day novena in the month of July. As I was

approaching the Holy Sanctuary, I saw the Glorious Face emanating from the Blessed

Sacrament on the altar. Divine rays flashed on me. Instantly, a cloud came down and

covered the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Face of the Agonizing Jesus

Christ, Who calmly said:

“My children, you show Me partial love. Know you today that you are the greatest

agony I am suffering. I am suffering your unfaithfulness, your lack of chastity, your

coldness and your neglect. Remember, My little lovers that I know you. I say, your

names are written in My Heart. I memorize them always whenever the pains and the

weight of the sins of the world weigh on Me. I remember your names. I pronounce

your names! I look for you to console Me. Many times, I found you unworthy to be My

consolers. Many of you double My agony whenever I look at you. I am Jesus who loves

you, I call you My lovers but you show Me partial love.

My children, look up in the world, you will see the devil incarnates, the children of

darkness, they dress naked and make up with the fashions of hell, and walk about the

streets of your towns and cities without shame. They know and understand the time; so

they work day and night against your souls. Indeed, they win many souls. My children,

do you see that they love their master much? They show complete love to their wicked

master who said to them; “Work hard, win their souls for Me, we have little time left. I

will reward you with the glory of the world”. My children, the children of darkness

gave their lives to their wicked master and will finally lose. Why can’t you offer Me

your lives and finally live? You only choose to show Me partial love.


know now and work out your salvation? Win many souls for Me. Take them with you

and run for your lives. I promise Heaven to you. My promise is true. I never change”.

“Children, My agony should be your concern. I sent My Angel to you who taught you

My Agonizing prayer. You begged for the unity of our hearts, that you will feel what I

feel; but even now, My agony does not touch your heart. It pains My Heart greatly,

your unfaithfulness, your coldness and your neglect; but it pleases your heart. It pains

My Heart greatly, the evil fashions of the world; but it pleases your hearts. You laugh

as you see them, while your Master is in great agony. At times, you follow them. You

imitate them. Children, learn today that a single venial sin can keep a soul millions of

years in the purifying fire of Purgatory, while a single mortal sin will lead a soul to everlasting suffering in Hell. How then do you think that you will escape? Learn now

and run for your lives. It greatly pains My Heart that you are ashamed of yourselves

because you are My followers. You want to live like the children of darkness so as to

avoid the criticism of the workers of the Evil One. You are ashamed of Me and My

teaching in these ungodly and wicked days. You are rejecting Heaven now. Soon you

will look for it. All who are candidates of Heaven should keep on imitating Heavenly

beings since you see, My children, that the children of darkness are imitating the

demons of Hell who dress naked and live in iniquity. There is Heavenly beauty and

earthly beauty. Children, I plead with you to choose Heavenly beauty. Understand

the time and run for your lives. Children, promote not the work of the Evil One. There

are many symbols of the wicked one in the world market. They are not for you. Be wise

to understand the cunning ways of the Evil One, since they are wise to understand your

ways. Children, do this so as to complete your love for Me. I show you great love. You

show Me partial love. Offer your prayers tomorrow mostly for the purity of My Priests.

The enemy has won a great advantage over their holiness. A greater number, I say, a

greater number is falling from grace. Ask for a sanctifying grace on their behalf. I am

greatly displeased at the way they offer the Sacrament of Penance.

Children, the greatest Angel in Heaven has no power to forgive the smallest venial sin.

But I have given the power to mere mortal men, My Priests, to carry out this ministry

for My people. Know you, My Priests, that a single power to forgive a mortal sin is

greater than the power I used in creation. I need your mortification. I need your

holiness. I recommend to you the putting on of your stole when you administer this

great Sacrament. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who chose you and made you My

Priests. I demand from you what I AM. You are the greatest agony I suffer. I love you

greatly. I bless you”. Immediately, the vision passed, and then I came back to myself.



DATE: 3RD JULY, 2000

TIME: 8.30 PM




In our adoration prayers in the novena of the month of July, I saw the vision of a Holy

Chalice surrounded with Thorns. As I was watching, the cloud shook and covered the

whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who

calmly said:


your lives are hindering the kingdom of peace on earth. I am looking to see your

maturity, but I always find your unfaithfulness. Whenever I see your faithlessness My

Heart is weakened. Children, you are prolonging My Agonizing days”. “I called you to

hasten My Glorious Reign on earth. There are many who live as though they love Me

but their lives prove that they don’t. They are the enemies of My Holy Death. Children,

such people even follow Me and praise My Holy Name. But they really deny the truth

of My teaching. They follow their own way like Judas Iscariot who first betrayed Me. I

say, they are the Judases of this last age. Children, I am looking to see the repentant

heart of Mary Magdalene again among My people. I am looking to see a loving

daughter like her. Apart from My loving Mother, she was the first daughter to hasten

My Glorious Reign on earth. Children, as she saw her loving Master weeping out of

sorrow, when My Agonizing day was approaching, she neared Me and consoled Me.

She was the first daughter who anointed My Sacred Head and Feet. She felt the cruel

torture of My Sacred Head. How the wicked man will lacerate and disfigure the Temple

of Divine Wisdom, she felt sorry and adored the Lamb of Sacrifice. Children, indeed,

she lifted My tired Hand. She consoled My Agonizing Heart. She hastened My

Glorious Reign. Even at the moment of her criticism by Judas Iscariot, she remained

firm. She remained My consoler. O! When shall My eyes see a loving daughter like

her? When shall I see in you the true repentance? When will you go like her and sin no

more? “Children, your unfaithfulness wedges My Glorious Reign. Turn to Me with

true repentance. Learn from Me for I am Meek and Humble of Heart. Choose for

yourselves the Royal way of the Cross. Forget self; crucify on the cross your earthly

being. Then carry your cross daily and follow me. The sooner you respond to My call,

the sooner you hasten the hour of My peace through your holiness, while your

unfaithfulness wedges the day and prolongs My agonizing days.

Children, you will offer your prayers tomorrow mostly for the welfare of the Vatican

City. My agony increases as the day approaches. My Heart suffers greatly as He (the

Pope) feels the awful day approaching. Suffer with the Pope the agony of the last fight.

My children fear not, when you feel or hear about a terrible confusion or great

disorderliness in the Vatican City. You should not run about. You should not disobey.

Remain in obedience. I am near to help you and lead you. You will understand much

during the hour. The hour will not be as great and terrible for you as it shall be for the

world. My peace will remain with you. My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will protect you.

I told you this before so that your heart will not be troubled when the hour comes.

Children answer when I call you. Remember that your lives hinder My Glorious Reign

on earth. All of you who wait in laziness for the day of the great Tribulation will

stumble when the day comes. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ whom you have kept in

a dark prison of great agony. I called you to hasten My kingdom on earth. I love you all.

I bless you all.”



DATE: 4TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM



During our adoration prayer, I saw the vision of the crucified Jesus Christ, hanging

alive on the Cross, bleeding for love of us. After a while, a cloud came down and covered

the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who

calmly said:

“My children, you are My warriors of the last fight. I called you to train you and fill

you with power, so that you will be able to face the enemy and defeat him. I called you

to clothe you with all the Heavenly Armour so that the evil weapon of the enemy will

not harm you. Come nearer to Me and have My Great Seal. Do these novenas well, so

as to receive my blessing in full. This year marks the fourth year I gave you this great

favor, the month of July, the month in which My blessing and mercy flow like a river

to the thirsty souls. I am calling you all to My side to feel My warming care and hear

My teachings. I am calling you to train you so that you will not be defeated when the

hour comes. I say to you, My children that all who participated fully and devotedly in

these great novenas in the month of July are sure of being protected in their lifetime

and in the terrible hour of the coming Chastisement. I will clothe them with the

Heavenly Armour. I will fill them with power. I will give them the Heavenly Warrior to

be their guard. Children, I called this month a great month because the bloody tears of

My Mother have obtained for her children great favors in this month. Your own eyes

shall also see a great thing in this great month. I am calling you all to train you and

make you ready to meet the hour. The dreadful hour I have foretold you.

Learn all the teachings I am giving to you. Do not grow up like Barak who had less

confidence and faith in My Words. Though he later went to the battle, he had no grace

for his work. Have confidence and trust in My words like My servants, Moses, Joshua

and David who led My people to great battles, and won in My Name. I say My children

that it shall be as it was in the time of Elijah. There will be a great battle between My

people and the children of Baal, The Red Beast. The wicked Jezebel will come again. I

say, the one who will act like the old Jezebel will come. She will force all men to

worship Baal; I say, the wicked Red Beast. Many prophets of Mine will be martyred.

Large numbers of My people will worship the Beast and get lost forever.

The hour will be so terrifying. Who then will survive without adequate preparation?

I led My son, Elijah, in his forty days mortification in the desert without food or drink,

so that he would be able to fight and win the battle. Indeed, he received My teachings

and was filled with power. So he won the battle. I am calling you all, My children, to be

filled with the same spirit I gave to Elijah in the desert. Learn much from My son

Elijah. Trust in My power like him. Fight the evil prophet of Baal with total confidence

in Me as he did. I will give you victory as I did in the time of Elijah. Children, the

coming battle is so great. Only the strong warriors will fight the battle and still hold

their ground. Receive from Me now all the Armour needed for the battle. I am giving it

to you now. I say receive from Me this great month of July. Children, you will offer

your prayers tomorrow for the days of exile of My sorrowful Pope. Children, if in the

end this hour finally comes, know you that you are in exile. At that time you will fully

learn what I meant when I said, Let your heart (soul) be a living Tabernacle for My

dwelling. Be ready to meet the hour. Take advantage of My trainings and teachings.

Pray always and never give up. I am with you always. I love you all. I bless you all.”

Instantly, the vision passed.



DATE: 5TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM



In our adoration prayer, during the novena, I saw the vision of Our Lady kneeling at the

foot of the crucified Jesus Christ, Who was hanging alive, bleeding on the cross. As I

was looking to hear her consoling words of prayer, a cloud came down and covered the

whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ bathed

with Blood. He wept as He said:

“Where are Peter and his brothers to offer Me a drink? Where are they? I am thirsty! I

am thirsty!! I am thirsty!!! Who will offer Me a drink? Children, I am thirsty for your

love. My children, I am suffering a great thirst for the love of you. I am as I was on the

day of My Crucifixion. I have been on My mystical Agonizing Cross for over 2000

years as I was on the Cross three hours, begging for a drink. I say; I am thirsty. Would

that Peter is near, he would have offered Me a drink. What about James? Where is

Andrew? My apostles have deserted Me. Simon, even you, who owe Me great love.

When you met Me with Leprosy, you clung on Me. I healed you and made you clean.

Simon, you see Me now that I am a Leper, demanding a drink, you neglect Me. You

abandoned Me. Simon; you owe Me great love. When I looked and saw John holding

My Sorrowful Mother, I was consoled. Indeed, he was the only Apostle who offered

Me a drink. Behind them were the women disciples who wept for Me. Truly; they

consoled Me. They offered Me a drink. Children, I am looking to see an Apostle, so

loving like John. His heart nearly broke when he heard his loving Master weeping in great agony, and asking for a drink. He thought of changing his tears into a flow of

river so that his dying Master will have a drink before passing into eternity. My poor

John had nothing to offer Me. But love made him know that the sight of My Sorrowful

Mother will satisfy My thirst. He offered Me My loving Mother. I drank, I was satisfied

and, I said: “It is finished”.

Children, you are My Apostles of this last age. Come nearer to Me on the Cross. Come

and hear My Agonizing Appeal. I am thirsty. I am thirsty. My tongue has dried up. The

sweat of My Agony has made Me very dry. Do not abandon Me like Peter and his

brothers did. Come nearer to Me like John and the women disciples. Offer Me My

Sorrowful Mother. Children, you owe Me much. I say, you owe Me more than what

Simon owed Me. You are the group of lepers whom I saw at their point of death. You

lost all your strength at that time. You did not even see or know those who came to see

you. You were condemned and abandoned, but I saw you. I embraced you. I kissed you.

I healed you. Now you see Me as a Leper, and you abandon Me. I am crying to you to

offer Me a drink. You heard Me and said: How can I communicate with that Leper

man? You see Me and you run away. Children, you owe Me great love.

I am thirsty for the large number of souls who are getting lost. I am thirsty for the truth,

which you have abandoned. I am thirsty because of the great abominations that are

being set up in the Holy Place. I am thirsty for the painful cry of aborted babies. I

am greatly thirsty because of your unfaithfulness. Your fear of