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JULY REPARATION MESSAGES(2021) 1st And 2nd Lessons


DATE: 14TH APRIL, 1997 TIME: 9:30 PM



After our usual adoration Mass, I saw in a vision Our Lord Jesus Christ coming down

from the cloud, holding a sword in His Right Hand and a crucifix in the left and with

His multitude of Angels. I saw the great Beast and a large number of people who were

worshipping him.

Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder; the whole world shook and was covered

with darkness at once. Within a short time, a bright cloud appeared, and then the Holy

Face with the Crown of Thorns on the Head came out and said:

“My children, this fight is the last fight before The Great Chastisement comes. Heaven

as well as this earth, is waiting for the salvation, which My Father will give to the

world. My children, you are in the Warfield. You are fighting the Red Army of this

world, Satan, the enemy of My Death on the Cross. You are fighting also the Dragon

that has sent his agents against you. Stand firm, wear all your armour, hold your sword

and move out into the battlefield, fight and win the battle”.

“My children, remember that you are fighting against the evil spirits in the atmospheric

world, in this biospheric world and even those who are living in the hydrospheric

world. Be careful how you live now, never allow them to conquer you with their secret

plans. Pray often and never give up. Live a simple and humble life, and you will

conquer the Red Dragon and his agents. I am with you. I fight for you. I bless you all.”



DATE: 25TH JULY 1998 TIME: 8:15 AM



In our novena prayer in the month of July, I saw in a vision the Lamb standing in the

midst of a large number of people in the cloud. On the body of the Lamb was a label

written: “BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, WE ARE SAVED”. I saw also that they

were wounded, weak and tired. But surprisingly, they that were wounded were all

rejoicing and dancing in front of the Spotless Lamb. As I was looking, a cloud came

down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in

His agony. He looked at me steadily and asked: “Barnabas, do you know these people

and where they come from?” I replied, “Lord, I don’t know; in your mercy and

kindness, tell me”.Then Our Lord said:

“Run for your life to inherit the greatest joyful kingdom, that is awaiting all who suffer

and die with Me. Never let your weak faith and flesh make you deny your God. These

people are all My people who had gone through this wicked and sinful world. They did

not betray or deny the Son of God. They were not ashamed of Me and My Gospel in

this ungodly world. They were mocked and disgraced in public only because they were

My followers. But they did not give up. Men told all kinds of lies against their names.

They bore it for My sake. Some were killed through terrible persecution and torture.

Before they died, they forgave and blessed their persecutors. Through My own Blood, I

purified them from all their iniquities and saved them. They will rejoice and reign with

Me forever. My children hold firm your faith. The terrible hour of massacre and

persecution is coming. Who will survive it? Only those who are willing to give up their

lives for Me will survive. Anyone who wants to save his own life during that time will

lose it. But anyone who gives up his life for Me will gain it. Anyone who is killed while

holding to his faith will not be lost. I will purify him with My Precious Blood and save

him from eternal damnation. My children stand firm on the truth you know. The hour

will come soon. When the hour comes, don’t run about, but be on your guard. Don’t

fear the death of the flesh, for I will give you everlasting life. Children, I tell you this

now, for very soon, the hour will come, so that your heart will not be troubled.

My children pray only that the hour will be shortened. Remain faithful in your work of

salvation. Continue doing the good things you used to do. Never reduce your effort

towards your work of holiness, rather increase it; these things will help your faith.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who is calling you so that you all will not spiritually

die. When you rise again, you must strengthen your brothers. The day that is coming,

which will suddenly come like a thief; it is fast approaching and will catch up with My

people when they are not ready. My children spread this message so that My people

will be ready to welcome the great hour. I bless you all”. Immediately the vision




DATE: 4TH JULY, 2000 TIME: 7:30 PM



During our adoration prayer, I saw the vision of the crucified Jesus Christ, hanging

alive on the Cross, bleeding for love of us. After a while, a cloud came down and covered

the whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who

calmly said:

“My children, you are My warriors of the last fight. I called you to train you and fill

you with power so that you will be able to face the enemy and defeat him. I called you

to clothe you with all the Heavenly Armour so that the evil weapon of the enemy will

not harm you. Come nearer to Me and have My Great Seal. Do these novenas well, so

as to receive My blessing in full.

This year marks the fourth year I gave you this great favour, the month of July, the

month in which My blessing and mercy flow like a river to the thirsty souls. I am

calling you all to My side to feel My warming care and hear My teachings. I am calling

you to train you so that you will not be defeated when the hour comes. I say to you, My

children that all who participated fully and devotedly in these great novenas in the

month of July are sure of being protected in their lifetime and in the terrible hour of the

coming Chastisement. I will clothe them with the Heavenly Armour. I will fill them

with power. I will give them the Heavenly Warrior to be their guard. Children, I called

this month a great month because the bloody tears of My Mother have obtained for her

children a great favour in this month. Your own eyes shall also see a great thing in this

great month. I am calling you all to train you and make you ready to meet the hour. The

dreadful hour I have foretold you.

Learn all the teachings I am giving to you. Do not grow up like Barak who had less

confidence and faith in My Words. Though he later went to the battle, he had no grace

for his work. Have confidence and trust in My words like My servants, Moses, Joshua

and David who led My people to great battles, and won in My Name. I say My children

that it shall be as it was in the time of Elijah. There will be a great battle between My

people and the children of Baal, The Red Beast. The wicked Jezebel will come again. I

say the one who will act like the old Jezebel will come. She will force all men to

worship the Baal; I say, the wicked Red Beast. Many prophets of Mine will be

martyred. A large number of My people will worship the Beast and get lost forever.

The hour will be so terrifying. Who then will survive without adequate preparation?

I led My son, Elijah, in his forty days mortification in the desert without food or drink,

so that he would be able to fight and win the battle. Indeed, he received My teachings

and was filled with power. So he won the battle. I am calling you all, My children, to be

filled with the same spirit I gave to Elijah in the desert. Learn much from My son

Elijah. Trust in My power like him. Fight the evil prophets of Baal with total

confidence in Me as he did. I will give you victory as I did in the time of Elijah.

Children, the coming battle is so great. Only the strong warriors will fight the battle and

still hold their ground. Receive from Me now all the Armour needed for the battle. I am

giving it to you now. I say receive from Me this great month of July.

Children, you will offer your prayers tomorrow for the days of exile of My sorrowful

Pope. Children, if in the end this hour finally comes, know you that you are in exile. At

that time you will fully learn what I meant when I said, Let your heart (soul) be a living

Tabernacle for My dwelling. Be ready to meet the hour. Take advantage of My

training and teachings. Pray always and never give up. I am with you always. I love

you all. I bless you all.” Instantly, the vision passed.



DATE: 17TH NOV. 1999 TIME: 3:00 AM



After I had done a little mortification, I came to the chapel to pray. In a vision, I saw the

Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ. Our Lord kept silent, and then said:

“My son, have faith in me, increase the love you have for Me. Increase your love so as

to overcome the hard trials and persecutions that are coming.

My son, you heard that the early followers of Mine were persecuted. There were flows

of the blood of martyrs at that time which strengthened the faith of the Church. In the

same way, My son, before My Glorious Reign comes, before the kingdom of My Father

comes on earth, there will be another period of hard trials and persecutions. The blood

of martyrs will once again flow to strengthen and refine the new faith.

This is why I beg you all, My son, to increase the faith and love you have for Me and in

Me. Live the life of your consecration. Constantly renew your Seal so as to withstand

the horrible hours that are coming. Then I asked, “My God and my Saviour, please

answer me, the sight is terrifying, who will survive all these things You said will

happen?” Our Lord answered: “My son, be it known to you that unless you answer

My call to make My Will known on earth, the Kingdom of Glory you are expecting will

hardly come. To answer My call, the world will hate you and persecute you. Some of

you will be put in prison, some will be cruelly tortured and some will be put to death for

My sake. All these things will happen in order to hasten My Glorious Reign. It is better

for you all, My son, that it happens soon, then My Kingdom will come.

I promise you all, My son, to fill you with My Spirit, the Holy Spirit of truth and power.

This is why I told you that I want all My Apostles before the first disorderliness comes.

They will come again as soon as the disorderliness reaches its climax. This will be

marked by a great confusion in the Vatican and the fleeing of the Pope.

My son, I only want My Apostles, not disciples to come. If you obey this command,

you will rejoice in the end.” Then, I asked the Lord; “How can I know the Apostles?”

Our Lord answered; They are those whom I call and they follow Me. They have lost

much for this devotion. They sacrifice their lives for this Apostolate. They are those

whom I want, the rest of the disciples are not wanted. Those who hear you and believe,

through you, I will bless them all. My son, you will come for reparation, not for a feast.

I will allow you to have your programme for Me so that you will gain much from Me.

Remember to expose the Blessed Sacrament throughout the days and nights. I have a

few more things to tell you about this, but I will only tell you if you can mortify your

life more. Peace be with you. I bless you.” Immediately, the vision passed”.






During this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly

said: " Barnabas, I will send you again into the desert for the sake of the Apostles of My Precious Blood, who have consecrated themselves to My love. I will send you to

pray for the spiritual healing of their carnal minds so that none of them who have

celebrated the birthday of My Glorious Reign might grow like a bitter plant and cause

trouble. I will send you to pray so that none will be lost. When you enter the desert, I

will fill you with power and Divine Wisdom. There, I will teach you again about the

Seal and the mystical power of My Precious Blood. There, also in the desert, I will

reveal to you a hidden message, which you must keep secret. Only you will know

about it until I ask you to reveal it. I will do all these things to preserve you in the grace

needed to protect this holy call. See how carnal and selfish My Apostles are. What are

all these words they are saying?”

I replied, Lord, grant us your mercy, O Lord, what are the words? I don't know, my

Saviour, have mercy on us.” Our Lord replied: It does not need only a sound for

someone to speak. See the trouble of their hearts. They speak much. They say: Why

hasn't the Tribulation come? Why has God not wiped away this evil world and created a

new one?" These words weaken their spirit and lower their love and zeal.

Children, am I not a merciful God? If I didn't shorten the hour, My gift of this devotion is of no value. You are the ones who pray to Me to have mercy on you and on the whole world. Why then do you want your people to perish? For the sake of the elect, and the prayers of My little (He made the sign of blessing) doves who are crying to Me for mercy all night and day, I will shorten the days! I will have mercy. They are precious

to Me. Children; you should know that the day of great darkness and of great tribulation

would be terrible! No eyes that see it will like to see it again. Who will survive the

hour if not by mercy and by My grace?


Children, how many years will you remain in Gethsemane?


Pray that you will not fall into temptation. Receive My blessing. I bless all who accept

the Royal Cross of Forgiveness; they shall obtain mercy on Judgment Day. My

merciful eyes are upon them always. I bless all, who accept the Royal Cross of

Humility; they shall be exalted. I will console them always. I bless all, who accept the

Royal Cross of Truth; they shall be justified. I will stand for them in their hour of

forsaking. They will not lack the grace of true love. I bless you all who have suffered

the pains and wounds of heart for the sake of this call; I will console you in your own

agony. My Heart will be opened to pour on you the Sanctifying Grace for survival.

Children, I draw consolation from your little efforts. My agony is that you have not

reached the height I expect of you. This pains Me much because you have entered a

great battle. Barnabas, I will send Archangel Michael to go ahead of you for the

preparation of the meeting with the Bishop of My Heart. He will fight for you. What

again will I do for you?” I answered: Hear our petitions laid on your altar and increase

your love in us. Our Lord answered: “I have told you, My children, that I am calling

My Apostles only. Whenever you come for retreat or reparation see to it that only My

Apostles come; until the hour comes when I will call My Apostles and disciples for the

dedication of the land I gave you. I grant your request. My love will overshadow you

all. Listen, the enemy is fighting you not to enter the land of grace I gave you. He

knows what you will gain and the blessing that is stored for you there. So, with great

wrath, he fights that you will not enter the land. Only prayer, with your little effort, will

help you capture the land.

Today, I am giving you a seat for reparation. The Land of My Church at Olo, which is

at the left eastside of the Parish House and faces the Gethsemane land, is the Land and

the seat of reparation for My people until you capture the land I gave you. When the

parishioners release it, I will show you a Chapel of Reparation, the view of Gethsemane

Rock you will build on that land.

Children, you will see also that the parishioners will hardly release the land. If, in the

end, they do not release it, you will understand what I mean when I said: ‘Pray for this

town.’ Barnabas, pray greatly with your people for your town. So I bless the New Year

for you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May My

peace be with you all throughout the year. So I leave you.” Immediately, the vision




DATE: 29TH JULY, 2000 TIME: 7:30 PM



In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Holy Sanctuary of God in Heaven. The

Blessed Sacrament was exposed there which radiated bright rays and there was

lightning and thunder sound. Within a short time, a cloud came down and covered the

whole place. In the cloud appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who

calmly said:

“I bless those who knelt day and night in prayer to ask God for the renewal of the face

of the earth. They shall obtain mercy from Me. I bless those who accepted My appeal to

men, and offer them to their neighbour; I will hear their own appeal. I bless those who

suffer persecution because of My appeals for the Divine Will; I will console them and

reward them greatly. I bless those who offered their wealth, time and energy in

propagating My Will to men, I will reward them a hundredfold. I will see to it that their

soul will not be lost. I bless those who are mostly neglected and abandoned in the world

because of Me and My gospel, I will lift them up. Soon, they shall join the Thrones and

Powers of Heaven in My Kingdom. My Apostles, I am happy with your effort towards

the spreading of My messages. I have seen your earthly loss and suffering. I am happy,

but I am not satisfied. You owe the world much. This is one of the greatest devotions I

have given the world. Look and see whether there is anywhere else I am closer than I

am here. My begging voice is offered to you. My appeal is made known to you. My

mysterious prayers were taught to you. The greatest gift is offered to you. Nowhere in

the world will you get a gift more precious than what I have offered to you. I told you;

“This is for you and for all men, make My will known to the whole world”. But you

kept all to yourselves. I say: you owe much to the whole world. See how you appreciate

the little ones that came from other parts of the world, but the great ones you have are

kept sealed within you. Children, you owe much to the whole world. I have done much

to give you the Addresses of My Apostles in different parts of the world. You do Me

great wrong by keeping it sealed with you. You did not make a move because there was

no communication. I have forgiven you because your will is your will. No one can

deprive you of it. Even now, there is no reference book with clear editing, which

contains all My messages. I am not satisfied. You cannot edit My messages well and

give to the world the pure form of My Voice. Rather you succeeded in adding more

errors because you did not know the preciousness of My word. Children, I am not

satisfied until I see a complete compilation of all My messages starting from 1 st January

1997, to the present, without any error. You shall give to the world all that I have given

you. The extraction of the parts of the messages needs to be the second stage, but you

have taken it to be the first. The Programme for the Reparation can be changed to

satisfy My thirst if you remain adamant. Children, you owe the whole world a great

deal for keeping My messages sealed within you. These words you kept sealed are a

training voice. My warriors all over the world are longing to hear My Voice. My

children all over the world are thirsty. They are thirsty for My words. I appeal to you,

My children, to open the tap of My words, the Living Water for all men to drink. Yet, I

am happy with your little effort. My blessings remain with you.

I call on all My Priests, who welcome this devotion to join you in the coming

Reparation. I am welcoming them all. May all who cannot join fully, participate well in

the programme of the 14th and 15th, more especially that of 15th September. I will

empower them with a special blessing. They will receive a special power from Me to

bless My Agonizing Cross, though all Priests have the right to bless it.

During the hour of consecration, My Clergy and the first Apostles will have their

consecration first, followed by others; lastly My Priest, the Bearer of My Agony, whom

I will use to consecrate the world. The period is one of the greatest moments of the

day. Pray that you will be there. Nowhere in the whole world will I lavish such a

blessing as I am bestowing on you and will pour on you. Many eyes will remain blind

till this great favour has passed. They will continue waiting for mercy when My mercy

is overflowing. I am calling My flock to hear the Voice of the Chief Shepherd. I am the

Agonizing Jesus Christ, Whom you are crucifying. I love you all. I bless you all”.

Immediately, the vision passed.