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DATE: 9TH JULY, 1998

TIME: 9:00 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of the Crown of Thorns moving around in the cloud.

Within a short time the cloud covered the Crown of Thorns. Then, there appeared the

Agonizing Jesus Christ crowned with thorns. The Blood from the Wounds of the Sacred Head

bathed His Face. Our Lord gazed steadily at me and said:

“My children, the period you are about to enter will be more dangerous than this period you

are living in now. The faith of many will grow cold, even the faithful ones will deny Me.

They will say openly to the whole world that they do not know Me. I say, even those who call

Me, Master and follow Me wherever I go will swear that they do not know Me.

Many will betray Me; I mean those who eat with Me from the same plate and drink with Me

from one cup, will hand Me over to those that will crucify Me.

Listen well My children and meditate on these words, for how terrible it will be for those who

will deny Me, Who love them. It will be better for them to be tied and thrown into boiling oil

than to live and see the day of God’s anger.

When I was about to leave My people on earth, My agony grew worse when I remembered

their unfaithfulness. I also remembered that the period that is coming will be terrible and

fearful; that many will betray Me like Judas, while others will deny that they know Me. All

My people will be scattered everywhere leaving Me alone to suffer.

My children, the hour I am talking about is that which you are about to enter. It will be

terrible for all who are weak now, all who reject their crosses now, and all who backslide

now, to survive the period that is coming, the period of Great Chastisement. Who will survive


I remembered this period when the world held Me, tied My Hands and crowned My Head

with thorns. I wept when I knew that many would suffer great tortures like Mine. As the rod

struck My Head, I remembered those that will abandon their faith, and wept bitterly. When

they started mocking Me, I looked up to Heaven and offered all the shame, Pains, Wounds

and the Precious Blood from My Sacred Head for My people who are living in this Dark Age,

that their faith will not fail. I prayed this:


“Omnipotent and omniscient God, God of Elijah and the Prophets, look at the Sacred Head

of Your only-begotten Son and have mercy. Arise and save Your people. I offer You all the

shame, the Pains, the Wounds and the Precious Blood of the Sacred Head of Your Son, for

all Your children who are living in this perilous time. Strengthen our faith through the

mockery of Your Son, and save us through the Precious Blood from the sacred head of

Your Son, Jesus Christ. May they through the sufferings of Your Son Jesus Christ, learn

to suffer in You and die in You, Amen. Holy tortures of Jesus Christ increase our faith,


Children, say this prayer always for faith and make it known to the whole world before the

perilous era comes. If you have a little faith, even as small as the mustard seed, you will

overcome the period. This mysterious prayer is powerful. Teach it to the whole world

I love you all.”

Immediately the vision passed.

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