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HARVEST OF JOY AND GOD’S LOVE(Mt 9:27-31; Douay-Rheims Bible). Friday, December 2, 2022.

“And as Jesus passed from thence, there followed Him two blind men crying out and saying, Have mercy on us, O Son of David. And when He was come to the house, the blind men came to Him. And Jesus saith to them, Do you believe, that I can do this unto you? They say to Him, Yea, Lord. Then He touched their eyes, saying, According to your faith, be it done unto you. And their eyes were opened, and Jesus strictly charged them, saying, See that no man know this. But they going out, spread His fame abroad in all that country.”

‭‭ My dearest beloved brethren, Desire is important in life. Knowing what we want, and having energy to pursue it, should be what should guide us. The Lord has desires for us too. The desires of the Lord for us and our own desires can meet, as it happened for the blind men in today’s Bible reading. Their faith and their need brought them to Jesus. We are invited to do the same, recognising that Jesus can transform our desires to bring them into harmony with His own.

May the Holy Ghost lead and guide us, to take our desires through prayers, to God so that He can blend our desires with His desires for us to give us the results that will transform our lives according to God’s Will, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

All of us, in one way or the other, are blind before God, both spiritually and otherwise. As you remain very close to God, may He restore fully your life in whatever ways it has been attacked or touched by the enemy, dear friends of our Lord Jesus.

What are our deepest desires and how influential are they to us in living as followers of Jesus? Jesus saw the faith in the two blind men in today’s Bible reading and took His own desires for them to them.

When Jesus asked them what they wanted, they did not hesitate to speak and pronounce exactly what they wanted the Lord to do for them. The Lord did exactly that for them. This shows that the words we speak and pronounce, matter a lot and they are powerful too.

I pray Lord to grant us the graces of being in touch with Jesus’ desires for us, knowing that our blindness can get in the way; and the grace to always approach God in prayers and speaking and pronouncing our needs and desires to Him, today and everyday of our lives, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray. Amen.

Be courageous and fearless in the Lord; for God is with you. You’re blessed; remain blessed!!!

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