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HARVEST OF JOY AND GOD’S LOVE(1 Cor 1:26-31; Douay-Rheims Bible).

“For see your vocation, brethren, that there are not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble: But the foolish things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the wise, and the weak things of the world hath God chosen, that He may confound the strong. And the base things of the world, and the things that are contemptible, hath God chosen, and things that are not, that He might bring to naught things that are: That no flesh should glory in His sight. But of Him are you in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and justice, and sanctification, and redemption: That, as it is written: He that glorieth, may glory in the Lord.”

‭‭ My dearest beloved brethren, in today’s Bible reading, St. Paul tells us that among those who God chose are the foolish not the wise, and the weak not the strong. St. Paul tells us that God took those decisions to shame the wise, and the strong, and in our world today, it’s the same as God choosing the poor and not the rich and wealthy and choosing the nobody and not the famous so as to shame the wealthy and the famous.

It should be clear that God does not despise the wise, the strong, the rich/wealthy, the famous, and so on. Rather God also chose some of them but most of the chosen ones were not the top class famous citizens. The most important thing for us is to be in Christ and remember that without God, we will not be who we are.

I pray for us not to forget God who created us and planned our lives before we were conceived, through the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

You started your life as a naked nobody and have become somebody today. Throughout your life journeys, you have given honor and glory to God and God only. May God never forget you, dear God’s chosen people.

St. Paul reminds us that “as it is written: he that glorieth, may glory in the Lord.” Some other versions of the Bible put it this way: “Whoever boasts, should boast in the Lord.” If God had chosen only the rich and the wise, it may have gotten into their heads, and the poor and the unwise would feel despised by the forces of nature. Today’s Bible reading made us know that the NOT well-to-do in society who also have the Spirit of God in them, are blessed. This is echoed by the Lord in the ‘Sermon on the Mount.’ (Mt 5:1-12).

I pray Lord to grant us the Grace of humility and the grace to realize that God created every human being equal and as such whatever we have and whoever we are are all from God and therefore we should always boast in the Lord and in the Lord alone, today and every day of our lives, through the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray. Amen.

Please if you haven’t already done so, try to go and worship the Lord with your family members, and invite the Lord home to come to have dinner with all of you.

Remain blessed!!!

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