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FREEMASONRY IS THE BEAST LIKE A LEOPARD: A Message from the Blessed Virgin to Don Gobbi

Updated: Mar 28

The cause of such a vast diffusion of errors and of this great apostasy rests with UNFAITHFUL PASTORS. They remain silent when they should speak with courage to condemn error and to defend the truth. They do not intervene when they should be unmasking the rapacious wolves who, hidden beneath the clothing of lambs, have insinuated themselves into the flock of Christ. They are mute dogs who allow their flocks to be torn to pieces” (September 8, 1985).

“He (Jesus) is also betrayed on the part of those pastors who do not look after the flock entrusted to them, who remain silent out of fear or for the sake of convenience and do not defend the truth from the snares of errors, nor do they protect the sheep from the terrible scourge of rapacious wolves, who present themselves dressed as lambs” (March 28,1986).

“The Church of Jesus is wounded with the pernicious plague of infidelity and apostasy. In appearance, everything remains calm, and it seems that all is going well. In reality, it is being pervaded with an ever widening lack of faith which is spreading the great apostasy everywhere. Many bishops, priests, religious and faithful no longer believe and have already lost the true faith in Jesus and in his Gospel. For this reason, the Church must be purified, with persecution and with blood. There has also entered into the Church disunity, division, strife and antagonism. The forces of atheism and Masonry, having infiltrated within it, are on the point of breaking up its interior unity and of darkening the splendor of its sanctity. These are the times, foretold by me, when cardinals will be set against cardinals, bishops against bishops and priests against priests, and the flock of Christ will be torn to pieces by rapacious wolves, who have found their way in under the clothing of defenseless and meek lambs. Among them there are even some who occupy posts of great responsibility, and by means of them, Satan has succeeded in entering and in operating at the very summit of the Church. Bishops and priests of the holy Church of God, how great today is your responsibility! The Lord is about to demand of you an account of how you have administered his vineyard. Repent; seek pardon; make amends; and, above all, be once again faithful to the task which has been entrusted to you” (September 6, 1986).

“Bishops and priests of the holy Church of God, return once more to interesting yourselves in souls, the supreme good which has been entrusted to you. Defend them against the assaults of the rapacious wolves, who frequently disguise themselves today as harmless and gentle lambs. See how confusion is increasing, the darkness becoming deep, errors spreading and sin flooding everywhere. Take care of the flock which has been entrusted to you; lead it to sure pastures; nourish it with the word of God; strengthen it by prayer; heal it by the sacrament of Reconciliation; feed it with the bread of the Eucharist” (May 17, 1987).

“The Lord is about to ask you for an account of how you have managed his vineyard and why you have permitted rapacious wolves to enter into it, disguised as lambs, in order to devour a downtrodden and dispersed flock” (September 29, 1988).

“Many pastors have been neither attentive nor vigilant and have allowed many rapacious wolves, clothed as lambs, to insinuate themselves into the flock in order to bring disorder and destruction. How great is your responsibility, O pastors of the holy Church of God!” (November 15, 1990).

“The great trial has come for the Church, so violated by the evil spirits, so divided in its unity, so darkened in its holiness. See how error has flooded throughout it, error which leads to the loss of the true faith. Apostasy is spreading everywhere. A special gift of my Immaculate Heart for these times of yours is the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which my Pope has wished to promulgate, to be as it were his shining last testament. But how many are those pastors who grope about in the mist, become speechless out of fear or compromise, and who no longer defend their flocks from the many rapacious wolves! Many priestly and consecrated lives have become dried up by impurity, seduced by pleasures and the search for comfort and well-being. The faithful are being drawn in by the enticements of a world which has become pagan, or by the countless sects which are spreading more and more. The hour of its great trial has above all come for the Church, because it will be shaken by the lack of faith, obscured by apostasy, wounded by betrayal, abandoned by its children, divided by schisms, possessed and dominated by Freemasonry, turned into fertile soil from which will spring up the wicked tree of the man of iniquity, the Antichrist, who will bring his kingdom into its interior.” (January 1, 1993).

“See how the apostasy has spread everywhere; how errors are taught and propagated; how the lack of discipline and confusion is increasing. How many pastors no longer keep watch over the flock entrusted to them, and thus many rapacious wolves, in lambs' clothing, are entering to wreak havoc in the sheepfold of my Son Jesus. Be the light set on a lamp stand, to draw along the road of truth many of my poor children who are walking in the darkness of error and of the loss of the true faith. Thus, you will be faithful ministers of the Gospel, and by means of you, the Church, after the painful trial through which it is now living, will once again shed, in all its splendor, the light of Christ and of his truth. Your light will shine by way of your priestly witness of holiness.” (November 23, 1993).

“Never as in your days have so many pastors become `MUTE DOGS,' who do not defend the flock entrusted to them from being menaced, seduced and devoured by many rapacious wolves. It is because of this that the Gospel of my Son Jesus is being lacerated and torn to shreds in all its parts. So then, my motherly task is that of leading you to believe in the Gospel, to let yourselves be guided solely by the wisdom of the Gospel, and to live the Gospel to the letter. For this, I am guiding you, with gentleness and motherly firmness, by means of my messages. Thus, in the great apostasy which is spreading everywhere, white flakes of snow are coming down from my Immaculate Heart upon you, children consecrated to me, so that you may bring everywhere the light of the divine word and become instruments which make shine everywhere, in its greatest splendor, all the truth contained in the Gospel of my Son Jesus.” (August 5, 1995).

“You will live out the Gospel to the letter: you will be poor, simple, pure, little and totally given over to the Father. By your word, which will repeat ever more loudly and clearly the truth which my Son Jesus has come to reveal to you. Do you see how many of your brother-priests BETRAY this truth, in the attempt to adapt it to the MENTALITY of the world, impelled by a false illusion of being better understood, listened to by more people and more easily followed? No illusion is more dangerous than this.” (February 2, 1976).

“And as a consequence these priests, these sons of my maternal predilection, may find themselves left to their own resources. Thus an increasing number are led astray by the general confusion, become the victims of error and wander far from my Son Jesus and the truth of his Gospel. Thus their light becomes extinguished and the faithful walk in darkness. How many there are among them who now live habitually in sin, and who turn a deaf ear to my pressing invitations to conversion! They even try to justify themselves, adapting themselves to the mentality of the world which today legitimizes even the most serious moral disorders. How many of my priest-sons no longer pray? They are swallowed up in activities and no longer have a moment to pray.” (January 15, 1977).

“Their only concern is exclusively directed toward social problems, and they forget that Jesus died on the Cross and rose again to obtain for you the great gift of redemption and to save souls. And thus the teaching of the theology of liberation, which is a true betrayal of Christ and of his Gospel, is becoming more and more widespread.” (Sao Paulo (Brazil); February 25, 1988).

“Even the Church, which lives and suffers in this continent, is threatened with an interior division caused by dissension from the Pope and by opposition to his Magisterium on the part of some bishops, theologians, priests and lay persons. Above all, my Adversary has sought to strike her with the subtle snare of liberation theology, which is a TRUE BETRAYAL of Christ and his Gospel.” (Quito (Ecuador); February 27, 1992).

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