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Day 9 Novena message in the Honor of the Nine Choirs of Angels. (Part I final Day)

DATE: 9TH JULY, 2002

TIME: 8.00 PM




In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lady who came with seven little Cherubim.  She had a rose flower in her left hand as she came nearer and quietly said:

“Peace from Heaven be with you, my son. I am happy to see that my Son and my God, Jesus, sent many saints to you to give you the gift and lessons of the Golden Peace, which I spoke of in the past but you did not understand. You did not understand then because you had not been taught. Now you have been taught I hope you understood.


For those who understand and are willing to grow, hear my motherly advice: “Run away from the world of noise. I mean the world of commotion, and enter the world of quietness, I mean silence, I mean peace. Put your ears off from those musical sounds of the world that disturb your true living being; I mean your soul. Do not yearn to be satisfied with the worldly music they call ‘high-life’. Begin now to derive true satisfaction and total peace that comes from the mysteries of silence.


See, the world has converted this worldly music into the Church’s worship. This has come to lead many astray; to drive the Church from its perfect peace to the total emptiness where pride reigns.


O, my son, it pains my soul greatly to see the Holy Church of my Son turning from its silent and peaceful worship to a noisy and empty worship. I see with great sorrow, the agony of my Son which high-life music and dancing in His Holy Temple are causing Him. This is not worship, my son, rather, a scourge. I say, this worldly act, in the Temple of God, throws a cruel spear to pierce the Heart that loves much. Do not be part of them. Learn to worship rather than to scourge. The self-exaltation and its glorification, which the world and the pagans and the Pentecostals gain in their empty music, are nothing but vainglory, the mother of pride.  


My children do not make your gatherings like theirs. Learn from the mysteries of silence. Be satisfied with the joy of the true peace that comes from the power of silence.

O, my loving children, how happy I am today to inform you of my love for the desert, for the birds of the air, for the flowers of the garden, I mean for all the loving creatures of God. O, desert, you have given my soul the solitude she desires most. You have led her back to her loving Husband that she had abandoned when she, my soul, entered the world of sin, the world of commotion. O, quiet desert, I love to stay in you. O, happy solitude, through you, I have seen the Face of Him who loves me mostmy God and my Saviour. Blessed be the God of Solitude.


My son, this is my love for the desert.  For all my loving children who wish to attain these levels of perfection, they must love the desert and its solitude. Your love for the desert and its solitude is the beginning of the silence of the mouth and of the soul. The silence of the soul weighs you before the Presence of the Lord. You then see your emptiness or your fullness in the Lord. Son, know that when I mean desert, I also mean all the quiet places that give the satisfaction, which the real desert gives.


Detach yourselves from the world, I appeal to you my children. I say, detach you from the slavish chainof money, and of all kinds of wealth. Detachyourself from yourself. I mean your attachment to your life. Children, detach yourselves from these captive chains that hold you in the world. Know also, my children that your slavish attachment to your mother, your father, your brother, your sister and your friends will hold you captive in the world not to grow.

As your Mother who knows the needs of your soul, Iappeal to you again to detach yourselves from the worldand its pleasures. May Jesus be everything to you. I say, may my Jesus occupy the emptiness of your very soul. When the souls of the worldly men suffer the pain of restlessness, due to their attachment to the things of the world, the souls of my children will enjoy the peace due to their attachment to their Divine Master.


Children, when you have been composed as you offer yourselves wholly as a living sacrifice, learn to listen to the Voice of God in your very soul. If you do not hear anything, wait, be calm, and allow the commotion of your soul to clear. When your soul obtains the true silence from God, you will begin to hear the little Voice of Love. You are to listen to this voice as you pray, as you read the holy books, and as you go about your daily work. This is the realm of Contemplation that you have been taught.


The last steps are mortification and perseverance in prayer.  Know that the lighter you are, the easier for the soul to communicate with the Divine Spirit. So gather the petal of mortification of the Perfect Rose. For perseverance in prayer, I mean your continued struggle to attain the highest level of perfection. Son, I pray you all to persevere. Gather the lessons of the saints and grow. I will teach you more in the days to come.  Peace from Heaven be with you. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed and then appeared the Holy Face of Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“My children, you have heard my Glorious Reign announced. Indeed, my Reign has been born in your midst. Those who are spiritually blind will not see. The carnal-minded people will not understand. O, like the newborn baby, my Glorious Reign is fast growing. I see with joy the coming days of peace, which will come after the Purification. I see with joy the purity and perfection of my Little Lilies, who are scattered all over the world. My blessing remains for you all, my Little Lilies. My blessing remains for you. (At these words, He made the sign of blessing) O! Gather these lessons of perfection and grow to be my Saints.


Children, see how I took you by the hand and led you through the level of emptiness to this level of perfection. Happy are all those who follow me to this level of perfection; they shall grow to be my Saints.


Barnabas by now, you can understand how I used you many times when a serious matter is to be treated. Your true living being escaped the canopy of distraction to enter the realm of peace and of silence. You see that, at this level, you understand everything. Nothing is a mystery at this level. See, you hardly ask questions because everything is clear. You are in relationship with me.

I choose this gift of relationship because the earth is full of noise. Distraction is everywhere. Again, my people have gone far into the errors of modernism. My Church has been modernized and made pagan. Many lessons are needed to bring everything back to its perfect order for the Glorious Reign. See, I am sending my Saints to help bring things to order. They are doing their best. I am seeing the fruit of their work. I will see to it that the devotion to my Precious Blood spreads all over the world as soon as possible, so as to gather my Little Lilies for my Glorious Reign.


Children, learn all the lessons I have given you in this devotion. I say, learn my lessons of love, of the Seal, of the Cross of Perfection, of the Rose of Perfect Purity, and this Golden Peace. Answer all my calls: the Call of Gethsemane, of the Third Friday Devotion, and of the Seal Hour. Gather all the graces needed to meet the hour.


The Beast is around. The final battle is about to reach its climax, then, the turning point. This turning point will reveal this Glorious Reign, that has been born in your midst and which you have celebrated. Struggle and pass through this perilous time to the Era of Peace. May I see my Little Lilies there; may I see those who wiped my Bloody Face, I say, may I see my Veronicas in the Era of Peace. I will console them; I will wipe away tears from their eyes. I will give them peace and rest; I will be their God, and they will be my sons and daughters. Children, may I see you there.




My Mother and Saint Cecilia will teach you much at the next novena.


May the peace and blessings of the month of July remain with you. So, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Peace be with you.”


Immediately, the whole vision passed.



*Today, we pray for the actual Grace to know our Roman Catholic Church Catechism and the true doctrine of our Catholic Faith in other to know what God requires from each and everyone of us. Amen.

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