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Today being the eve of the last day of the month of July prayers, I saw a vision of a little Saint of God with five Cherubim. They sang the hymn of the Rose of Perfect Purity as they came down from the cloud. After a while, the Saint said:

“Little friend of God, I know you love the song you heard us sing. Do not worry much to learn it now. Saint Cecilia will teach you tomorrow before the final blessing from Our Dear Jesus. I am your daughter, Theresa, come and hear my lesson on love.”

No love is greater than this, to die for the one you love. My dear Jesus has done it for us. He loves us so much. What shall we do to pay Him back? Nothing but to love Him and freely give Him all we have.

Friend of the living God, you cannot love unless you are free. You heart must be free from all earthly attachments and passions of the earthly man. I mean that nothing should occupy your heart other than Jesus who loves you much. All wounded hearts must heal before they can love. I mean those hearts that have felt the abandonment of their unfaithful lovers. Their wounded hearts must be healed so as to be free to grasp the love of the Faithful Lover, Jesus, and the Son of God.

Friend of the living God, to love Jesus means to give Him your whole mind, your whole heart, and your whole soul. Think of Him always. May my dear Jesus occupy the center of your soul. This loving offering is a living sacrifice that is pleasing to Jesus. The living sacrifice is manifested in total submission to the Divine Will of Jesus, my Love. Oh, not my will again, but the Will of Him I love so much, Jesus my joy. The voice of my soul will cry always: “What shall I do to make my Jesus happy always?” I will hear Jesus saying; “Offer me your whole being as a living sacrifice, may I be everything. May nothing again trouble your soul except me.” Friends of the living God, how sweet to hear the voice of my dear loved one. It

falls like dew in the dryness of my thirsty soul. My dear Jesus, I need your words always; that is enough for me.

Friends of the Living God, Jesus is a jealous Lover. He does not want to share His lover with anyone. He wants to own His lover alone or else He abandons her. Oh, how passionate my Jesus is to have me alone as to die for me on the Cross when I did not love Him. Now, I have found Him. I will have Him alone. I will die for the love of Him.

Friends of the Living God, how sweet to enjoy the friendship of Jesus. When I knew nothing, He called me, He won me with all the favours He had done for me. At that time, He did not dare to want to hear my voice calling to Him for help; He would run quickly to answer me. I knew Him as the God of miracles. His miraculous deeds forme made meto enter deep into His Palace of Love. Jesus, you are so wise and kind. Oh, how you drew me nearer and nearer to your love. My entrance into your Palace of Love opened my eyes to a new awareness of your love. The age of miracle has gone. I see you in agony for my sake. This is how I became a consoler. Jesus, you are wise and love to make meyour consoler. Those you love, you chastise. If I had known that your way is so rough and painful, would I have followed you? But now, I have come to your love, how can I abandon you? Dear Jesus, you are wise and merciful.

Friends of the living God, this is how Jesus wins His lovers.In the palace of love, the door of earthly miracle closes to open the door of Heavenly miracle. The earthly miracle is of the earthly needs and of revenge. But the Heavenly miracle is of the Heavenly needs and of forgiveness. At this level, the Royal Way of the Cross is made known. Dear Jesus offers His lovers His symbol of love.The symbol is their crosses to carry. Many desert Him at this stage; but all who remain with Him and carry their own crosses and follow Him will taste the sweetness of His love. They are those, my dear Jesus calls the consolers. Jesus promises to open the mysteries of love to them.Those who gave up did so because they are still in the shadow of knowing Jesus as the God of Miracles. The real person of Jesus is far from their knowledge. They are not lovers, but seekers.

Friend of the living God, the person of Jesus signifies the mystery of His Joyful Birth, His Sorrowful Death and His Glorious Resurrection. Let those who rejoice in His miraculous deeds share in His agony, so as to enter into glory with him. I hope you will not abandon Him on His Calvary way of salvation.

May my dear Jesus give you the grace of true love. I am praying for you all to conquer the world by means of love.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.


Meditation/ Catholic Catechism:

Parable of The New cloth and the old garment, New wine in Old bottles Matt 9 v 16, Mark 2 v 21 and Luke 5v36. Lesson: The New Law must replace the Old.

(Taken from Through Christ Our Lord, Our Quest for Happiness Book Two)

... [16] And nobody putteth a piece of raw cloth unto an old garment. For it taketh away the fulness thereof from the garment, and there is made a greater rent. ... [17] Neither do they put new wine into old bottles. Otherwise the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish. But new wine they put into new bottles: and both are preserved.