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ATTACHMENT TO THE WORLD IS SLAVERY TO FEAR (The Silent Soul Sees True Happiness In The Holy Cross)


DATE: 11TH JAN. 2002





In our prayer during this hour, I had a vision of Our Lady who came with

a rose flower in her hand and her Immaculate Heart, which radiates

Divine rays. She came closer and calmly said:

My children, tonight I come to teach you the mysteries of perfect silence,

which comes from true peace. I say to you all again peace from Heaven

be with you.


Children, how many of you receive the peace which Heaven gives to you



Listen to this lesson and know whether you have the peace. This lesson

will be called, “Perfect Silence of the True Peace.”


Children, what is the cause of the restlessness of the worldly man? What

then do you think is the cause of fear in a worldly man? You will little

understand these questions. Listen, when man was created; he was put

into the peace of God in the Garden of Eden. Later man fell from grace

and from the peace of God and had himself detached from His Creator.

Man lost confidence in God, his Creator and got attached to the world.

This attachment brought fear and restlessness in the world. Children,

anyone who attaches His life to the world will hardly have true peace.

The person is a man of the world and a slave of fear as well as a

restless man. Children, a man who is attached to his wealth hardly

sleeps if he hears that thieves are around; his spirit will never be at rest

till he sees the safety of his wealth

Listen again to see how people have less attachment to their God. The

worldly man who sails through the sea hardly relaxes till he lands safely.

Think of the restlessness of his spirit. Children, you can think of other

fields of life where men have less confidence in their God. All these lead

to restlessness of the soul due to man’s attachment to the world.

Children, before I give you my lesson, may I take you with me to see the

bondage of my children who are in the Pentecostal churches and

devotions. These children of mine, the enemy has succeeded in

putting under the bondage of fear. See how they always search for

demons everywhere. They see demons in all their acts, in all their

ways and in all their business. They see obstacles in their places of

work as demon’s work; even the cross, which their God lovingly offers

them, is regarded as the handwork of the evil spirit. This makes them

slaves to fear. They use up their time in calling on evil spirits. They will

connect any little sound at night with the force of the evil spirit. Their

resting bed even frightens them because they imagine demons hiding

under it. Oh, what bondage my children are living in! How can they have

peace and dwell in perfect silence? Children, there is no silence in their


Listen to my lesson: This Pentecostal world has come to drive the

whole world into the error of faithlessness. They have come to put

the world into the bondage of fear. They have come to put off the

holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy gatherings. My

deepest sorrow is that the Holy Church of my Son being enveloped

in these errors.

Children, you have guardian angels but you do not believe in their loving

and caring presence. I mean the Pentecostal churches. This makes

them claim to see more of evil spirits than their guardian angels who are

sent to defend them. The Presence of your God, which is everywhere,

cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the Heavenly Army fights

day and night, is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The Evil One

can only be chased out from one place to another. This is what the

Heavenly Army is doing for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil

spirits be chained for years, before their final destruction at the end of

the world. The evil spirits are in the world as the air is in the world,

so also the Angels of Peace. Evil spirits have no power over the holy

ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in

the world by the Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes

from the power of humility and the fire of purity.


A restless man is attached to the world. Learn today that your God

cares for you. He sees your movements. His Angels are beside you.

You are to know this and to talk to your guardian angels. No power of

darkness is stronger than your guardian angel. He has power to rescue

you from all troubles if only you will remain pure and a friend of your


Children, I say, relax; relax your souls. The relaxation of the spirit

gives forth the perfect silence of the true peace. I do not mean that

you will not pray. I mean you will pray in faith. The battle is not yours.

You are not the defender of your lives. Take the simple prayer of the

Church against evil spirits; it is enough. Say your normal prayers. Spend

more time in adoration, you will find true peace.

Learn this final lesson:

The silent soul sees true happiness in the Holy Cross

while the restless soul sees the Cross as a curse.

May the power of humility overshadow you to learn these lessons.

Remain in the peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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