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In my prayer during this hour and on this last day of July prayers, I had the vision of our Lady who was accompanied by seven little Angels. She came closer and gently said:

“Peace from heaven be with you, Barnabas. I bring peace to all my children who had heed to this call of holiness in these wicked days of yours. I am happy to see that the cloud of sins and cobweb of Satan had not hindered you from gathering to the foot of the cross. Your salvation comes from the mountain of Calvary. All who gathered at Calvary in prayer, in weeping, in supplication, and in adoration will find their souls at rest.

Through the saints My Jesus your Agonizing Master had taught you much these days on the call of true rest. I am happy to see many who will benefit from these lessons at the appointed time. Keep your soul away from all kinds of distractions in these days of yours; the enemy is working hard to make all men slaves of fear, of worries, of power and evil desires. Do not share in these foods of wickedness. Rather be at rest. In God is your rest. Your true home of rest is heaven.

Happy are all who found God within them in this wicked and sinful world, they will find rest. In this world, they will discover the new paradise. In this world they will begin to enjoy the bliss of paradise and rest. This is possible because heaven has come down on them. Their body is the temple of God. Their soul is the Tabernacle of God. Here is heaven in the midst of men. Here is the soul that resembles His Maker. Here is another Christ in the midst of the wicked world. I am your Mother, Mary, the Mother of the Agonising Jesus Christ.

Son, do you feel the joy of my presence”?

I answered, “Yes Mother, but your children are suffering and many are dying in the hand of the wicked men and heartless leaders.” Our Lady then said: Son your earthly suffering and even death in the hand of the evil men should not trouble you. However, be worried and troubled for those who separated themselves from God, from heaven and from the Good. Pray for faith and for the grace of true love”.

Then I answered: “But Mother, many are losing their faith on account of their suffering. Have mercy on us.”

Our Mother said: “Barnabas, my children are losing faith in God not because of their sufferings but because of the weakness of the leaders, the pastors of souls. The voice of the prophets has missed the true message of the cross. The teachers have dethroned God and enthroned man in their teaching. They had made man the centre of everything and God the last. The poor good shepherds are silence. They have lost their zeal and power of evangelization and mission. There are more scandals in the land than have ever been before. This is the cause of the loss of faith. Suffering will always be in the world until the number of the elect is completed. But I will console my troubled children.”

I answered, “Yes Mother, I will be glad if you remember this nation and grant us peace and good governance.”

Our Lady said: “Barnabas, I am the Queen of all nations. All men are my children. I will remember all my children and all nations of the world beginning from those nations who have consecrated themselves to the Precious Blood of my beloved Son and Redeemer if you will heed to my two appeals.”

I heartily inquired, “Mother, what are the two appeals.”

Our Lady smiled and said: “Barnabas, if one-third of those consecrated to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in each nation are ready to live the life of their consecration, Christ will reign in that country. The trouble of My children will be over; I will console them. The second, I will call you again for another cenacle of prayer and reparation from the month of October this year to June next year. This cenacle is a-nine month 3rd Friday reparation. I will wish all my children to be here, but the cenacle can be done in all the Gethsemane Homes in this nation. Other countries who wish to enjoy this favour will do the same in their chosen centres.

If one-third of those who consecrated to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ faithfully observe this call, I will take over the problem of those nations and give them rest. I promise to crush the head of Satan in those nations and give them rest. The exile will return home, the thirsty will find fresh water and the hungry

will feed to satisfaction. I will be most happy to see my children returning to the sacrament of love and of forgiveness. Faith will increase again in the land.”

Then I asked, “Mother, how can we know that one-third answers this call, what if it is not up to one-third, will you still remember us?”

Our Lady answered, “Barnabas, do not worry too much, if my children return to Me and to their God, more favour will follow them. You will make this message known on the third Friday of August and 14th September, 2018. Other messages will remain hidden until you are told to share them.

However, I will call my children who will heed to this call for a banquet of great joy. They will eat and be satisfied with this messages you were asked to keep. Only and only those who keep to this call will share in this banquet for the time being.”

Then I asked again, “Mother, what about those who miss the call with good reason or could not afford but have great desire to be part of this reparation and prayers?”

She said, “Barnabas, enough of your worries. God desire that all His creatures should love Him. Love and find rest in Him. I obtained this favour from Jesus because you asked for it. Do not be afraid. Have faith and leave all things for Me. Renew your act of consecration to the Precious Blood at the hour of 3.00pm every Friday of the cenacle month and ask for the blessing as you did on the day you consecrated your nation to the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus Christ.

Do not make unnecessary campaign for this appeal. I am only calling you to participate in My work of calling sinners back to God. I can do this work without you. But I need your reparation, I need your sacrifice, I need your holiness; I need all these things to tell Jesus that you love Him.

Barnabas, I know you are tired. I will strengthen you to put down this message. So I pray Jesus to bless you.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then appeared the Agonising Jesus Christ who calmly said: “You make Me happy with your sacrifice and love. I felt consoled as I see many returning to My love. May the blessings of peace, of joy and of faith remain always with you. May your souls find rest in My bosom. Be healed in spirit and be healed in the flesh. I say again, be calm! I bless you all. ” Immediately, He made the sign of the cross and the whole vision passed.



 The call for Cenacle is for all men and women who love God.

 Heaven requires at least 1 /3 of the consecrated souls to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ to actively attend the nine months Cenacle Prayers from the 3rd Thursday – Saturday morning beginning from October 2018 – June 2019.

 At the dot of 3pm of every third Friday of the Cenacle months, the whole pilgrims will re-consecrate and bless themselves with the following prayers below:


O, Infinite Goodness! God of Heaven and Earth! In your goodness, you created the world and what you created share in your goodness; and behold, they are good. Father, you loved what you created and blessed them. In your own image and likeness, you created them and at the time, you made man your temple on earth. Father, how faithless have we rewarded you! We reward you with evil in all your benevolence and love. Forgive us for we have sinned against you. You are right in condemning us.

Now, will you forget your love and not love the world you created? Father, behold your Son, who was condemned to a shameful death for the love of your people, and have mercy on them. See His Blood, shed for mankind and forgive your people. May the most Precious Blood of Christ heal your world from the blindness of error and sin. May the Precious Blood of Christ heal the world from the wounds of corruption and decay. May the Blood of Christ open the eyes and minds of your children to see true value. Keep your children faithful to your name. May the world be purified of its blindness through the merit of the most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

Bring to an end the evils of terrorism, war and bloodshed! Protect the innocent, the weak, and the young, O Merciful Blood of Jesus Christ! Conquer nations and draw all men to the knowledge of the price of their salvation. Establish in all hearts, the reign of your Glory, O victorious Blood of Jesus Christ. Inflame all hearts with the fire of Divine Love. Overshadow them with your love.

Today, we immerse ourselves and all men in the ocean of the Precious Blood of Christ. We bring our nation and the nations of the world before your Throne of Mercy to consecrate them to you, O Precious Price of Our Salvation. Jesus, you are our hope, our refuge and our salvation. To you we pledge our faithfulness and love from now on. We promise with the help of your grace to champion the cause of the Precious Blood of Jesus, and to foster devotion to the adorable blood of our salvation. We promise to defend life and devote ourselves for the service of your kingdom. Accept us and make us one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Consecrate us in love and renew all things in you, O Divine Conciliator. Bring us and all men to the knowledge that we are of one family in the same abode - the earth; that we have one Father – God; and that we have one eternal home – Heaven. Restore the diverse tongues of Babel and help all men to speak again one language of love, O merciful love! May all be united in Christ for the reign of peace in the world!

Shower and water the earth and make all things new in Christ, O Powerful Blood of Our Salvation! Conquer the evil of our days! Subdue the powers of darkness and throw Lucifer and his agents back into the abyss. Sprinkle the earth and all men with your Precious Blood, O divine saviour and grant them your salvation. Conquer and over-throw the agents of Lucifer who are serving as leaders to your people and bring their kingdoms to an end. Enthrone a shepherd after your heart to rule your people. Break the chain of evil rulers, O powerful Armour of our Redemption, and rebuild our cities in justice and love. Set your people free from the yoke of communism, false freedom, the evil of human will and the pride of Lucifer. Rebuild our nations in your love, and fortify the cities in the fear of your name. Open to all men the gate of your salvation and let them acknowledge you, the Price of Our Salvation. You are our hope, our rest and our salvation, O Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

We immerse ourselves and all men today and always in the ocean of the Precious Blood as we consecrate ourselves to you. Shelter all men in your love and draw them close to you. We depend on your grace to remain faithful to you. So we ask your saints, angels and, above all, your mother to intercede for us. To you, O mother Mary, we commit this act of consecration. Preserve it and perfect it for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Maria, Rosa Mystica, Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, - Pray for us

St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, - Pray for us

SS. Peter and Paul, - Pray for us

St. Michael, the Archangel, - Pray for us

St. Cecilia, Patron of Choirs, - Pray for us


PRAYER: (By the presiding Bishop or Priest, All kneel)

Lord God of Heaven and Earth, You are the Beginning and End of all things. In the beginning You created the world by the power of Your word and fashioned man out of dust by the work of Your own Hand. After the fall of man, You sacrificed Your only Son, to redeem the world and restores man’s glory.

Behold this Holy Crucifix built in Your Honour and Glory, and draw all men to Yourself. Adoration, glory, honour and power to You forever and ever.

All Respond: Amen.

Now Lord God of Heaven and Earth, Your Covenant stands firm forever. Today and always, You manifest Your love and faithfulness to Your creatures. Let Your Glory fill this land You have chosen for Your worship and bless all who seek Your Face here+.

All: Amen

Guide and protect them day and night with the light of Your presence+.

All: Amen

May the water and fruits of this land bring healing and nourishment to all who take them+.

All: Amen

Hear the prayer of Your priests and Your people whenever they gather at the foot of this crucifix+.

All: Amen

In Your mercy hear our prayers and forgive us our sins+.

All: Amen

O glorious Cross of Jesus Christ, reconcile men with their God and with their fellow men whenever they behold You+.

All: Amen

Be the consoler of the afflicted, Strength of the weak, Hope of the hopeless, Liberation of the captives, our ladder to heaven and victory of the dying+.

All: Amen

May all who behold You, O victorious Cross be healed in spirit and in body+. All: Amen May all who behold You be consumed with the fire of divine love+.

All: Amen

Renew and revive the faith of Your people O merciful Father, whenever they come here, or whenever they remember this Holy Cross+.

All: Amen

Through the sign of this Holy Cross, set the captives free, open the eyes of the blind strengthen the lame and the trembling knees+.

All: Amen

Let them walk, dance and jubilate in Your presence as you grant them healing+.

All: Amen

Open the eyes of the spiritually and physically blind. Let them see and believe+.

All: Amen

Wipe the tears of the barren women and console them with the cry of babies as they behold this Holy Cross+.

All: Amen

Let the deaf and dumb upon beholding Your Holy Cross, hear the message of salvation and proclaim Your Greatness to the ends of the earth+.

All: Amen

Whenever Your people kneel before You at the foot of this Holy Cross, or remember Your Holy Cross, sprinkle them with Your Most Precious Blood and heal them of their infirmities+.

All: Amen

Whenever Your people are attacked by the enemy and they look up at Your Holy Cross, deliver them and heal their wounds+.

All: Amen Arise O Lion of Judah, Arise O victorious Jesus Christ. Be the hope of the dying. Raise the dead and bring them to new life+.

All: Amen

Let Your Glory fill the universe. Envelop Your people with the rays of your presence and let the dew of Your Most Precious Blood water the earth now and at all times+.

All: Amen

Reign in our hearts!, reign in all hearts!!, May Your victory be manifested in the world through the sign of this Cross+.

All: Amen

Conquer the kingdom of Satan and send Lucifer and his agents back to the abyss+.

All: Amen

Give peace to Your people! Give peace to the world through the sign of this Cross+.

All: Amen

May Your kingdom of peace spread from here to the ends of the world+.

All: Amen

May the blessings of the Almighty God, the Father +, the Son + and the Holy Spirit + come down upon you and remain with you both now and forever. Amen.

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