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24TH JULY 2003 (10:00pm)


In my prayer during this hour, I had a vision of the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ Who calmly said:

“No other sacrifice is greater than the Sacrifice of My Precious Blood. I have poured it for you and for many. And all who value this Precious Blood, I will save.

In the past, blood of goats and bulls was used for sacrifice to purify the people from their sin. Certainly, you should know that goats and bulls are inferror to men for whom the blood of goats and bulls were shed for their purification. But since, by Law, almost everything is purified by blood and also sins are forgiven only if blood is poured out; the imperfect blood of goats and bulls purified the people from their sins. And their sins were forgiven.

The Priests of the old offered this sacrifice yearly to purify people from their sins. But in the fullness of time, God planned to save man once and for all. So He did not choose to take the blood of wild animals, or to receive the flesh of bulls for the everlasting sacrifice. Rather, He offered for the world His only begotten Son, Who came and took flesh and blood from the Immaculate Virgin. Yes, the Immaculate Virgin because she obtained favour from God as a Tabernacle of the Most High. This Vessel that received God is superior to every other vessel that comes from the lineage of Adam. She is worthy to be chosen by God.

My children, the Blood and Flesh I took from the Immaculate Virgin, My dear Mother, are much more superior to the flesh and blood of goats and bulls. This Blood promised better things than any other blood shed or that will be shed in the world. The Sacrifice of My Precious Blood is great because God is sacrificing His own Son for the salvation of mortal man. What a marvelous thing and a great love that the Creator died for His creature. O, it pleases God more to see His Son tortured in the hands of sinners, exposed naked by the prostitutes, and crucified by the criminals for the salvation of the world, than to see the son of the world dying for his fellow sinful men. This is the greatest of Love. Children, My Blood was poured once and for all, for the forgiveness of sins and the salvation of the world.

This Blood was received by God to seal the Everlasting Covenant. No other sacrifice is greater than the sacrifice of My Precious Blood. It is the Sacrifice of Calvary. It is the Sacrifice of the Mass. I have given it to you; “Do this in memory of Me.” All the sacrifices of the Martyrs who have died and who are still living, put together cannot be compared with the Everlasting Sacrifice of My Precious Blood. Yes, these sacrifices of the Martyrs cannot save a soul. But in union with My Sacrificial Death, many graces are obtained.

The Eucharist I gave to you is a proof of My Love: “I am with you to the end of age.”Yes I am with you. The Eucharist is My Body, which contains My Precious Blood. Children, the Consecrated Host is My Body and the Consecrated Wine is My Blood. I am there, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. When the Consecrated Host is consumed, I remain in your soul in the Person of the Holy Spirit. I mean for those whom their temples are holy. If your temple is not holy, the Holy Spirit will depart from you. And the demon will enter your soul. I appeal to you again, “cleanse your soul with the Sacrament I gave to My Church so as to be worthy of God’s grace.” I say, “Sin no more.”

Tomorrow I will speak to you on the matter of True Presence as it concerns you My poor lovers. I am calling on you to visit Me in the Tabernacle where I am in prison for you. I will bless all Priests of Mine who built a Chapel of the Eucharist, where I will be perpetually adored. I will highly bless all men who encourage others to visit Me in the Tabernacle of Love in these days of woe. I am there waiting for you to come. I will bless you. Remember that there is no other sacrifice greater than the sacrifice of My Precious Blood. This is the Sacrifice of Calvary, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Have faith in this. May no one take it away from you. I promise to save you.

Receive My blessing; I bless you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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