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6TH JULY, 2005(3:00 AM)


In my prayer during this hour, I saw the vision of a Saint who was accompanied by three little Angels. The Saint came closer and said: “Happy I am to be sent to you in these days of woe. Rejoice all you who are waiting for the salvation of the Lord; your salvation is here. God has set his light in the world to chase all the darkness away. Those who are in the darkness, have the light of God. They are happy because the salvation they are waiting for has arrived. I am your brother John. Jesus sent me to give you a message on the theme “Dark Night of a Soul As A Result of Anger”. Anger in the soul of man is like salt in the flesh of worm. What salt does to the worm is what anger does to the soul. An angry soul is a sick soul. In an emotion of anger, the wisdom from God ceases. Reasoning stops as well. The spirit of light has no place in the soul of an angry man. However, Satan is the landlord of such temples. Friends of Christ, anger has the capacity of killing all the virtues you have laboured for all through the years in a matter of seconds. So anger is a killer; it is a destroyer. It is dangerous. The soul of an angry man is in the darkness of sin. Such a soul cannot see the light of love. This is the night of sin, which my Jesus called the Dark night of a soul. Children of light, how can you overcome this dangerous sin and come out of darkness for life? I have only one word for you. Love! Conquer with love! Love is the meekness of heart; love is peace of the soul. Love is forgiveness. Love is acceptance. Ask yourself who am I angry with? Is it with God who loves you so much? Or man, the temple of God? Oris it yourself, the image of God? Could it be Satan, your examiner who tests you for promotion? No! You should not be angry with anyone or anything at all. Everything works as an instrument of goodness for you. You will learn this truth if only you will struggle to ascend to the throne of love. Friends of Christ, in this throne of love, one possesses a heart too difficult to offend; a heart which bears pains with a cheerful face, heart which seeks to please others rather than to be pleased. This is where the salvation of an angry man is; because anger disappears where love is. I encourage all who are affected by this disease to come near the stream of love and get cured. Come that Jesus will show you light again. May Jesus bless you all and heal the wounds of your souls! Immediately, the vision passed, and then appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said: “Children, anger disturbs My loving Presence in your soul. You waste a lot of My Graces whenever you are angry. Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart. So I bless you in the Name of the Father and, of the Son and, of the Holy Spirit, Amen!”

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