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40 Days For Life - DAY 19: Happening now

Every minute of every hour of every day – for 40 days – there is always someone, somewhere in the world, praying for an end to abortion.

Isn’t that a beautiful reality to battle our cynical culture?

There are 40 Days for Life campaigns currently under way in 24 countries and today we go on a world tour to just a few of them.

No matter where YOU are in the world you don’t just have to read about the prayer — you can JOIN it. We still have the entire second half of the campaign to go, so please find your vigil and pray with us!

Ijebu Ode, Nigeria

Father Peace Ike leads the 40 Days for Life effort in Ijebu Owe.

From the start of the campaign, he said, “I asked the students and teachers of St. Joseph Nursery/Primary School to pray and fast for both the aborted children and those who committed the crime of abortion.”

When it comes to fasting, he said it is customary to fast from food. But he asked them to consider “fasting from doing bad things instead.”

On Nigerian Independence Day, Father Peace organized a pro-life retreat and seminar, where they again “prayed for the aborted babies and those responsible for abortion.”

Nasaud, Romania

The 40 Days for Life leaders in Nasaud were a bit concerned about this campaign – a number of the people who had volunteered previously said they just couldn’t help out this time.

“But we prayed for it long before it started,” said Daria in Nasaud, “and God did answer. It is amazing that several women volunteered for many hours per week, even though they had serious health problems.”New vigil participants keep getting involved. There was one woman in particular who was “really thankful for us inviting her to our vigil,” Daria said, “and promised that she will come again.”

Cape Town, South Africa

Nine 40 Days for Life campaigns have now taken place in Cape Town … with people praying outside a facility run by the London-based global abortion giant Marie Stopes.

The group shown in this photo has made a regular commitment to pray on the sidewalk … though on this particular day they were delayed a bit by unexpectedly heavy traffic.

Nonetheless, they’ve promised to return … including a visit on Day 40, November 5.

Leeds, England

It has been an eventful campaign for the 40 Days for Life team in Leeds, where the prayer volunteers continue to have interesting interactions with both passersby and clients outside a large Marie Stopes facility.

Chris, the local coordinator in Leeds, recalls one man who stopped to ask what they were doing.

“I told him what the place was,” he said. “He had thought it was a church!”

The man told the volunteers to not let anyone stop them from doing what they were doing.

Lagos, Nigeria

Morris Joseph Igwe, the campaign leader in Lagos, says the 40 Days for Life efforts there have gotten a big boost from the Catholic archdiocese and Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins.

“In a world where eugenic and utilitarian mentality rule,” Morris said, “the culture of death … in turn has no regard for human life, especially the poor, weak and vulnerable.”He said the 40 Days for Life team members “are Ambassadors for Life. Being a pro-lifer is an attitude that flows from one’s being. It is an attitude of love and compassion.”


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