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In my prayer during this hour, I saw a picture of the Holy Agonizing face of Jesus that was bathed with blood, He appeared before my alter, kept silent for some moment and finally said: Peace be with you My son, peace be with you My lover, I come to reveal to you and the nations of the world the trouble that will befall the world as a result of the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I Am the agonizing Jesus Christ Who receives all bitterness of your sin, I am weeping deeply for this nation ( refference to Nigeria where the visionary comes from)

If this nation neglects this appeal of mine, if this nation keeps adamant to this warning of Mine, in no distant time there will be no faith left in the land. Children, if this abuses and the desecration of My Holy Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist continues which will result in the profanation of My Holy temple, O! My Glory will depart from the desecrators, the light of true love will depart from them, I say, the power of error will rule over the lives of all who abuse and those who promote the desecration of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. All the convents, monastries and seminaries who involve themselves in this act of desecration, will soon disappear from the face of the earth, no one will remember them anymore, it has happened to the land of Europe be warned so that it will not happen in your own land. Hear My appeal of love and wedge this weapon of mass destruction. Children, My Glory will depart from those priests who indulge in this act of desecration, those bishops of Mine who remain silent and those who promote this abuse and the desecration of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist will see the worldliness of their priests, in their diocese the true devotion of My Euchristic presence will disappear among the priests especially those who involve themselves in this act of desecration, the love for My mission will vanish in the part of the world that promotes this act of desecration, the priests in those nations will loose their zeal for apostolic work, instead of being the seekers and fishers of souls they will be the seekers and fishers of the wealth of the world, money will be the god they worship, the error of bribery and corruption will rule over their lives, at that time this priests will be fighting over earthly positions in other to have wealth and pleasure, they will go as far as priding authority over them in other to get opportunity for earthly knowledge. O! if it happens in your nation you will see these priests rejecting their posting of apostolic work, all these will be as a result of the desecration of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, these priests will loose their grace of chastity, the power of lust will overwhelm them, many of the priests will marry while the rest will become male prostitutes, they will abuse many virgins of mine in their own land and drag many souls to hell with them, at that time the vow of poverty of obedience and of chastity would have disappeared, people of the world will see the emptyness of My priests because My Glory would have departed from them, the riches of My priests at that time will attract thieves to My Sanctuary, many of My priests shall be killed by the thieves, the wealth of My temple will be carried away by the thieves the rest will die of heart attack due to their selfish attachments to material things. Children, if this act of the desecration of My Holy Eucharist continues, then those lands will experience lack of priests for mission, men will loose their zeal for My service many seminaries will close down, those religious congregations in that land who involve themselves and who promote the desecration of My Holy Eucharist will disappear and no one will remember them anymore. O! I will ensure that those high priests of Mine who keep silent over this matters and those who promote these desecrations will live to see the fruit of their work so that they will be there to suffer the consequence of their mindlessness and pass with this sorrow to My judgement court where they will see the face of Him Who now appeals to them to love. See, these religious sisters who involve themselves in this act of desecration will soon give up and join the world like in Hosea in ''II Cronicles chapter 26 verses 16 to 21'' who defiled My presence by going into the temple to burn incense on the alter of incense, this was not the duty of the king but of My priest, these religious sisters who have grown arrogant like Hosea by taking over the work of priests, this will be their downfall. O little sisters of mine, with the same voice of Azariah the priest and eight couragious priests of old, I cry out to you with love, you have no right to administer the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, only priests of Mine in the line of Melchizedek have been consecrated to do this, leave this work for My priests let no none consecrated hands near the Chalice of the Holy Eucharist, run away, the wrath of the eternal Father is great, I Am the agonizing Jesus Christ who is calling you to love. Little sisters of Mine, I appeal to you to go back to your work which has been lying waste in the world, go and take care of the poor, the weak, the sick and the weadows, help and spread the good news to the world, train up more virgins in the world, but if you continue in your own way to desecrate the Sacrament of My Holy Eucharist My Glory will depart from you, you will loose the grace of chastity and of humilty, the eyes of men shall see you, the eyes of men shall also see your worldliness because you shall be more worldly than the world, you shall see yourselves removing the veil of purity and chasing after the make up of earthly beauty, many of you will begin to bleach their hair and their skin at that time, men of the world will hardly differenciate My little sisters from the women harlots on the streets, for this reason many of them will be raped, wicked men will break through their convent to rape them, rapists will kidnap them on the way, at that time many of them will volunteer to give up their vows and join the world of prostitutes, evil will spread everywhere at that time, virginity will be a word of the past, fear of God will disappear, wickedness will increase until it has become worse than you can imagine, doctrine and tradition of My Holy Church will disappear, My Holy Church will be seen more as a company rather than as a church, to save a soul at that time will be like escaping from the den of lion. O great will be the damnation of My people, souls, I mean a large number of souls will be damned, this is the effect of the weapon of mass destruction I Am telling you about. Woe to those who shall be used as instruments of mass destruction in the world, they shall regret bitterly their existence in the world, see, they shall succeed in putting off the light of the world, there will be darkness everywhere, the source of light is the everlasting sun of the living and the dead, the 'Sacrament of the Holly Eucharist', they have succeeded in putting it off in the world by means of their weapon of mass destruction, at that time people will ask; What are the courses of this problem and wickedness on earth? some will say it is the sign of the end others will say the end is near. Hear now o men of the earth that these evils are as a result of the weapon of mass destruction which My people have set up for themselves, rise up and wedge this weapon now before it is too late, let the leaders of My Church rise up to defend the Church and the gifts of the Church, O My people work hard to save your souls and the souls of My poor people who depend on you for survival. Children, do you think that all these things can destroy the church of Mine? they have power to destroy lives and send many souls to hell but for My Holy Church, they have no power to destroy it, I Am with My church to defend her, woe to the generation that will experience these evils, I mean those that will allow this weapon of mass destruction to blow and attack the everlasting sun, the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, they shall suffer greatly. 'Silence' Barnabas unite this messages and that of Cecilia for priests and religious, the message given on November 12th 1999 and the lessons of My Seal and send them to the leaders of My Church all over the world, send them to the priests and religious of My Holy Church as many as you can reach, do this as from October 2003, those I chose for this kind of mission will see to it that it is well done.

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