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Listen to my agonizing voice all you Nations of the world, the scientists have chosen to build weapons of mass destruction in other to destroy the world made by God. The whole world is lamenting over the mass destruction of the human race, there is terror everywhere. Children, do you think that they can destroy the world? they can destroy their lives and the lives of numerous creatures but as for the destruction of the world they can not. Those who involve themselves in the mass destruction of lives shall be judged as murderers, their punishment is eternal.''Silence'' Worse and most painful is to see the modern leaders of my church building the greater weapon of mass destruction against humanity and against spirit, I say, against flesh and against soul, this weapon is worse than the scientist's weapon of mass destruction, woe to those leaders who involve themselves in this action, they shall curse the day they where chosen to be the leaders of my flock, great is their punishment. Children, the weapon of mass destruction being built by the modern leaders of my church is the weapon against the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, this Sacrament is the everlasting sun which gives light to the living and the dead. Oh without this light there will be no life for the living and the dead, as we can see and believe that this earthly world will hardly exist without the sun, the worldly scientists are building their weapon to attack the sun by means of their radio-active wave, so also the modern leaders of my church attack the everlasting sun by means of their false doctrine against the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who gave this Sacrament for the life of the world, children, it is better to allow the scientists to destroy lives by means of their weapons than to see the mass destruction of true lives which shall come as a result of the war against the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, tommorrow i wil tell you the consequencies. ''Silence". Now may I remind my children of my Anguish Appeal which shall wedge this weapon of mass destruction planned against flesh and against soul, I told them on, you and your sons alone shall fulfil all the responsibilities of the Priesthood that concerns the Alter and what is the Most Holy Place, this things are your responsibilities because I have given you the gift of Priesthood, any unqaulified person who comes near the sacred objects shall be put to death, "Numbers 18 Verses 5-7". Here it again, it is an act of desecration of the Holy Eucharist to allow the unconsecrated hand to administer this Sacrament to my people, I have given enough warnings on this in the lessons of the Great Seal. Children, even without the lessons you have known the truth but you might say it is permited, hear oh my loving ones, it is permited as a foundation of the weapon for mass destruction, it is someone who set this weapon, someone among my lovers must wedge it, who is that person? I say it is you. Only my Priests, the consecrated hands have the right to administer the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist no other hands I appeal to you, no other hands, may this desecration stop, help and wedge the weapon of mass destruction. Children, I appeal to you to propagate the doctrine of the real presence, my presence dwels in this little piece of bread, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. The modern terrorists spread their weapon of mass destruction saying that this Sacrament is mere food, you shall see this in the manner they treat this sacrament as follows; they propagate the communion in the hand, they do not care about the little particles of this Holy Sacrament which has the same dignity as the larger ones, they encourage lay people to come and serve themselves this Holy sacrament, they preach against the Sacrament of reconciliation thereby encouraging unworthy souls to recieve this sacrament, they no longer clean the chalice of the consecration on the alter of the sacrifice rather they do this on a side table which they regard as a washing table, this is for the fact that they regard the Holy Eucharist as mere food, all this ways are how they set up the weapon of mass destruction against the sacrament of the Holy eucharist. the priests often time leaves the ablusion in the hands of lay people to do instead of doing it themselves who are the proper ministers of the Holy Eucharists. Children, I appeal to you to stand against the ordination of women as my Priests, the terrorists will make all effort to set women on the throne of the Prieshood, if they succeed in doing this they would have made the greatest achievement in setting up the weapon of mass destruction against flesh and against soul, but woe to those women who shall alloy themselves to be the instrument of mass destruction, the fire of hell will not be enough to reward them their damnation is so great. Children, I appeal to you to offer absolute reverence to My presence in the Holy Eucharist, see, this terrorists of mass destruction are making it hard for My children to offer Me this reverence, I have seen many lovers of mine persecuted for kneeling down to recieve Me, some are denied the Sacrament, My leaders why can't you understand all these plans of the terrorists? I am Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament whom Moses and the prophets of the old saw and prostrated, whom the elders of Heaven and the saints prostrate in His presence, I am Jesus in the Holy Eucharist before whom the angels remain prostrate in adoration for ever, oh, fear the presence of your God, aproach Him with love and Awe. Children, may I ask you again, do you think the modern terrorists can destroy this church of Mine? They can destroy lives and send many souls to hell but as for My Holy Church they can not destroy it, I am with My church to the end of the world, the gates of hell will not prevail against her. Oh, neither the worldly scientists nor the modern terrorists have the power to destroy the world or the church, all they can achieve is the destruction of their own lives and the lives of numerous creatures of God. ''Silence''. Return to Me My Children, change your ways oh wicked terrorists of the world, come near to My love, come and join My warriors to wedge the weapon of mass destruction, I promise to save the world from this destructive weapon, I am Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist whom they are persecuting, I am the everlasting son of the ages, I love you all. ''Silence''. Barnabas, tommorrow I will tell you the consequencies of the destruction, Barnabas, tommorrow I will also tell you the consequencies of the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which is the genesis of mass destruction. I know you are preparing for your examination, I will give you the grace to read for three hours tonight, after, you can rest, so recieve My blessing, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Emmediately the vision passed.

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