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5TH FEB. 1997

TIME: 10.30 pm


During our final novena prayers with Mass, Our Lord appeared to me with His Crown of Thorns. He showed me His Five Wounds and said: “My children, honour these Wounds. Adore the Precious Blood, which comes out from them. Have mercy on Me, in My Agony. My children, listen. I say, listen. Some of you displease the Holy Trinity when you are praying. You invite the Holy Trinity and turn away your spirit from the Holy God, leaving only the clay for the Living God. My children, turn away from this attitude. Show respect to the One above all creation, the Creator Himself.

My children, you displease Me much in this attitude. Pray only when you are willing to pray. Never, I say, never, pray when you are not willing to pray. Rather you make Me sad. The Father will not answer your prayer if you displease Him with absent-mindedness. My children, I need your prayers always, so, respect Me. My son, tell My children to ask for anything for seven minutes, I will answer. (Silence). Tell them to ask any question for three minutes. I will answer them. (Silence) I say, you must ask reasonable questions. (A long silence). At this point I was allowed to come back to myself and later I went back into trance.

“My son, listen, I need your sacrifice. Through it I will work out salvation. I heard your prayers. I will work for salvation. But I say to you, you will share with Me in My sufferings. The higher the suffering, the easier the journey becomes. The more you pray, the wider this devotion spreads. Therefore I say to you, you will be patient. In this end of age, My Father poured the Holy Spirit on His people. There also, the wicked spirit is being poured upon people by the Antichrist.

My son, listen: out of disobedience in this end of age the word Pentecostal was first formed by the spirit of the Antichrist. I say, run away from them. Listen again; there is the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Holy Catholic Church. All who belong to this ROCK, who obey and are holy, have the Holy Spirit. Charism also belongs to this ROCK. With these: Obedience, humility, love and holiness, you possess the fullness of the Holy Spirit. My children, listen. Warn all the charismatics who belong to this ROCK. Satan has entered. Many have been possessed by the spirit of the Antichrist. I say, be careful. My children, if your question is not answered, wait for Me in your personal reparation prayer by 3.00 pm. On the 7th of this month, I will answer you and give you a way out. Be happy that the Father accepts your sacrifice. Do the Benediction immediately.”

During the Benediction, I was looking at our Priest raising the Blessed Host in the monstrance. Our Lord appeared and said, “I BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” Immediately He disappeared.

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