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DATE: 13TH JULY, 2000

TIME: 7:30 PM


Today, the first day of the three-day novena in honour of the Most Holy Trinity, I saw the vision of Our Lady holding a Crown of Thorns with rose flowers that were fixed on it. As She was coming down, cloud came down and covered Her. There, in cloud, I saw the Sanctuary of God. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed there. Our Lady who knelt in silence before the Blessed Sacrament got up and calmly said:

“Children, I come to express to you the agony of my Son, and let your eyes turn to the weeping of the Beloved. Turn and see the Holy Face of the Most Loving. He is looking for His friends. He is looking for them to come and console Him.

Children, are you not the cause of His weeping? Look at His Face dripping with sweat of sorrow for love of you. He is alone. He is all abandoned. Come and hear His painful appeal. Come nearer to Him and console Him. Children, I heard Him appealing to you to live for Him, with Him, through Him and in Him. Hear Him and console Him.

Offer Him your whole being as a Living Sacrifice. May your lives glorify Him. May you be His consolers. Live for Him alone.

Children, accept His appeals. Live so as to be the Veronicas of the last age, to wipe His bloody Face. Remember His appeals to you. He said:

“Keep the day of obligation holy. Love your neighbour and pray for your enemy, and obey all the rest of the Commandments of your God.” He further said to you that many souls are going to hell because of the sins of the flesh. He appealed to you to help and train more virgins in the world. He told you to live a modest life. Obey Him and work hard. Stand for Him against all the errors that are fighting for the downfall of His Holy Church. Look at His bloody Face and console Him. My daughter, Cecilia, will teach you much about the Heavenly Worship. Children, may it come to reign in the Holy Church, the true worship as you can see modernism reigning and replacing holiness in the Church.

Children, Heaven is training His Apostles, you are the Apostles of the last age. You are called to renew and rectify what the Evil One has done to the handwork of God. This is why the Saints in Heaven call you the Apostles of Renewal. Children, you have seen that the enemy has succeeded in his plan. His agents have succeeded in winning you and ruining the Holy Temple, in the same way, Heaven has chosen you to fight the Evil One and his agents. Victory is promised to the very few that will fight to the end. They will defeat the Evil One and his agents and bring back the True Worship.


Children, turn and look at the weeping Face of the Beloved and console Him. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Listen to your Programme for the Reparation. You will have the Programme in this chapel. Your morning Masses will be celebrated by 5:00 a.m. every day. And the evening Masses will be celebrated by 9:00 p.m. every evening. In atonement for the sacrileges committed against my Son and my Saviour in the Holy Eucharist, you shall walk on your knees as you go for communion. I say to all who are able. St. Cecilia will treat the rest. You shall not eat anything cooked with oil starting from the hour of the reparation on 11th September to 13th September 2000.

On the 14th September, you are to eat and enjoy yourselves, as you like till 12 noon of that day. That day is the Great Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross. At the hour of 12 noon, my Priest will bless the cross; you will hold the first selected crucifix while the rest will be laid on the floor of the Holy Sanctuary. Then my Priest, with the Most Holy Trinity will bless it. Then the Holy Worship to alert the Twelve Tribes of Israel will commence.

The Programme will be made known to you on the 15th of this month. You are to eat again that day from 6.20 pm to 6.40 pm. You are to do it quickly and come back for the Holy Worship. On 15th of September, I will allow you to drink water only, but remember that my Son suffered the whole day without any food or drink. On the16th, you can eat your normal food without oil in the morning. By 12 noon, you will close as you did in the first Reparation Programme. When the hour passes, enjoy whatever you have communally and go for the work that my Son will send you. I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you all.

Children, when you come, divide yourselves into twelve groups for the programme of 14th of the month. You are to choose a partner not from the group you belong. You shall be in twos to discuss and share the Will of God together. This shall be done every day of the Reparation from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Group sharing will be from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. every day of the programme. The rest of the hour will be occupied with your prayers and private meditation.

Never forget to discuss all the messages you will have during the hour immediately you get them. I have little things to tell you on the 26th of this month during your last novena. Obey every bit of this programme.

Children, those who come late today or sleep in the Presence of my Son will not join you here in this novena. They can join you later in the last novena. All who will do like them later will not join you. Children, you have come to the Agonizing Saviour. Learn to console so as to be consoled.

I welcome you all in My peace. I say to you all, peace be with you.

So, I bless you.”

Immediately, she left the crown on my head and vanished

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