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DATE: 30TH JULY, 1999

TIME: 12:00 NOON


In our meditation-prayer during the Hour of Seal, I saw in a vision a chalice, which had the Two Hearts of Love on its top. Divine rays were radiating from above. As I was watching, the Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ appeared above the cloud on top of the chalice and the Two Hearts.

He kept silent at first; He finally broke the silence and said:

“My children, peace be with you all. Let the hearts of all who are waiting for My Seal REJOICE, for they have been sealed. All who opened their hearts for Me, who love, and console Me in My agony, will have the Tabernacle of My love in their hearts.

Children, know also that all of you in whose hearts I built the Tabernacle of My Love, and all who love Me and are waiting for the mark of the Seal, have been given the Seal by the Angels of Seal. This is a great work of Divine Mercy.

My children, who then shall remain faithful to this Seal I gave you today? Who shall remain in Me and I in him till the era of My Glorious Reign comes?

Truly, I say to you that you will experience the same trials and difficulties that the Israelites of old underwent in the desert.

They were delivered with the mark of seal on that midnight of Passover with the blood of animals. They all moved into the desert where they were purified. Children, do you know that only two men reached the Land of Promise. The rest died in the desert due to their disobedience of the laws given to them. Only very few will also enter the Land of Promise you are going to. This is why I informed you to renew this Seal always so as to remain in Me and I in you. Then, you will conquer.

Be wise to follow the desert way. Carry your Cross and follow Me. Remember always that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. All who suffer with Me, who console Me, and constantly calm down the wrath of My Father, by adoring My Precious Blood, will reign with Me when My Glorious Era comes.

Children, you make MY FATHER happy by answering this call. Heaven rejoiced when they saw the large number of the children of Israel who are sealed. The Sorrowful Heart of My Mother is being consoled. Your act of love pleases Me much. Receive My blessing. My Wounds and My Most Precious Blood will be your consolation in the hour of forsaking that is coming. The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will protect you. I bless you all. Remain sealed”.

Immediately the vision passed.

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