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DATE: 22ND JULY, 2001

TIME: 7:00 PM


In our novena prayer I saw a vision of the Agonizing Master hanging alive on the Cross. Within a short time, clouds came down and covered the whole place, and then appeared the Holy Agonizing Face, who calmly said:

“Children, follow these teachings of mine. Understand all of them. Have these lessons in your hearts always. They shall be the light of your soul in the dark hour.

On the day the evil man will appear, many will be deceived by his false miracles. I say, all who are spiritually blind will be deceived. Woe to those miracle-seekers who have no knowledge of the Royal Way of the Cross. They shall be the first slaves of the wicked man. The whole world will be amazed at the sight of his false miracles. At the sound of his command, the world leaders will bow. They shall be terrified when they see the man of iniquity calling down fire from above. Listen, my children, I say that you will see the Evil Man healing the sick, predicting future events, even raising the dead. He will have power to distribute wealth, and he will claim to be God.

In those days, he will establish his image in the world for all men to worship. Children, before these days come he will send his agents into the Holy Church of mine to remove and destroy all the holy images of the Saints and Sacred Statues. He will greatly fight the Holy Eucharist. His agents will succeed in keeping many Tabernacles empty. Children, many Tabernacles of mine will be deprived of my Presence. I say, many Tabernacles will lack the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Many hearts will suffer greatly. All hearts that are not sealed will suffer. At that time, you will understand why I appealed to you to offer me your hearts as living Tabernacles.

Children, this is why I gave you the Agonizing Crucifix, so that you will fight and conquer. Through the Sacrament of my love, the Agonizing Crucifix, and your Rosaries, you will overcome the days. But see, you have not done much to meet up with the demand of the Crucifix. Know that if the evil man reveals himself and announces his reign, you will never get the Agonizing Crucifix. I say, in those days, the Angels of the Seal might visit the souls of my lovers. But who will offer you the Cross if you do not have it now. The Evil One will possess many hearts so that no artist will be able to produce a good Agonizing Crucifix again till the days have passed. I say to you, work hard now to store up thousands of this Crucifix before the evil man closes the way. With this Cross, my warriors will conquer.

Children, any further improvement on the Crucifix will be presented for my approval. The agent of the Evil One is at work against the Cross. Children, I have given you the grace of peace. If you love much, you will gain much.

Look, you see that the days of the Evil One are fast coming. His agents are preaching about him. They preach about him and are making the way for him. You shall know them with this mark: They preach against the Royal Way of the Cross. Many have followed them because of miracles. How then will it be when the man of iniquity appears? Learn and follow the Desert Way. You will reach our Home of Peace.

Tomorrow, I will reveal to you how to know the lessons of the Evil One. When you hear, run for your live.

All who love me will see the greatest miracles and enjoy true happiness. Their eyes will be opened to see and know that the miracles of the evil one are false. My love will be their light.

So, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the

Holy Spirit, Amen! Remain in peace.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.

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