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DATE: 15TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


Today, being the last day of the three-day adoration prayer in the month of July, I saw a vision of Our Lady holding a Rose flower coming down from the cloud. She came closer and calmly said:

“Today, I come to offer this Holy Rose of Perfect Purity to all the Priests of my dearly beloved Son. I come with a message of love and of peace. Turn and see the one who is calling you. Turn and hear me, beloved Priests of my Son. I am the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bring to you a loving precious gift. I bring to you a gift of love. This is a gift from the Heart of Him, who loves you and who chose you. This is the Rose of Perfect Purity.

Come, dearly beloved Priests of my Son; come and embrace my love. My tears have obtained this Holy Rose for this sinful world. I see the growth of iniquities in the world and in the Holy Church of my Son.

Beloved Priests of my Son, the abomination is great! I see darkness enveloping the world. The rotten smell of iniquity has spread all over the world. I wept and begged my Son to offer the world this Holy Rose. Through its Holy Perfume, the rotten smell will be refined. Then, the new Perfume of Holiness will spread. Through the light of its purity, the dark world will see light again. Then, its beautiful nature will attract all men to perfection as beautiful flowers attract living flies to themselves.

Beloved Priests of my Son, accept this loving gift from me. Help and call all men to the holy way of perfection. I appeal to you all to help and refine the world. I promise to gather my little lilies around any of you beloved Priests of my Son, who holds this Rose. These little lilies of mine are those poor children of mine who are running towards perfection; they shall help you to see that your ministry wins many souls for Heaven. I, the mother of Jesus, will be near to help you and to console you always.

Beloved Priests of my Son, if you love, accept this Holy Rose from me. This voice of your mother appeals to you to love. Love, so that my Son will see many holy priests among you again. I say, love that the world might love my Son.

My begging voice is calling you all again to consecrate yourselves to the Precious Blood of my Son. The coming Chastisement is so great. At that time, anything outside this Precious Blood will suffer greatly. I call you all to love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Have faith in Him. Believe that He is really present there in the Holy Eucharist. Adore Him always. Console Him and make atonement for sins committed against Him. I say, respect His Presence.

Barnabas, make the first Rose and send it with these messages, from 29th June till today, to my humble Bishop, Ayo-Maria Atoyebi. This is a message of love to express my joy. I am happy. Jesus receives much consolation”.

Then, I asked: “Mother, see, he is sick, if you love him, you can cure him.” Our Lady gazed at me and said: “Son, I love him, Jesus loves him too. Jesus wants him to console Him. Jesus wants him to share in His agony. That is why He allows everything to happen that He might be consoled. But because you asked, I will relieve the pains and offer him another cross. Son, Jesus is consoled in your agony; and seeks consolation in your joyful days on earth. Love to be my Son’s consoler; you will be consoled.

My son, as you send these gifts to my loving Bishop send also the lesson of the Seal with them to him. Jesus said: “Publish my Love and Mercy, so that my people will know my judgment before they stand in my judgment court. I am begging my people to offer me their hearts as living Tabernacles. I want to live in their hearts from one Holy Communion to another. I want them to know that their souls are little Heavens.” Son, this is the light, which my Son wants you to put on in this dark world. Since the world is in darkness, they shall persecute the Light. Fear not to stand for the Light. If the voice of my Son moves my humble Bishop, he will allow the flock to hear the voice of the Chief Shepherd. The voice of this lesson is an alarming trumpet sound to gather the holy flock of God to the true path.

Son, this work will be done before 8th December this year. If you neglect this work, know that it is the 9th sword of your coldness and mindlessness that pierced my Heart that loves you so much. Jesus will be annoyed.


I am calling the Priests of my beloved Son to consecrate themselves to the Precious Blood of my Son, Jesus. I am giving them the Rose of Perfect Purity. May all who love embrace the gift of their mother.

I am the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Remain in peace from Heaven. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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