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DATE: 13TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


Today, being the first day of the three-day prayer in the month of July in honour of the Blessed Trinity, I saw a vision of Our Lady holding beautiful white and red Rose flowers. She was accompanied by the Cherubim of Heaven, too many to be counted. She came and said:

“Children of mine, I welcome you all again to these three-day adoration of the Most Holy Trinity. Today, the world is celebrating the feast of the Rosa Mystica. I have invited them. My heart rejoiced when I heard the voice of my Son calling me to give you the message of love towards the Rose of Perfect Purity. Children, I have come to manifest my love and express Jesus’ desire towards the Holy Rose. I have come to reveal to you the kind of persons worthy to receive this precious gift. To all my children, I say, May the peace of the Rosa Mystica, which comes down from Heaven, be with you all. All of you, who embrace my love and my appeals, I place in my care. My Immaculate Heart will be your protection.

Listen my children; the Rose, which has been offered to you, is holy. Jesus, your Saviour, loves you. He heard my cry and offered you this Holy Rose. This is a Rose of perfection. Only those who are striving for perfection will receive it. Through this Rose they will not find it hard to follow the bloody way of perfection. This Rose will be the source of their joy and consolation in the rough way of perfection.

I call all men to run towards perfection. I call you all to embrace this Holy Rose of Perfect Purity.

All who receive this precious gift will be natural and holy. Children, I have appealed for this, but many of you neglected it. Now Jesus said that you must be natural and holy to receive this Holy Rose. Children, what do you gain from all these demonic make–ups and attachments to your natural body? I know you gain nothing than pride and loss. Children, leave all these things. Keep your body natural and holy, so that your body can be mortified and purified to perfection.

Before the day of the renewal of your consecration, the little lilies of Christ will cleanse their souls with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I say, they will confess their sins to a Priest with true contrition of the heart. Children, they shall be those who respond to Jesus’ appeal to clothe His nakedness. I say, they shall be the real consolers of my Son Jesus.

Children, even though all who wish to renew their consecration can come and do so, but only those who meet up with these demands shall receive this Holy Rose. Anyone who neglects this order calls down my sorrowful tears upon himself/herself. The hands that offer and the hands that receive it unworthily pierce the Two Hearts of Love.

Children, let my vision of this precious Rose come true. I appeal to you that my tears will not be in vain. Jesus is looking to see your perfection. Do not seek to gather many people; train up the holy nation little by little. May Jesus see the pure love of perfection in the hearts of all who receive this Holy Rose.

Tomorrow, Jesus will send St Cecilia to teach you more on this Holy Rose. I am the mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I am the Rosa Mystica. Remain in peace from Heaven. So, I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.



DATE: 14TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 800 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of St. Cecilia with Rose flower and palm fronds in her hand. She came nearer and said:

“Little friends of God, I come again to share with you a message of love. I am your daughter, Cecilia. Know you today that you are called to be Saints. I say, you are called to holy living. Are you not aware that you are a holy nation, chosen before time, as Priests of God? Indeed, you are a holy nation!

The Loving Master has given you a Holy Rose of Perfect Purity to remind you of your call to holiness. You must be holy for He who called you is holy. He is the Spotless Lamb; you are called to be spotless. He is a humble Lamb; you are called to be humble as well. He is chaste and pure; you are called to be like Him.

Little friends of God, to be a saint, you must leave your nature to accept the Holy Rose of Perfect Purity. Look! Jesus has crucified your old nature with Him on the Cross. He wants you to be a new being in Him. That is why He gives you the Holy Rose of Perfect Purity for you to embrace. He called you to hate your old nature. Little friends, give up these habits of yours. There is no excuse for you to hold onto these habits of sin. This nature of yours is of the world. Since the world fell, what is of nature is impure. So, my friends, these natural habits of yours are impure. Accept the Holy Rose of Perfect Purity and fashion your life with it. I say, purify and mortify your character with the Sanctifying Fire of these Holy Petals of this Perfect Rose.

Little friends of God, these lessons are not proverbs. These are lessons of perfection. Anyone who receives this Rose receives fourteen voices of God’s Judgment. If you abuse any of the petals of this Holy Rose, know you that you have abused the heavenly gift. Worse still you are calling upon yourself, the holy tears of the Queen of Heaven and earth that obtained this gift for you. Jesus will be annoyed. All who live contrary to the lessons of any of these petals abuses that petal. Little friends, hear this call to holiness and strive for perfection. Anyone who rejects the lessons of the Saints who offered you these petals is not worthy to receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. Jesus sent me to tell you that this holy gift is not for drunkards and smokers. He said that this gift is not for prostitutes and cult members, but for the chaste and humble ones. He said that the gift is for the simple and gentle ones. They shall be for those who are thirsty for perfection. They shall be for the little ones who love to gather these petals.

Little friends of God, learn this lesson: Spiritual growth is infinite. Jesus wants you to grow always. To grow spiritually towards Divine Light, you must desire to eat spiritual food always. The spiritual food is the word of your Saviour, Jesus Christ. When food is taken, there is necessity for its digestion and assimilation. If not, the food will be a waste. What is waste is valueless. The higher you grow, the humbler you will become, the humbler you become the more you see yourself as nothing. The more you see how low you are in spirit, the more you work harder for perfection. The more you work harder for perfection, the more you grow. As you grow, you are nearer to Heaven.

Little friends, fight against yourself, who shows you your past efforts, how high you are, and how sure you are to win the race. The moment you see these vainglories of self and are influenced by them, the moment your growth in spirit stops. The moment your growth stops comes spiritual death.

Little friends, see the horrible pit of Hell around you always and be careful. Add more effort and sacrifice to your daily struggles. Seek the best to do for Jesus who loves you. If you do all these things, Jesus will help you with His grace.

I am praying that you all will know in time and run for your lives. May Jesus give you the grace to be little. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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