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DATE: 9TH JULY, 2001


Today, being the last day of our nine-day novena in the great month of July, I saw a vision of Our Lady coming down from the clouds with a beautiful Rose Flower. She came closer and happily said:

“To all my children all over the world, who gather today for the completion of this nine-day novena, I say; Peace from Heaven be with you all. I am happy to see a large number of my children who are responding to this call to holiness. Your zeal motivated me to come in response to my Son’s order to offer you loving petals of the Rose of Perfect Purity. I was happy when I saw my Son sending the little Saints of Heaven who offered you holy petals. My tears have been asking for this precious gift for you. Now, that it has been given to you, receive it with joy.

I come to offer you the rest of the petals to complete this Precious Rose of Perfect Purity. I come to offer you the Petals of Simplicity, of Humility, of Quietness, of Faithfulness, of Prudence, and of Joy.

The Petal of Simplicity will allow you to be natural and holy. The Petal of Humility will make you little. The Petal of Quietness will enlighten your meditative power. The Petal of Faithfulness will strengthen your Will. The Petal of Prudence will fashion your Motive. And the Petal of Joy will keep your Hope. Children, do quickly to gather these holy petals. Gather them wherever you see them. Join them with the rest of the petals and have your Rose of Perfect Purity. Children, I am leaving you to let my Son bless you and offer you the Rose of Perfect Purity. Remain in peace from Heaven. Bye!”

Immediately, the vision passed, and then appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ, who came holding a white and red Rose and offered it to me saying: “Son, receive this precious Rose. This is for you and for all my consolers. This is the Rose of Perfect Purity. I am offering it to you for your perfection and as a sign of my coming reward to you all, who console me in my agony. Keep it pure! Keep it holy.”

I received it and said: “Blessed be your name forever.”

Our Lord, then said: “Count the Petals and study it well.”

I counted the red Rose petals to be seven, and the white, seven petals as well.

On the white Rose petals were written: ‘Simplicity,’ ‘Chastity,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Joy,’ ‘Prudence,’ Quietness’ and ‘Goodness.’ And on the red Rose Petals were written: ‘Faithfulness,’ ‘Holy Mortification,’ ‘Kindness,’ ‘Peace; ‘Holy obedience,’ ‘Patience,’ and ‘Humility.’

Then Our Lord said: “Produce it as you see it and have it ready to be received on the days of the renewal of your consecration. This precious gift will replace the gift of the Agonizing Cross and badge which you received during your consecration. The red colour of the Rose flower represents the bloody way of Perfection, which you will follow. While the White Rose petals represent the Holy Perfection you will attain. I will send you to the desert before the first renewal of your consecration to teach you much about this Rose and its use. In the next novena, my mother will reveal to you those worthy to receive this precious gift.

To all my Apostles of this devotion who missed or will miss any of the novenas of this great month, they will not join my Apostles in any reparation till three years. I say, they will not receive this Rose or renew their consecration till the years are over. Soon, I will choose some people to join my Apostles to help hasten the hour. If, in the end, they have no remorse for their coldness and negligence, I will remove them as My Apostles of this devotion.”


I asked, “My Lord and my Saviour, what about those who failed to do the novena with good reason?”

Our Lord answered: “For good reason, I can afford, but for those who forget, who are lazy, and those who care not, they shall follow my order. I am making my plan to select my warriors for the war-front. Those who answer me with coldness, with mindlessness, and with negligence, will soon drop, so that my warriors will win the battle with less difficulty. Remember that I am choosing the most little, the most illiterate, and those who yield completely to the Divine Will. The Priests among you are not included. I am looking at them with greater love to show me more love.

So, I bless you all who completed this novena with love. May the blessing I have given you in the past years during this yearly novena remain with you. Shine with all the perfection of this Holy Rose. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Let this Holy Perfume spread all over the world for renewal. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed

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