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DATE: 6TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of a little saint with a Rose flower in her hand coming from the cloud. She came nearer and calmly said: “I am happy to come, my friends. May peace from Heaven be with you all. Jesus, who loves you, sent me to offer you this little petal of Holy Patience. I hope you will accept it from me. This petal is from the Rose of Perfect Purity. All who accept it, accept life. Those who reject it miss much. I am praying for you to see and know this precious gift. I am praying for you to be little. May my Good Jesus, who sent me, hear my prayer, Amen”.

“I am your daughter, Gertrude. Receive from me this holy Petal of Patience. This holy petal is given to you to perfect you. Those who will lack it in their Rose of Perfect Purity make their Rose imperfect. Listen, my friends, this Rose is hard to pluck because it grows in the forest of thorns. Those who will pluck it will suffer the pains of the thorns. You will understand that the way to the forest of this Rose is rough and bushy. Even to find this Rose is hard. But those who will suffer and finally find it will not find it hard to reach perfection. Their Rose will never shed its brightness. Now, I am offering it to you and pray you to move into the forest of thorns to gather it. I say, struggle to enter, search, find, and gather it. You will never regret your agony.

Friends, as you enter the Forest of Trials; struggle to gather this precious petal of Holy Patience. I say to you, do not force yourself out of this state of life. Pick up the petal of patience. When the due time comes, the One, who loves you, will help. Wait with patience to let the wave of your trial pass. As you gather this petal of Holy Patience, have always in mind that soon the wave will pass. Then the calm water will come. At that moment, you will enjoy the sweet perfume of this holy petal.

As you enter the Forest of Disappointment, I appeal to you, work hard to pick this precious petal. Even if it so hides among thorns that one can hardly reach it, I appeal to you to struggle hard to gather this precious petal. Friends, do not complain of your disappointment. Certainly, it is for your good that your God allows it to happen. Learn to praise God in any disappointment as you gather the petal of patience of the Rose of Perfect Purity. If the purpose of God’s will for your sake is made known to you, you will die of joy.

Friends, if then you enter the Forest of Difficulty, do not despair. Struggle, your hand will reach the Petal of Patience. When this happens, do not waste time to gather it. Friends, remember that through your difficulty, you are refined. Gold is refined in a furnace. In the same way, human character is refined in the furnace of humiliation and of difficulty, with the power of patience. The longer the time of gold’s purification in the furnace, the brighter the gold will be. In the same way, the longer your patience in the furnace of humiliation, and of difficulty, the brighter will be your Petal of Patience. The brighter this petal will be, the brighter the Rose of Perfect Purity will be.

Friends, be happy whenever you find yourself in any of these Forests of Grace. Work hard to gather this gracious petal. I am looking with fear that many of you will lack this precious petal among their Roses of Perfect Purity. This will certainly make your Rose imperfect. What is imperfect is not holy. What is unholy is not worthy of praise and will not be acceptable in God’s sight. I am praying that you will not lack this petal.

May Jesus, who sent me, through His Precious Blood, give you the grace to obtain this holy petal. I pray Him to bless you. So I leave you”.

Immediately, she left. Then appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who calmly said: “Children, learn and be wise. Those who save their lives will lose them. But those who lay down their lives for Heaven will surely have them. I say to you, gather this petal at all costs. The days that are coming are so terrifying; those who lack this petal will not survive. I say, they will find it difficult to withstand the days of the Beast, the days of the Antichrist. Only those who endure till the end will be saved. Learn and be wise to gather this precious petal.

So, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in my peace.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.

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