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DATE: 8TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of a little saint of God descending from the clouds with a Rose flower in her hand. She came closer and said: “Rejoice, my friends. Jesus loves you all. He sent me to offer you the holy Petal of Chastity. This is a petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity. How fortunate you are, who live at this time, to receive this precious gift. You are blessed! Through you, the Glorious Reign of Peace will become manifest. Though the battle is great, you will conquer.

I am your little daughter, Agatha. I come to offer you the Holy Petal of Chastity. Blessed are all who are Chaste and Pure, the love of God cares for them. They are the little saints of the world. I say, they are the little Angels before the Altar of God. Blessed are you virgins of the world. O! You are the little lilies in the bloody way of this world. Your consolation is great.

Blessed are those who are Thirsty for Chastity and Purity, they shall attain perfection.

Blessed are those who will rise to seek the holy petal of Chastity, they shall meet the love of God.

Blessed are those, who secure this holy petal till the end, they shall enjoy the greatest happiness.

Children of God, these words of blessing and happiness are not mine. I am telling you what I received from Jesus, who sent me.

Little children of God, you can see all kinds of immoralities filling the world. The abominable woman of Babylon has introduced all the evil of Hell into the world. Look, you will see the black petals of immorality growing everywhere. The world is gathering them. This is the reign of fornication and adultery in the world. Jesus is in great agony on seeing even those who consecrated themselves to Him gathering these evil petals, the petals of immorality. He wept for you and gave me this Holy Petal of Chastity to offer you. May you accept it, from me.

Children of God, on the day the Evil One will test you to pick the petals of immorality and drop the petal of Chastity, I appeal to you to manifest your love for your Saviour Jesus Christ. Show the Evil One that you love Jesus. Bend and pick up the Holy Petal of Chastity.

I say to you, my friends never yield to sin. I say, never submit to anyone for the sin of the flesh. The hand that is begging you, the eyes that are demanding, and the mouth that is calling for the sin are those of the abominable woman of Babylon. She is offering you a petal of sin. Reject it and run away!

Friends, even if it comes from your leader, I say, reject it. Even if it comes from your pastor, I say reject it. Even if your queen or king is demanding it, I say, reject it. Turn and look at the Agonizing Face of Jesus and be courageous. This is the holy petal of Chastity you are gathering for yourselves.

Children of God, as you are gathering this holy petal, spread it all over the world. Train up more virgins as Jesus appealed to you. Spread the holy perfume of this petal all over the world to refine this iniquitous world. Jesus is looking to see those who will embrace this holy petal. He will bless them.

Know, you are called to live a life of Chastity. This is the petal given to you from the Lord today. May Jesus, who offers you this holy petal, make you chaste and pure through His love. May He bless you all. So, I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said: “I want all my lovers to accept this Holy Petal from me. Be Chaste and Pure! This is the mark of my Apostles and lovers. You cannot be my consoler if you refuse this Holy Petal. I say to you again; be Chaste and Pure”.


“Mother will offer you the rest of the petals tomorrow. Then, I will come and offer you the Rose of Perfect Purity. This is a precious gift to my lovers. This is a precious gift to my consolers. Be happy to accept it from me.

So, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.

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