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DATE: 5TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw in a vision, a saint coming down from the clouds with a Rose flower and Crucifix in his hand. He came along with five Cherubim. They were singing as they were coming down. The song is of the precious petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity. But I could not grasp the song instantly.

After this, the saint approached and said: “I am Francis, the saint of Assisi. I come to offer you the precious Petal of Peace. Listen, my friends, before I show you this precious petal, may you open your heart to see the great privilege given to you. How happy are those who understand and those who will understand, who see and who will see, who embrace and who will embrace this Rose of Perfect Purity. They will never regret their days. Blessed are the hands that receive this Holy Rose of Perfect Purity. O! What a regret for those who will reject this precious Rose; those who do not understand; those who do not seek to see; and those who refuse to embrace this precious Rose of Perfect Purity; they will greatly regret their past days, when everything is revealed. I say, they will seek to see those days they misused, but will find them not.

Rejoice little children of Zion, who have the opportunity and grace to receive this holy Rose. Rejoice, you all whom the Master loves. You are the luckiest generation. All, who will lose, have no excuse. A great heavenly gift has been given to you. This Rose that the Saints use in welcoming the survivors of the world, is now a gift to mortal man and to a sinful world. Little children of God, the greatest grace has been offered you. Do not cheapen it; it is a precious gift. Those who miss it miss much. But you, who will receive it, you will have received much.

See, I come to offer you the holy petal of Peace of the Rose of Perfect Purity. This petal, which the world is lacking; this petal which the world hates; I say, this petal, which the world abandons. Because the world abandoned this holy petal, they will not enjoy peace. Friends, you are called to sow peace so that you will gather it in the end for yourselves and for the world. Look, there are many who are despairing in the world because of their sins, or because of the loss of their wealth in which they trusted in; or because of the loss of loved ones. On these people, sow the seed of hope. They shall gather the petal of peace. They shall be consoled. Where there is doubt, you sow the seed of faith. When the seed grows to maturity, the world shall gather its petal of peace. Where there is darkness, sow light; this light will surely produce peace. Where there is injury, sow the seed of pardon; this pardon will grow to produce peace.

Little children of God go! I say again; go! I am sending you by the order given to me by the Master. Go, and plant love in the field of hatred; hope in the field of despair; joy in the field of Sadness; faith in the field of doubt; light in the field of darkness and pardon in the field of injury. These seeds will grow to produce the holy petals of peace, which will be gathered by men of the world. Through its holy perfume, this violent world will be refined. Then, there will manifest the Glorious World, where Peace reigns forever.

Little children of God listen. Do not seek to be consoled in gathering this precious petal. Seek to absorb pains with a cheerful face. Do not seek to be understood in planting this precious seed of peace. Rather, seek to understand others. Bear the anguish and grief of the way to understanding others. You will surely gather much petals of peace. You must leave much so as to get much. You must forgive so as to be forgiven. I say, you must die for peace so as to be welcomed with the petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity in the Kingdom of Peace.

Children of God, after you have gathered these petals, you will grow up as instruments of God's Peace in the world. Through you, the new Garden of Eden will appear soon. This is the petal, which my loving Master permitted me to offer you.

May He who loves you and offered you this petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity, bless you all. So I leave you."

Immediately the vision passed, and then appeared the Holy Agonizing Jesus Christ who said:

"Children, gather this seed of peace and sow it as you have learnt. The wise will obey, while the fool will ask, "But why?" The fool will take this lesson as a proverb but the wise will take it as it is given. These lessons are given to the little ones. Be little, so that you can bend to gather these petals. The knowledge of Heaven is far from the proud and the rich. Be humble and poor in spirit; you will possess the land. All who see; let them gather. So I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in my Peace."

Instantly, the whole vision passed.

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