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DATE: 7TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision of a saint coming down from the cloud with a Rose flower and Precious Blood Chaplet in her hand. She came nearer and said:

“My little friends, the children of the Beloved, how do you enjoy your days? Jesus loves you much. He is preparing you with all the Heavenly blessings and graces. Be wise to gather these favours, because the coming days of the final battle are so great and terrifying. I am your daughter, Cecilia. I come to offer you the precious petal of Holy Obedience. This is a precious gift from Jesus. This is a petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity. This is the petal, which gives out the scent of the holy incense that drives out demons. Demons have no power over the one who picks up this holy petal, the Petal of Holy Obedience.

Children of the Beloved, this holy petal keeps the Holy Church together with the sweetness of its holy perfume. This is the petal, which the Apostle Peter and his brothers gathered to build up the early Church. This is the petal that strengthened them for their holy witness of blood. The same petal strengthened the martyrs. Gather it; this is a petal of courage, of faith, and of determination.

Little children of God, I say to you, stand with the holy Pope. Be obedient to him. Be obedient to all the teachings and decrees handed over to you from your Holy Father. Be obedient to him, for he is infallible in his teachings on the faith. Stand by him, with him, and for him, to maintain the true doctrine of the Church. To this level, in the state of the true doctrine of the Church, never refuse to obey the Church. This is the holy petal you are called to gather.

Little children of God, be wise to gather the petal of Holy Obedience in your homes, in your schools, and in the fields of the groups you belong to. This petal is growing in the garden of light, of truth, and in the fields of God’s commandments. In your homes, schools, and in your groups, seek this petal in the garden of light, of truth, and of God’s commandments, you will surely pick the true petal.

Look, there are many false petals of obedience, which grow in the field of fear, of laziness, and of self. On these fields, turn your back. From these fields, run away.

Those who gather any petal from these fields gather the evil petal of false obedience. These false petals among the Roses of Perfect Purity make them imperfect. Imperfection needs purification to attain perfection. Do not pray to pass through the purification fire after death. The fire is terrible!

Little friends of God, you are called to obey. Obey your parents, your leaders, and your teachers on any command they impose on you that comes from the field of Light, of truth, and of God’s commandments. Even if it is against your wish, I say obey. This is a precious petal lying before you to pick. Do not always seek to follow your own plan; listen to see the Divine direction and command of God from your leader. If this direction or command comes from the field of light, of truth, and of God’s law, obey!

Above all, obey the Lord, your God,. Obey His words in the Scriptures. The precious petal you are called to gather is to obey His commandments. The law is written in your heart with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. If you love Him, gather this precious petal of Holy Obedience.

Children of God! This petal is the petal of the holy martyrs. All who gather it have a precious gift. On them the fullness of the Holy Spirit will descend. The Spirit will fill them with power for the service of the Lord, and power over sin. The Spirit of Light will fill them with faith. They will overcome the days of the evil man. Their Roses will shine like the Morning Star on the last day.

Little friends of God, this is the only petal Jesus permitted me to offer you. Be wise not to gather false petals in the field of fear, of laziness and of self. May Jesus, who sent me, bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then the Holy Agonizing Jesus appeared and said: “The petal of Holy Obedience has been given to you. Obey! You will not lose. They will never walk in darkness, those who follow the road of Holy Obedience. The wise will see this way and follow it; but the fool will see it and turn back. Be wise and follow.

So, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in my peace.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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