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DATE: 4TH JULY, 2001

TIME: 8:00 PM


In our novena prayer, I saw a vision the Holy Crucifix descending from the cloud. Then a saint, with a Rose flower in her hand, appeared. She came nearer and said: “Children of Zion, I come to offer you a precious gift from the Lord of lords. The gift is a loving Petal of Holy Mortification. This is a petal of self-control. I say, this is a petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity. This petal has been lying forgotten in the world. The Loving Master at the time He sent me said: “My holy one, I am sending you to the world to offer them this holy Petal, the Petal of Holy Mortification. I rarely see, even among my lovers, those who pick this holy petal. Go! My little saint, I am sending you to open their eyes to this great favour. Those who see and pick up this Petal gather for themselves treasures in Heaven. They will never lack Divine Wisdom.”

I am your daughter, Bridget. Follow me, little children of Zion, to see where the loving petal of Holy Mortification has been lying forgotten in the world. Come; let us see it in the field of “thinking.” You are called to mortify your thought. But many of you do not know. Children of Zion! What are all these evils that fill your poor hearts? What are all these evil thoughts of yours all the time? Have you forgotten that your soul is the living Tabernacle of the Most Holy God? The Tabernacle of God must be holy. You are called to mortify your thoughts. Since the fall of man, the world has been filled with all the forces of Hell. Only through Mortification can one attain Perfection.

My little friends, whenever evil desire fills your hearts, chase it away. Do not waste time. Do not allow it to have room in your heart. I say, do not take pleasure in this bitter odour of Hell. Rather, be quick to pick up the holy petal of mortification, so as to breathe in the sweet perfume of the Rose of Perfect Purity for a holy desire. To guide you, my little friends, keep away from evil gatherings.

Learn to pick this petal in the field of sight and in the field of Hearing, which I am going to show you later. Think of Heaven and of God’s love always. May your hope centre on the reward of eternal life He promises you. Remember always that you have little time to spend in this sinful world. Pick up this petal always and you will be filled with the joy of Paradise.

Now, follow me to the field of sight. Little children of Zion, you can see that the world is full of evil. To gather this little petal, you must mortify your sight. Never, I say to you; never look at evil twice. Turn away the moment you see it. I say, resist that urge to look again. As you do, you are gathering for yourselves the petal of self-control, the holy petal of Holy Mortification. My little friends take your eyes away from these worldly shows. Learn to look at the holy things. As you do, you are gathering for yourselves this petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity.

As we are going into the field of Hearing, learn this: “To please the spirit more than the flesh, abstain always from those things you love much. Learn to take those things you yourself hate but which please Heaven. Take more bitter things than sweet things. I say, learn to eat what your appetite rejects at times. And refuse, at times, what your appetite likes. In the end, learn to fast as you do all these things. You gather, this way, for yourselves the precious Petal of Holy Mortification of the Rose of Perfect Purity.

Now in the field of Hearing, little children of Zion, never yearn to hear evil words, false accusations, evil music and empty praises of the world. To help you gather this petal, never miss the gathering of the children of God. Itch to hear the message of life, and speak of Heaven always, so that you will hear of Heaven always. Do all these things to gather this precious petal of the Rose of Perfect Purity.

This is the gift of the petal of Holy Mortification, which my Lord, my God, permits me to offer you. This is a precious gift. As you gather it, you are opening, for the world, the gate of the new Garden of Eden. Gather this petal so as to stand like a pillar of light in this dark world.

I plead that the Saviour, who sent me to give you the lesson to gather this petal, may He bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed. Then appeared the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ who calmly said: "My children, you will gather this Petal of Holy Mortification at all costs. If you neglect it, you will hardly reach perfection. In the end, you will know why I highly need your perfection now. All who embrace this petal; I will fill with Divine Wisdom always. The wisdom the world will never give. This petal will make the most illiterate the wisest.

So I bless you as you embrace this petal in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Immediately, the whole vision passed.

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