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DATE: 12TH APRIL, 2005

TIME: 1:00 AM


In my prayer during this hour, I saw in a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who gently said.

“Peace be with you my son, and peace to all my children. I say to you all, let there be light in your midst and in your souls. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I come to give you peace.

Children, there are two groups of people that will suffer and even perish in sin, error and confusion. The first group comprises those who are not aware of this time. They continue in their own evil way of life and have no time for prayers and grace. Such people have no idea or concern for my messages and warnings of this time. Pleasure and enjoyment in sin are the gods they worship. Indeed, they will suffer greatly when the Man of Darkness manifests. Confusion and terror, will weigh them down. Then, sin will run their life. And many of them will perish.

The second comprises those faithless friends of mine, who think only of carnal needs and body protection. I mean those who work only for the salvation of the flesh, but pay less attention to the soul. You know them by the spirit of fear in them. I say that their life is bounded with fear. Their faith in me and in my words is so little that they will hardly see the light of true love. Barnabas, this group looked faithfully and devotedly, but they have no faith in them; so they did not understand my messages of this time. They are carried away by fear, not by love. You can see then leaving their homes and running for the safety of the flesh, while the soul is down. You can see them storing food for the need of the flesh, while the soul is dying of starvation. Many of them many leave the church and the sacraments, and go for exterior consolation and delight. All these things will constitute their error and confusion. It will reveal their blindness and show how they will perish in error and sin.

Do not be part of any of those groups. Rather, remain in my love and be little. Learn my way in the mysteries of my love which I revealed to you in the lesson on the City of God’s Love. Work hard to save your soul first, other things will follow latter. Pray much at this hour and engage in many sacrifices for the needs of the world. Make good use of every hour you have. Convert all times and every moment into times and moments of evangelization. Target and win all souls for me. I need the souls of men. I have paid the price with my Blood. Bring them to me through this devotion and by every holy means. I need them now. So I bless you all who have come, in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Immediately the vision passed.

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