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DATE: 27TH JULY, 2003

TIME: 10:00 PM


In my prayer during this hour I had a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who calmly said:

“Children, do not follow the emptiness of the world and lose your soul in these days of darkness. The hours I foretold you in the past have come. This is the hour when people will lose the sense of true value. When I say true value, I mean those things that will last. This is the hour when my people will no longer remember Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgment. No one will preach them; even my pastors will not mention those words to the people. The world as well will not like to hear these words: Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgment. Pleasures and enjoyment will be the matters of the day. Your own eyes will see the kingdom of sin, where people will lose all sense of Heaven, Hell, Death and Judgment and perpetuate sin. They will like to make the world of sin a permanent home.

Children, this is the hour when prayers, mortification and holy sacrifice will be matters of the past. Those that still hold their prayers, mortification and charity will be regarded by the world as useless people. The world will call persons of these virtues mad. This reveals the fact that no one will encourage holiness and life of sacrifice any more at that time.

Children, the life of meditation and of solitude will vanish and no one will encourage them anymore. You will see with your own eyes how the holy adoration by my Church will disappear. This shall be so as you see the high life music and their naked dancers replacing the holy adoration by my Holy Church. Everyone will encourage it and take pleasure in sin. Money will rule the life of many people. Lying will be the business of men and cheating will be the matter of every minute.

Children, this is the hour, as you can see that the power of blindness has covered the eyes of many. The power of true reasoning has gone into hiding. Men are wallowing in the darkness of sin and of pride. See how men have gone far in the bondage of pride; they are worshippers of themselves and of mammon.

Children, I say to you again, do not follow the empty world and lose your soul. Answer my call of true love. Be what I created you and called you to be, and do what I created you and called you to do. Remain faithful in your prayers and holy mortification. You will find rest in me.

I plead with you again; do not trouble much about those things that do not give life to the soul. Do not worry your soul with the vain pleasures of this sinful world. Rather, think of the glory of my Kingdom of Peace. O, let the joy of this Kingdom keep you firm in your difficult days.

All who keep their trust in man will not survive these days of woe. All who love pleasure more than the Cross will not survive these days of iniquity. All worshipers of money and all who lie to be rich will not survive the days of the beast. The darkness of these days will cover their eyes. Children free yourselves from the emptiness of this sinful world and have peace in me.

I made this appeal because I see many lovers of mine who are following the way of the Beast. I want you to return and have my peace. Children, even if all men will become blind, hear my call of love and have your sight. Yield yourself to my Love. I will not let you walk in darkness.

One of the ways to true love is to live a hidden life. This is a life of simplicity; you are unknown to the world, but surely a great man in my Kingdom. So I appeal to you again, be humble.

Receive my blessing; I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Immediately, the vision passed.


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