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DATE: 17TH MARCH, 1997

TIME: 9:12 PM


In our reparation prayer with Mass, I saw in a vision the Great Torture of Our Lord. They tied Him to a pillar and brought out a layman who beat Him. After beating Him they led Him out to where they mocked Him, and made a Crown of Thorns for Him to wear as king. Our Lord wore a red mantle and they made Him sit on a chair and gave Him an iron rod in His Right Hand. They were all mocking Him and laughing at Him. They beat Him and said: “Hail, King of the Jews!”.

I saw again the vision of His sorrows in Gethsemane. He knelt down in prayer, with sweats of blood bathing Him from head to toe. As I looked, a great cloud covered the whole place, I saw the Holy Face of Jesus, with the Crown of Thorns on His Head. Our Lord said:

“My loving children, peace be with you. Offer all your sacrifices to me with love. Make all your sacrifices with happiness. Love the suffering you are passing through. Rejoice in the labour I gave you. Make all your hours the hours of prayer now that here is time. I say to you again, a time is coming soon when the Divine Ear will become deaf to hear His people. People will shout with their highest voice to me and get no answer.”


“Pray always, my loving children; let all of you be awake. Take your Rosaries, your Psalms, your devotional prayers and your Holy Mass as your daily bread. Learn to praise God and practice your adoration always. All the days of your life, consecrate yourselves to my Most Precious Blood and make daily reparations. My children, the time is very short for the spreading of this devotion. How ready are you? What have you learnt from me? What changes have you made? What preparation do you make for the evangelization of the world? Answer me, my loving children! I am preparing to send you out and set you free for the spreading of this devotion. Listen, listen, my loving children; the hour is very short. Many nations will suffer the coming tribulation cruelly because they did not get the remedy. Prepare yourselves; I am coming soon to set you free for evangelization.


My children, the wicked man is not happy with you. The evil forces are planning to destroy you. They pour spiritual poison on you. This makes you not to pray well; constant sleeping sickness, laziness and weakness, hatred, half-hearted love; neglect without known reason, excessive talking and faithlessness. My children, these evil fruits are in you. Resist them and come back to the full knowledge of God and worship your God in spirit and truth.

My children, listen again, I am happy in all your effort towards the goal of salvation of mankind. A great reward is waiting for you in Heaven. With love, I plead with you, my loving children, to send these messages to your Bishop as I had ordered you for long. I am with you to make Him accept this devotion. He will welcome it and fulfill your request. Today, I will make his heart the heart of sorrow for my agony. I will reveal to him many things about my agony. I will make him a messenger of my Precious Blood. He will spread my holy devotion and will save many souls. Send the Chaplet to my devotee, Rev. Fr. Stephen Njoku, and tell him everything as you told your bishop. Send to him as many messages as I inspire you to do.”


My children, the month of July will be the Month of Pilgrimage. Remember all my warnings and obey them. I will be happy, if all of you produce the Chaplet as I have shown it to you, you will use them and encourage others to join you. Prepare, I say to you, prepare for this great month. After that, I will allow you to return to your destinations freely, but you must continue preaching my devotion wherever you go. My children, you must produce this….” (He showed to me the medal of His Sacred Head with the Crown of Thorns).

“Wear this as a sign of covenant with me. The very day you are ready, I will teach you the prayers of this consecration.

I am very happy with you and your witness.

I bless you all. Make your faith grow up”.

Then the vision passed but I still looked at the medal for long till I came back to myself.

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