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TIME: 2:00 AM


In this hour, as I knelt before the Blessed Sacrament, Divine rays flashed on me from the Blessed Sacrament exposed. There, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“Barnabas, you can see that here, in the reign of the spirit, everything is clear. Here, you understand everything clearly. But, when you come back to yourself, the power of reasoning is limited. Everything is clouded with doubts and the influence of darkness. This is why I chose to take you where the cloudy world has no power to interfere, so that you can enjoy My personal relationship. Here, I can see that you understand well and that is why you ask few questions. See, there are many things you will not understand when you come to yourself. In the years to come, I will stir the cloud, and clear a little the cloudy mind so as to let the world see the light of My love.

Children, see how it sounds so strange to hear that I am telling you that the Glorious Reign is there in your midst. The cloudy world will not allow you to see. How happy are the men of goodwill, they are blessed in this world of pilgrimage.

Children, it will happen as it did during My Birth. I say, you shall see a similar experience of what happened during My birth in this birth of the Glorious Reign, which I announced to you.

You shall see men of goodwill who longed to see the days of My Glorious Reign; when they hear of the birth of My Glorious Reign, they will be filled with joy. I say, they are the Simons of the last age. Your eyes will see wise men from afar, who hearing of this great favour to humanity, will come to witness. Children, remember that there will still be a Herod of the Last Age. When he hears of this great favour, he will be filled with rage. He will think that his kingdom is about to be taken away from him. The plan of God is far from him. Look! You will see that through him, this holy devotion and other remnant groups of Mine will be persecuted, and many will be killed. Children, pray that none of you will be the Herod of the Last Age. I say, the Herod will gain nothing but confusion and despair. Before these days of persecution come, I would have sent this holy call into exile to protect it till the wave passes. Children, only very few of you who are alert will understand when all these things will happen.

You will see people asking, how can it happen like that? How can He choose so? They will say; it can never be true. No one will believe it.

Children, do not worry yourself to explain, soon they will see and believe. But remember that I remained hidden in the local town of Nazareth, for thirty years before the world knew that I was with them. Even at that time, they hardly believed.

Children, know that whatever they will celebrate when they come to know, is an anniversary of what you have already celebrated. Mark this: the gap between this call and the final rebellion will not be far from the time the world will know of My Glorious Reign. I say, they will rejoice for a few moments, and then the Final Rebellion will fall, to give way to the full manifestation of My Reign, where your eyes will see My Peace. Children, how many of you will survive to see the days?

Barnabas, many will not understand this message. No time will be wasted to explain it; because the more you try to explain, the cloudier their minds will become.

I have given you the perfect Rose to prepare you all. When you hear rumours of war, epidemics and various disasters around you, do not fear, for these will happen to mark the approaching day. Prepare yourselves for the coming martyrdom of heart and of blood. This will be the test of your faith, of your purity, and of your love. I say, this will be bitterer than the agony of the physical war.

To all who embrace the Rose of Perfect Purity, I will give the grace to overcome the days. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you to celebrate My Glorious Reign. Gather the petals and spread their holy perfumes in the world.

I bless you all, My lovers, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Remain in My Peace.

Immediately the whole vision passed.

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