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TIME: 11:00 PM


​During this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Face of Jesus Christ that emanated from the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. He calmly said:

“My children, how I wish that My humble Pope, John Paul II receives this Triumphant Cross and the well edited messages of this Holy Devotion very soon before the hour passes. Children may he receive this Triumphant Cross which marks the Birthday of My Glorious Reign on Earth. May he enjoy with you the joy of the Birthday of My Glorious Reign and the Triumph of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of My Mother, and your Mother.

I am appealing to all My Apostles to see that this work is done. I am leaving you to make your possible effort so that My joy will multiply through you.

Children, do the little you can to send this Cross to My humble Pope. I am near to bless you and your effort. I am near to pour on you multiple graces, for your sanctification and holiness. I am appealing to all My Apostles and My Warriors to see that My messages reach the ends of the world.

My Apostles, I appeal to you to see that this devotion reaches My poor children in the local towns and states of your very nation, and of the nations of the world. I am preparing the hearts of My little children to welcome My appeal of true love, and of holiness.

My children, I appeal to you to meet the thirsty children of Mine with the Living Water I offered to you. Encourage the despairing souls with all the words of hope you heard from Me. Gather for Me My little consolers and make My will known to them. These little consolers of Mine are eagerly waiting for you to come. They are looking to see you. Go and teach them My Will. My Apostles, I appeal to you to spread this devotion all over the world.

You shall have a common box and a general address for the worldwide evangelization and spreading of this devotion. This box shall be a focus for the rest of your branches. Today, I am handing the key of the information box to the women Apostles of Enugu and their members to see that all the necessary information reaches the designated places at the right time. I will hold them responsible for not communicating My messages well with the outside world. They shall work hand in hand with the rest of My Apostles under the direction of My Priest, the Bearer of My Agony.

My children, I am appealing to you to send the Cross and well compiled messages of Mine to all the Bishops of this nation of yours. Barnabas, I am sending you, with your brothers Josephat and Benjamin, to your Bishop. I, not you, will explain this devotion to him. I am using you as an instrument.

I am sending you again, after you have met your bishop, with your priest and your two brothers Lawrence Ezeuko and Fidel Odum to My humble Bishop, Ayo-Maria Atoyebi. I will explain the devotion to him, through you. Children, inform him in time before you go. I will allow all that I call Apostles to choose from the rest of the Bishops. I am near to use you as My chosen instruments. I am calling My servants Fidel Odum and Patrick Oke, to see that this devotion reaches My Bishops of your nation. See that all the Bishops of your nation get these messages of Mine before the hour passes.

Today, I am offering to all the little Religious Sisters, who have participated in this Holy Call, a little rose flower.” He brought out white and red roses and said: “Receive these from Me and spread them all over the world. Be My Apostles of renewal. I appeal to you, with deep love, to lead My poor children to Gethsemane.

Children, with the help of My Apostles all over the world, I hand over the management of the projects of the Garden of Gethsemane and of the Land of Mount Carmel to My sons Josephat and Benjamin. When you have captured the Land, and are willing to carry out My project, I will show you in fullness the plans and the gift of Heaven to you.

Barnabas, be certain that you write out the inspirations of the Seal and send it as I have told you.

This joyful night, I have written the Names of My Priests present in this Holy Chapel of Reparation in My Heart with My Precious Blood. I am filing them with My Spirit to fight the Communists and the heresies of this evil generation. I will empower them all the more tomorrow. I am offering them My Agonizing Cross, which they will take immediately after their Consecration tomorrow.

Through this sign, I will help them. Through this sign they will conquer, I will give them a special grace to bless this Triumphant Cross of the New Era.

Children, I am sending you all over the world. I appeal to you, make My Will known to all men.

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you.

I love you all. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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