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DATE: 14TH JULY, 2002

TIME: 9:00 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a Saint of God who came down with a Rose flower and crucifix in her hand. She came closer and gently said:

Friend of the Beloved, I come to share with you and with all the children of God a message of love. Jesus sent me to you to throw more light on all the messages given to you in this month. Friends, I have come to stem the tide of confusion that will occur in taking steps towards the road of perfection.

Listen, my friends, all men are called to follow the road of perfection. This is the only way to the Land of Happiness. Those who miss it miss the way and tend towards Hell. Be wise to follow the road of perfection. Listen again, the road of perfection is so rough only men of great faith and giant lovers shall reach the end. Those who give up on the way have no share in the land of happiness and of joy.

On the way, there are many wicked and sinful nations you must conquer before you inherit the Land of Peace. Those whom the nations will defeat have no share in the land of happiness and of joy. See, many will surrender to these nations; some will join them in their sinful ways and worship their gods. But happy are all who fight to the end; they shall enjoy the greatest happiness.

Friends, the collection of these nations is this world you are living in, those who follow the world in their sinful ways have no share in the Kingdom of Peace. There is no easy life for the children of God who are marching home amidst dangers and war. There is no rest or pleasure on the way since the journey is a desert one. Those who are longing for pleasure as the journey is on will soon give up and join the iniquitous world. Friends, I say, all who are attached to life will find it difficult to follow. All who are attached to wealth will find it hard to follow. All the miracle worshippers will hardly follow. Remember this is a desert journey. The journey of

life is warfare. Remember what happened to the Israelites of old in the desert and understand this lesson. As you saw from the Scriptures none of those pleasure-seekers, those who worshipped their lives and were attached to them and those miracle worshippers among the Israelites, entered the land of Canaan; I mean the land of their promise. O, see, only two out of thousands of thousands of these people of God who set out from Egypt entered Canaan, the land of their promise. These were Joshua and Caleb. They were men of great courage and determination, self-crucified and of faith, of fear of the Lord, and giant lovers of God’s law. These were the men who merited the land of their promise. In this last age, that darkness and error of modernism have filled the world but Jesus Christ has chosen to send His Saints to you in order to call you back and direct you towards the road of perfection. He has given you the Rose of Perfect Purity through His Saints. Not only that, He has given you the lessons of the Golden Peace through His Saints. He has more to give you through His Saints if only you can abide in His love. The lessons of the Golden Peace are made up of prayer life and life of separation from the world. In your prayer life, you are called to have a perfect union with your God. This union is a loving relationship between a soul and her God. Learn the lessons of the Saints and grow. Your life of separation is your total detachment from the world. Remember the words of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Who said, “You are in the world; but not of the world” You are not told to leave the world and enter the desert and live; but you are told to live monastically in this sinful world. I say, live among men of the world and influence them with your holy life. Attract all men to God with the sweetness of purity. This is the life of separation you are called to live. The life of prayer and the separation from the world of sin have one common goal to achieve. The goal is the Great Seal, the mark of ownership. This is the Living Tabernacle in the souls of men that God desires greatly to make all souls. The Living Tabernacle of God in the soul of men is the Glorious Reign you are waiting for. At that time men will enjoy a loving relationship with their God. Detach yourselves from the world of sin and grow in your prayer life. You will grow to be a Saint of God. I am your daughter, Cecilia. I pray for you all always. May the grace of Christ Jesus remain with you all! So I leave you. Bye!”

Immediately, the whole vision passed.


DATE: 15TH JULY, 2002 TIME: 8:00 PM




Today being the last day of the three-day prayer in the month of July, I saw a vision of the Holy Mother of God with numerous Cherubim around her. She said: “Come nearer, my son and hear my motherly advice. I am the Rosa Mystica, the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Peace from Heaven be with you. The mark of my children is shown in their simplicity and humility. So you are called to be humble and simple. See, much has been given to you. Do not discriminate amongst your brothers and call them “sinners.” I say, do not lift yourselves up, or else you fall. See yourselves always as the worst sinners who need conversion and struggle always for perfection. Children, your Mother is calling you to listen. Never let any form of pride rule your life at any time. The enemy will get you if you allow pride to come into your life. The Spirit of God has no place in the house of pride.Children, whoever you think you are and whatever you have is a gift of love from the Father.

He can take it away at any time or bless you more. Since all you have is a gift, why can’t you be humble? I appeal to you, be humble! May the world see your humility and your simplicity as you carry the message of peace to them! Leaders! Let your people see your humility. Do not scare them away with your pride. O my Little Lilies; be little as I call you little. Let your leaders see your humility and grow in love. Children, manifest your humility to all men. May the world know you by your simplicity of life! Jesus will be happy. Children, see how my people will be trained to receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. Jesus wants them to learn all these messages given by Heaven and live by them. These messages will be given to them in stages as they were given to you. So I am giving you this order as follows:

There will be two stages of retreat for those who are preparing to receive the Rose of Perfect Purity. One will be at the beginning of the year, the other at the end of the year. Only those who are preparing for the reception of the Rose of Perfect Purity will come for the retreats. They will have these retreats in the year before the year they will receive the Perfect Rose. Anyone who misses any of the retreats will not receive the Perfect Rose in the other year. At the beginning of the year, my people will learn of the Cross of Perfection, the Rose of Perfect Purity, the Great Seal and other messages. The second retreat will be the Silence Training. I will draw the programme for you before the time comes but you are to choose the date of the retreats.

Remember the words of Jesus to you. He said, “Children, train up the holy nation little by little.” I am reminding you again that you are free to attend the retreat but only those who are willing to live by the virtues of the Rose of Perfect Purity shall receive the Rose. Your willingness and your effort are what Jesus demands of you. If you are willing to be made willing, He will help you to grow and overcome the world. If you are not willing to change your evil ways, if you make no effort to comply, how can the help of God come? Even if the grace is poured on you, your life will not change.

Children, the Rose of Purity is for the poor sinners who are willing to change their evil ways. Their little effort to change through the Rose of Perfect Purity will perfect them. I, through my motherly care will obtain for them all the graces they need.

I am calling you all to be humble and simple. Remain in peace from Heaven. So I leave you.”

Immediately, the vision passed.

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