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DATE: 11TH JUNE, 2002

TIME: 11:30 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Anthony. They appeared holding bunches of flowers of different types.

St. Anthony said: “Peace of God be with you, my friend. We chose today that the Universal Church of Christ celebrates the feast of your patron Saint to teach you a few things on the voices at work in man. Have a happy Saint's Day!” I responded: “Fine.”

St. Anthony continued: “In every mortal man, there are different kinds of voices in control. We can group these voices into four. Three are active and in competition with one another. Though two out of the three groups of the voices can agree with each other to achieve a common goal, one of the three can hardly agree.

The last kind of voice a mortal man can experience is a gift, which a Privileged Soul receives from the Spirit he serves for voluntarily offering his soul to the Spirit.

Now, the first one I will give you is what I name, the Voice of Commotion in Man. This is the kind of voice that operates in an empty man. An empty man is the one who has no valuable thing in his soul. He is empty of God.

This is the kind of man that fills his emptiness with all kinds of noise around him. He never stays alone in a quiet zone. He can never be at rest to gather the wisdom of true peace; rather, he fills his empty living with noise.

In such an empty man the Voice of Commotion operates at the greatest rate. The Voice of Commotion is the voice that gathers in his noisy period, which fills his empty being. This is the voice that motivates selfishness, greed, violence, fierceness, and hatred in man. Such a man will be boastful, conceited, insulting, unkind, merciless, slanderous and violent. In his resting bed, such a man faces two great nations, which fight his soul. The nations are ‘lust’ and ‘anger’. Indeed, he is a restless man.

My friend, to free yourself from this Voice of Commotion, you must love solitude. Learn to be alone, avoid the company of wicked people. Do not yearn to hear evil words, evil music and gossip of the world; rather, try to fill your empty being with the words of life. Spend your time with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist; He, Who filled the emptiness of Moses on Mount Sinai with His Glory, will fill your own emptiness with the fire of His Love.

Know that he, whom this Voice of Commotion controls, is possessed by the spirit of the world. He is not free. He needs freedom. To have true freedom, he must free his soul from the bondage of the voice of commotion. Learn and be free.

Listen to Michael.

Then St. Michael said: “Mortal man, another voice that troubles the soul which is as a result of the Voice of Commotion in the world is what I name, the Voice of Iniquity. This is the conscientious voice of the soul, which makes man wicked. In the time of decision, this is the voice of the conscience that directs man’s emotion to evil. This voice is active and loud in the soul of man. This voice never dies; but can be subdued with the power of mortification. As Anthony told you, any soul, which is empty of God, is controlled by the voice of iniquity.

Friend of God, you shall free your soul from the bondage of the Voice of Iniquity by means of holy mortification. Learn the lesson of Saint Bridget, which gave you the Petal of Holy Mortification. Mortify your senses. Mortify your desire. Mortify your flesh. Mortification will make your soul the sanctuary of God. God lives in His Sanctuary with His Angels around Him. Such a Sanctuary is free, since God will be a Pillar of Fire to protect it. Dear man of God, free your soul from the voice of iniquity.


St. Anthony said; “My friend in a mortified soul, there is a holy voice, which is active in man. This is what I name, the Holy Voice of the Soul. This is also a conscientious voice of the soul; but it makes man godly and holy. This is the voice of the conscience, which opposes the voice of iniquity in man. This voice is gentle and quiet. It is a pleading voice, which makes use of appeals rather than commands. This voice speaks of humility, of forgiveness, of kindness, and of love. Those who obey this voice possess the two weapons: Humility and Purity, through which you shall conquer.

Listen, my friend, you should know that those whom the Voice of Iniquity and Voice of Commotion of the world dominate their souls, hardly hear this Holy Voice of the Soul. Know also that a mortified soul that is subjected under intense distraction experiences these three kinds of voices in man. It is the Holy Voice of the Soul that comes last to give such a man peace. This is why you should not act or make a choice under emotion, because under emotion reasoning stops.

To enjoy the sweet lesson of the Holy Voice of the Soul, you must be holy and peaceful. You must love silence and learn to listen to yourself. Your holiness will give you peace. Your work of peace will give you rest; your rest in the true silence of the soul will open the ears of your soul to hear the Holy Voice of the Soul. Then, if you listen, you will hear. All who hear and obey are True Friends of God. They have true freedom.

Friend of the Living God, here we end today’s lesson. Tomorrow, we will come to offer you the rest on this matter.

So we leave you.”

Immediately the vision passed.


DATE: 12TH JUNE, 2002

TIME: 11:30 pm



As I was praying, I saw a vision of Saint Anthony and Saint Michael who appeared to me. St. Anthony said:

“Peace from Heaven be with you my friend. Here we are to offer you the fourth kind of voice in man. We name it, the Clear Voice of the Spirit. This is of two types: The Clear Voice of the True God, and the Clear Voice of Demon. I said earlier that this voice is a gift which privileged souls receive from the spirit they serve for freely giving their souls to the spirit.

Let me speak on the Clear Voice of the True God. Listen, my friend, a soul that is nurtured with the fire of silence escapes the nest of distraction and commotion of the world to enter into the peace of God where the soul converses lovingly with God. Those who love silence and follow the trend of holy meditation find it easy to enjoy this loving conversation with God. Privileged souls who are gifted also enjoy this loving conversation without much effort. God subdues other voices in them and speaks to them. This is why mystical experience happens unconsciously. The victim soul experiences maximum tranquillity, which comes from God. Barnabas, you can enjoy the quietness of this zone of grace. You are in the peace of God.

All who wish to enjoy this loving gift must yield their souls entirely to God. They must fill their emptiness by means of holy meditation. O! Children of Zion transcend your soul to the values of God’s Kingdom through the trends of transcendental meditation; the God of Love will possess you and give you peace.”


St. Michael said: “As the children of God enjoy the gift of the Clear Voice of God; in the same way, the children of the Demon enjoy the clear voice of the demon. The first set of people who enjoy this gift are privileged souls who miss the True God and have the demon as their god. Satan still makes use of them to achieve his aim. You can see them among false prophets in the world.

Another set of people who enjoy this gift are the freemasons in the world. These are a group of people who voluntarily give their souls to the demons of Hell. These people are condemned already. Their enjoyment is of this world. For the moment, they are given authorities, powers, and wealth of this sinful world. These people give their will to Satan.

The deliverance of these kinds of people can never be achieved, unless they give back their will to God. Remember that your will is your will, no one, no spirit, no power has dominion over your will.”


St. Anthony said: “We shall leave you here. Meditate on these lessons. These are steps to reach the state of True Freedom. Tomorrow is my feast day; we shall admonish you much so as to free you from the error of your days. Remain in the peace of God. So, we leave you.”

They waved and instantly the vision passed.

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