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DATE: 26TH MAY, 2002

TIME: 11:30 PM.



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of the Holy Agonizing Face of Jesus Christ, Who calmly said:

“My Son, today you celebrated the Trinity Sunday which unfolds God’s love to humanity. I am the Agonizing Son Whom the Father sent into the world in order to reveal His Eternal Love. I am the Son of Whom the Holy Spirit came in His Name. I and the Father and the Holy Spirit are One! In Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit and I the Son receive equal honour. I am the Sacrificial Lamb, in Whose Death the Father’s anger is appeased and mercy granted to the world; and of Whose Blood the Holy Spirit is given and humanity freed. I am still the Son, Who receives all kinds of shame, mockery, and bitter agony from those I love, those I died for, My own people!

Beloved children, if it was the world of harlots alone that did all these evil things to Me, My agony would have been less, if it was the world of thieves alone that pierced this loving Heart of Mine, My agony would not have been so bitter as it is now. O! If it were the world of idolaters alone that crucified Me all again, My agony would not have weighed Me down. I say, if it were the world of sin alone that wounded this Heart that loves much; I would have known how to bear it.

But see, My own people who consecrated their Lives to Me, I mean those who have tasted My heavenly gifts, My words of life, and have been swimming in an ocean of My grace and blessing, are the cause of My greatest agony.

I called them lovers, they called Me enemy. I blessed them, they cursed Me. I healed them; they wounded Me. My own people, return to Me. I love you. You are the apple of My eyes. You are My joy of dying for humanity. In you, I am being glorified.

My lovers, what is that consolation I derive from you? The world of sin smokes but you My lovers smoke as well. They fornicate and you fornicate as well. They kill their souls with wine; you do even worse. They have no respect for the days of obligation; you My lovers do even worse. They expose Me naked; you join them. They cheat their friends; you cheat and even kill your own brothers because of wealth and money. If they had known Me or heard My words as you did, they would have changed to holy people and kept My commandments. But you who have heard My voice of love and have received all kinds of graces from Me, are worse than these worldly people.

My lovers, what shall I do for you so that you will grow up into perfection? See, My Mother is asking that Saint Anthony and the Archangel Michael be sent to you for Lessons on Perfection. Can that make you true lovers of Mine? The Saints shall be sent to you. May there be a change; I am begging you, My lovers. My joy is to see you grow into perfection. May the Rose of Perfect Purity be your hidden source of grace!

Then, I made a personal request….

Our Lord continued:

“My lovers grow with My words. Follow My teachings; everything is revealed. In My lessons to My lovers, you will find answer to your questions. I have been speaking to you; but you did not listen to Me. What else do you want to hear? All who did not follow will not understand; and all who did not understand will not grow. I say, again, grow with My lessons. I have spoken to you. Search and you will find.

Barnabas, I see the Messages of Purity being put in cassettes. You shall be careful to whom you will give the cassette. The message is not for the world now, but for My lovers. All who receive it from you will not reproduce it or you stop giving it out. I warn you, be careful. I did not condemn your act of producing the cassette. You can group the rest of the messages and do the same. But, I will condemn your carelessness and your lack of wisdom.

Some messages can be given to the world; but some are only for the lovers now. Be wise and understand the time and the order of time. The Spirit inspires and motivates; the same Spirit gives the gift of prudence and modesty. May the same Spirit give you wisdom to follow the time, and discernment to follow the order of time!

I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who receives your bitter sword of sin. I bless you. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.


DATE: 31ST MAY, 2002

TIME: 11:00 PM



In my prayer during this hour I saw a vision of Our Lady coming down from the cloud with a Rose Flower. She drew near and calmly said:

“Peace from Heaven be with you. I am the Flower of Purity, the Rosa Mystica, and the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Today, the Church celebrates my Visitation to Elizabeth, which reveals the fact of my role as the dispenser of all graces.

Here, I have come as I did come in the time of my visitation to Elizabeth to assist you in your struggle to attain perfection. I have come to help you as I promised you earlier. Remember my promise that I will ask Jesus to send Saint Anthony of Padua, as you call him, and Saint Michael the Archangel. They will teach you more on the mysteries of silence and true deliverance from evil spirits. Remember that the month of June is the month I told you that they will come. Here, I have come to inform you of their lessons. I am the Flower of Purity; I hope you will enjoy their lessons. Listen, my son, before I told you how the lessons will be, I have a great appeal to make to you. The appeal is: Jesus needs your purity! Jesus wants you to be pure! Jesus desires your purity! Promise Him that you will be chaste and pure. He will bless you. He will be consoled and you will have your soul at peace.

In this coming month of July, I will come to you as the Flower of Purity, so that all who are ready and eagerly waiting to receive the Rose of Perfect Purity will obtain the golden peace from Heaven. They shall enjoy the sweetness of the heavenly truth. When the time comes for you to obtain the perfect Rose, they will see the hidden favour of what they obtained, as their souls will be filled with the joy of paradise. But for those friends of God who are far from the truth revealed to you on the Lessons of the Rose of Perfect Purity, things shall remain the same as they are now.

Children, I pray you to grow. Grow with the Lessons of Heaven. May these lessons which these Saints of God will offer you lead you to perfection! This is why you are called to be a consoler so that seeing the world full of sin, and looking at you full of purity, love of God will increase and the Two Hearts of Love will be consoled. Then the Kingdom of God will come soon. I hope you are waiting for the Kingdom of God on earth? Follow the lessons of Heaven and grow. I am the Flower of Purity who is calling you to grow.

Listen now; the Saints have this month for the Lessons. Wait for them every midnight of the days. Though they will not give messages on all the nights, I will sustain you with the graces you need. Remain in peace from Heaven! I am the Flower of Purity.


Immediately the whole vision passed.


DATE: 2ND JUNE, 2002

TIME: 11:30 PM



In my prayer during this hour, I saw a vision of a Saint of God who came down from Heaven with an Angel of God who held a sword in his right hand and what looked like a rope in his left hand. The Saint, who had his Bible in his left hand, which he pressed on his chest, and a Rosary in his right hand, said:

Friend of God, we come to offer you a message of peace; a message of True Freedom. It pleases God to send us to you for humanity through the loving appeal of the Queen of Heaven. I am Anthony of Padua. The Angel said: I am Michael the Archangel.

The Saint continued: “In this Era of Iniquity, and of Great Apostasy, the gate of Heaven has been opened wide for mercy. The whole Court of Heaven has been charged to pray for humanity by the Sorrowful Voice of the Queen of Heaven. Many have been sent to inspire the just souls on earth to prayer and to do penance. Friends of God adore the Most Precious Blood of Christ by which all prayers and sacrifices are united to appease the Anger of God, the Father Almighty; otherwise, this era would have been sunk.

In this month of June, we are sent to the Household of God. These are the people who are running the race of salvation.

In the Household of God, there are four groups of people. Three out of the four groups do not meet the Love of God. One who belongs to any of these three groups can easily belong to all of the three. Only one group out of the four groups meets the love of God. This is the only group which, when one belongs to it, will neither influence nor be influenced by the other groups. I say, he can neither belong to any of the three groups nor any of the three belong to his group. Listen to Michael as he gives you his message on one of the three odd groups.

St. Michael said: “Listen, my friend, the group I am about to speak of is what I name the Vandals. These are the group in the Household of God whose lives multiply the agony of their Master, Jesus Christ. I say, these are the group of aggressors whose lives create enmity between their Master and His people.

In a family where Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Head, this group of vandals is the trouble of the Family. Like a troublesome son or daughter of any family you can imagine on earth, this group of vandals trouble the Household of God and pierce the Heart of their Master, who loves them very much in spite their cruel behaviour, as the troublesome son or daughter of the earth does to his or her family. Again, like the children of the earthly family whose troubles at times do not prevent the family work; this group of vandals may join the rest of the Household in the fieldwork of God.

Friends, this group of vandals may be among the fishers of souls. When you see them praising their God for His favour on them, you will hardly know that they are vandals. On the days of grace and miracles, you see them in jubilation, telling the world how their Master loves them. But in the hour of dryness, when God purifies and nurtures the souls He loves with crosses and humiliation, this group of people will show that they are vandals.

O, you can see their aggression whenever the earthly needs burden their necks. At that time, you will see the same mouths that praised their Master and their Lord Jesus Christ, now cursing Him. Those people that made a great Covenant with God are the same people that tear their Book of Covenant.

I mean the group of vandals. In their aggressive prayers, they say, “Lord, if You do not answer me, I will leave Your Vineyard for You. Lord, if You do not answer me now, I will know that You are not my God and I will not worship You again.

They may challenge God saying: ‘Why do You allow these evils to befall me? Am I not Your real servant who has laboured much for You? Yet, You did not see all my suffering for You, and You allow these troubles to fall on me?’ They can further say, “I am waiting to see this date pass without your answering my prayer; if You do not answer my prayer before this date is over, I will scatter these flocks I have gathered for You and I will leave You.”

Friend, these prayers they say and mean what they have said; if the Lord delays to come to rescue them, this group of vandals will vandalize the precious possession of God. This is why God at times rises to rescue them and answer their prayers, so that the most precious possession, the soul of man will be preserved. In most cases, He allows everything to happen for His righteous judgment.

Friend of God, these people are not true friends of God. They are far from His Love and loving care. This makes them slaves of the world. Their faith is not enduring, so they cannot endure. They do not know how to pray, their prayer is aggressive and empty. I say, they are vandals.

Friend of God, do not belong to this group in the Household of God. Though they belong to the Household of God, they are not lovers. Many members of this group usually end up in Hell. The few ones who escape Hell will find themselves in Purgatory for a long period, where they will learn how to love. They will remain in Purgatory till they have paid for all the damages they caused in the world.

I, Michael the Archangel, fear this group of vandals. They fear not to dance where we the Angels of God fear to tread. God’s mercy is great! The Blood of Christ Jesus has done great things for humanity. Rejoice and remain in the peace of Christ.”

Saint Anthony said: “Amen, blessed be the Most Precious Blood by which the world was saved. Friend, tomorrow, I will teach you about the second odd group in the Household of God. So we leave you. Peace be with you.” They waved their hands. Instantly the vision passed.

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