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In our Adoration Prayer, during this hour, I saw a vision of Our Lady descending from the cloud with numerous Cherubim of Heaven. As I was looking, cloud came down and covered the whole place. In the cloud, I saw the Blessed Sacrament exposed. There appeared Our Lady who calmly said;

“My children, I welcome you all in this spiritual training. May the peace of my Immaculate Heart flow into your souls to clear the evil worries of the world in your souls and give you true peace. May the light of my presence here give you calmness of heart and open your eyes and mind to the true meaning of the mysteries of silence. I say to you all again, peace from Heaven be with you.

Children, I come to teach you a little about the mysteries of silence. To you the living, silence is a mystery. To the Saints in heaven, it is the greatest adoration to the Almighty God. Listen to this lesson: In the beginning of all things, the Presence of the Almighty God dwelt in silence. This great silence revealed the mystery of creation. Silence was the light, which inflamed the love of God to make the universe and create man. After creation, silence lived with God in Heaven.

Children, silence dwells there and will dwell there forever. Eternal Father loves this great silence because it was His first companion before creation. All who want to dwell with Him must love this great friend of the Eternal Father, the great silence. In silence, you find the Presence of the Eternal Father. His peace dwells in silence forever. Children, love this lesson, love the great companion of your Eternal Father.

Listen, this great companion of the Eternal Father is a friend of the just in the world. The just finds its sweetness while the wicked tastes its bitterness. Children, embrace this gift of silence. The lesson and order is: ‘learn to talk little.’ Talk only when there is a great need for you to talk. Do not enjoy the praises of the world by means of talking much. Children, I appeal to you to learn to close your mouth when there is less need for you to talk. Think before you speak. Speak only what you know. Say only what you know and nothing more. This is the appeal of this night; close your mouth; speak little. Tomorrow you will learn more.

Listen to this last lesson. The silent heart gathers the message of Heaven while the noisy heart gathers the evils of the world. In these days of commotion, I appeal to all my children to live a silent life.

I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who called you to live a silent life. Remain in peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.






In our prayer during this hour, I had a vision of Our Lady who came with a Rose flower in her hand and her Immaculate Heart radiated Divine Rays. She came closer and calmly said:

My children, tonight I come to teach you the mysteries of perfect silence, which comes from true peace. I say to you all again peace from Heaven be with you.


Children, how many of you receive the peace, which Heaven gives to you always?


Listen to this lesson and know whether you have the peace. This lesson will be called, “Perfect Silence of the True Peace.”


Children, what is the cause of the restlessness of the worldly man? What then do you think is the cause of fear in a worldly man? You will little understand these questions.

Listen, when man was created; he was put into the peace of God in the Garden of Eden. Later man fell from grace and from the peace of God and had himself detached from His Creator. Man lost confidence in God, his Creator and attached himself to the world. This attachment brought fear and restlessness in the world.

Children, anyone who attaches His life to the world will hardly have the true peace. The person is a man of the world, and a slave of fear, as well as a restless man. Children, a man who is attached to his wealth hardly sleeps if he hears that thieves are around; his spirit will never be at rest until he sees to the safety of his wealth.

Listen again to see how people have less attachment to their God. The worldly man who sails through the sea hardly relaxes till he lands safely. Think of the restlessness of his spirit. Children, you can think of other fields of life where men have less confidence in their God. All these lead to restlessness of the soul due to man’s attachment to the world.

Children, before I give you my lesson, may I take you to see with me the bondage of my children who are in the Pentecostal churches or devotions. These children of mine, the enemy has succeeded in putting these children of mine under the bondage of fear. See how they always search for demons everywhere. They see demons in all their acts, in all their ways, and in all their businesses. They see every obstacle in their place of work as demonic, even the cross, which their God lovingly offers them, is regarded as the handiwork of the evil spirit. This makes them slaves of fear. They use up their time in calling on evil spirits. They will connect any little sound at night to the force of the evil spirit. Their resting bed even frightens them because they imagine demons hiding behind it. Oh! What a bondage my children are living in. How can they get peace and dwell in perfect silence? Children, there is no silence in their gathering.

Listen to My lesson: This Pentecostal world has come to drive the whole world into the error of faithlessness. They have come to put the world into the bondage of fear. They have come to put off the holy adoration to God and replace it with noisy gatherings. My deepest sorrow is the Holy Church of My Son being enveloped in these errors.

Children, you have Guardian Angels but you do not believe in their loving and caring presence; I mean the Pentecostal churches, this makes them claim to see more of evil spirits than their Guardian Angels who are sent to defend them. The Presence of your God, which is everywhere, cannot be recognized by them. The war, which the Heavenly Army fights day and night, is what they claim to be doing by shouting. The Evil One can only be chased out from one place to another. This is what the Heavenly Army is doing for you. Only in the Reign of Glory shall the evil spirits be chained for years, before their final destruction at the end of the world. The evil spirits are in the world as the air is in the world, so also the Angels of peace. The evil spirits have no power over the holy ones. Learn these things and escape from the bondage of fear caused in the world by the Pentecostals. I have told you that your victory comes from the power of humility and the fire of purity.


Attached to the world is a restless man. Learn today that your God cares for you. He sees your movements. His Angels are beside you. You are to know this and to talk to your Guardian Angels. No power of darkness is stronger than your Guardian Angel. He has power to rescue you from all troubles if only you will remain pure and a friend of your God.

Children, I say, relax; relax your souls. The relaxation of the spirit gives forth the perfect silence of the true peace. I do not mean that you will not pray. I mean you should pray in faith. The battle is not yours. You are not the defender of your lives. Take the simple prayer of the Church against evil spirits; it is enough. Say your normal prayers. Spend more time in adoration, you will find true peace.

Learn this final lesson: The silent soul sees true happiness in the Holy Cross while the restless soul sees the Cross as a curse.

May the power of humility overshadow you to learn these lessons! Remain in the peace from Heaven.”

Immediately, the vision passed.






In our Adoration Prayer during this hour, I saw before the exposed Blessed Sacrament, the vision of Our Lady holding the White and Red Rose flowers of Perfect Purity. In a gentle voice, she calmly said:

“My children, your adoration in this great training pleases Heaven. Jesus wishes you to remain in this state of peace, in order to mature and become spiritual men. Your attitude here pleases me. Children; I hope I am not holding you in chains while you wait for your release. If that is true, your call to this training is of no use. I am looking with a sure hope of seeing you as men of silence. May I see true peace in your souls!


Children, I am training you for perfection. Listen to my motherly advice of love. Learn my lessons. Open your minds to embrace the light which I throw to you on the mysteries of silence. Children, there are many ways in the world but only one is the true and perfect way. I am leading my loving children through the only perfect way to the Land of Peace. All who follow Me will never walk in darkness. Though, the way is hard, it is easy for those who love the Cross.


Children, I taught you to be silent. I told you to close your mouth and learn to speak less. I later taught you the silence, which comes from the light of the true peace. Learn these lessons and live by them.

Tonight, I come to give you the lesson on vertical meditative silence. Children, there are two trends through which your silence go in meditation. The trends are vertical meditation and horizontal meditation.

Vertical meditation is the one that rises above all trials and worries of this world. Not all meditations escape the visions and illusions of the noisy world and enter into the realm of personal relationship with the Divine God. This is the Perfect Silence I am leading you to.

On the other hand, horizontal meditation is the one that follows the trends of envy and lust, and ends in evil fruit. This silence is full of passion of the flesh, greed, hatred, pleasures of the world, and other evil fruits. This makes the worldly man to be wicked.

Children, my lesson for you is on the silence of vertical meditation. To attain this spiritual level, you must be balanced mentally and spiritually. Do not be lazy; work harder to succeed in life and balance it with your spiritual devotion. Owe no one. Rather be content with what you have. Learn to forgive easily. Be a man of peace; above all, be holy. There is no peace in the heart of a sinful man. Do not live to see your conscience condemn you. Make haste to purify your ways again. I say, again, be holy.

This is my motherly advice to you, my little children. When you have done all these things, you will crown them with the word of life. Here, I mean that your soul will be filled with Divine Inspiration from holy books. Children, at this level, your little attempt will channel you to a vertical meditation. As you grow, you will reach the level of spiritual relationship with the Divine. This is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts.


Children, I will not like to see any of you in confusion concerning my lesson on the Pentecostal churches. Truly, these Protestant churches and their Pentecostal movement have blinded the world spiritually. This spiritual blindness is what I am calling you to heal. I will ask Jesus to send St. Anthony of Padua and St. Michael the Archangel to teach you more on this issue. They will teach you the true way of deliverance and answer your questions. I will obtain this favour for you since there is a great need for you to attain perfection. But listen my children; do you believe that all the evil spirit plans against you is not up to one-third of what they tried me with, minute by minute?

The evil kingdom of darkness knew whom I was even before I began to reason. They made all their attempts against me, but all was in vain. I am the woman who crushed the head of the ancient serpent. I defeated Satan, I defeated the world, I defeated the flesh, not by violence, or by shouting, but by this perfect way I am teaching you.

If you follow my lesson, you will be a terror to evil spirits and not evil spirits terrorizing you. You will not need to shout before the evil spirits give way. Simple words like “Give way Satan;” or “May God rebuke you Satan”, will send Satan back to Abyss. Children, instead of you searching for the evil spirits, the evil spirits will avoid your presence. This training I am giving you is the only means through which my adversary will be defeated and the Reign of Peace will come on earth. Children, I say, it is not by howling which results in dancing with demons. May the precious time, which you spend in howling, be used for adoration!

Children, believe that a decade of my Holy Rosary said well causes more harm to the kingdom of darkness than 24 hours of howling against evil spirits. Think how much more a Holy Mass well celebrated can do! Have faith in your God. May your faith save you! I am the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ who loves you all.

Children, as you go, train up your people with the lessons I gave you. May this light of love I see in you remain in your hearts! Jesus has a message of love for you by eleven this morning. You should not close till you have recorded the message. He has a solemn promise for you. The promise makes Me happy. Be among those who will possess the promise.

Children, I am happy with your response to My call. Peace from My Immaculate Heart remain with you all. So I leave.”

Immediately the vision passed.

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